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    Any posebillities there will come a global noice gate so we dont have to use a effect slot for this ?

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    I saw an earlier thread that this product may no longer be being updated or worked on?  Hoping that is not the case.

    If it can be changed in the firmware, when the tuner is on can it be made to mute the guitar output so that it does not blast the PA's when plugging or unplugging guitars to the input?

    Thank you,


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    • vvantassel
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. We are always hard at work trying to improve the Plethora x5. With that being said, it just so happens a new update was just released today. Please head over to the TC electronic website to download it.
      • Thu at 6:17 PM
      • Firmware update request, PLethoraX5.
        WilliamR PLETHORA X5 Firmware Update Release Notes
        Version 1.3.6 (13 Jan 2022)
        Dear customer,
        We are proud to bring you the latest update for your Plethora X5 TonePrint Pedalboard. FW1.3 has a
        new pedal, customizable signal display, new graphics, upgraded EXP control, faster MIDI, faster board
        changing and a whole host of optimizations for better performance.
        TC Electronic
        Update Instructions
        How to update your PLETHORA firmware?
        1. Connect your Plethora X5 to your computer with the included USB cable.
        2. Plethora X5 will show up as a mass storage device on your computer.
        3. Drag and drop the firmware “.bin” file onto the root of the PLETHORA mass storage device.
        4. Disconnect the USB cable once transfer is complete.
        5. Power cycle your Plethora for the firmware upload procedure to start.
        6. Wait until the update procedure has finished loading.
        DO NOT remove the power from your unit whilst the update is in progress
        NOTE: We recommend disabling spotlight INDEXING and emptying your TRASH folder before updating
        when using MAC to transfer the “.bin” file to your Plethora unit.
        NOTE: If your unit has 1.0.101 and you want to update to 1.2.18 or newer, then please update to
        1.1.55 first.
        Please note that to get max benefit from the new effects, you will need the latest version of the
        Toneprint app 4.5.5 or newer that can be found in the app store, google PLAY store or downloaded for
        MAC or PC here:
        With best regards from the TC Electronic guitar team!
        What’s new?
        1. PEDALS
        We’ve included the addition of the Alter Ego Vintage Echo pedal which can be found on the
        EFFECTS list in EDIT mode.
        2. CONTROLS
        Reverse the signal chain order display from ‘Left > Right’ to ‘Left < Right’ via the settings menu.
        Note: We’ve also added an IN and OUT indicator to the screens in PLAY mode to illustrate which
        way you have it set.
        Added new UI graphics to show which pedals have HOT KNOBS assigned and give visual feedback
        when tweaking in PLAY mode.
        4. UPGRADED EXP
        External expression pedals connected to the EXP input for use as a volume pedal or parameter
        modifier experience faster response, better tracking and higher resolution.
        5. UPGRADED EXP
        Plethora X5 responds faster to incoming MIDI signals.
        Experience faster load times and response when switching BOARDS.
        7. NEW BYPASS MODE
        We’ve added a new bypass mode BUFFERED / NO TRAILS which gives buffered bypass to avoid
        any “true bypass clicks” but cuts trails from pedals such as flashback delay and hall of fame reverb
        when they are disengaged.
        Enhancements / Bugfixes:
        • Tempo indicator renewed between delay Toneprints changes
        • Changes to effects using octaver and MASH – e.g. shimmer reverbs, some sub’n’up and
        crystal delay
        • Better UI responsiveness using potmeters in edit mode
        • UI tranquillity: No more blinking icons and sloppy redrawing between states
        • Extensive signal processing to make pedals sound even better
        • Shaker vibrato ramp time
        • Viscous Vibe Toneprints updated
        • PX5 Flashback 2 feedback not disabled when TpFx is bypassed
        • Tape delay 8. and 4+8. subdivision confusion when using MASH
        • Using “live” modifiers (Hot Knobz, MASH, expression pedal) and how they cleanup when
        disengaged or unplugged. When disengaged the effect should return to normal. The modifiers
        are prioritized like the following (highest to lowest): Expression pedal, MASH / Ramp,
        Hot Knobz, Pots
        • Fixed, Set EXP Pedal from modifier to volume resets all hotknobs
        • Glitch when quick swapping effects
        • UI glitches in general
        • Reduced clicks and pops in general
        • Thu at 6:17 PM
    • vvantassel
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    I received my Ditto+ looper today. Checked the firmware version and the pedal read 1.4. I went online and noticed that there was a different firmware version online 1.0.14. 

    I thought that perhaps the pedal did not show the zero. So I did the "upgrade" and now my pedal is showing 1.0.14. 

    I think I have accidently downgraded the firmware and there is no download for Firmware version 1.4...

    Please can you tell me if Firmware version 1.0.14 is newer than Firmware version 1.4?

    If not please can I be provided with the firmware version 1.4.

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    Does anyone know how to adjust the true bypass volume? Here's what happens:

    I set up the volume for my rig (guitar, ditto & amp only). When I press the button once (to record), the volume greatly increases. This is regardless of where the loop volume has been set. When I turn off the looper, the volume goes back down. 

    Seems like the true bypass is muted...

    Any advice? 

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    • Craig42628
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. You may be experiencing a cable capacitance issue. Any guitar cable length that is longer than 18 feet could cause a significant drop in volume in true bypass pedal. ie: if you are using 2 18 foot cables, this would cause a pretty serious drop in volume. Something you can try is shorter guitar cables, or a buffer enables pedal before the ditto looper like a boss pedal tuner or polytune tuner. These tuners have a built-in buffer that helps drive the signal longer cable lengths.
      • Tue at 6:13 PM
    • Craig42628

      William, Thanks for your thoughts. I'm using two 10' cables., so I don't think that length is the issue.

      • Tue at 6:29 PM
    • Craig42628

      I'll test it by adding a polytune in front of the looper, and let you know.

      • Tue at 6:31 PM
    • Craig42628

      Just tried the Ditto with the Polytune in front of it, and had the same result. The volume increases when the Looper is turned on, and decreases when the Looper is turned off and cleared. The Looper unit worked fine for the first two weeks that I had it, then this just started happening a few days ago. Is there some setting to change the true bypass volume?

      • Tue at 8:27 PM
      • Ditto looper volume issues
        WilliamR Could you click the support link above and create a support ticket so that I can help trouble shoot this with you directly? Could you also submit a video showing this volume drop for me to review. Feel free to pasted the case number in here so that I can grab it directly.
        • Wed at 6:05 PM
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    Hello all

    I'm new here.

    I recently upgraded from The flashback x4 to the flashback 2 X4. I'm having a really wierd problem. 2 actually. 

    1. When I rotate the wheel to select the delay type only every second one loads??? 

    2. when I save a preset and click to a different preset and back the previous preset doesn't load. Sometimes.

    anyone experienced these problems before.



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    I'm just one more voice in the chorus of people who think it's crazy:

    1. That there is no user manual either with the looper or online. It's fine if you're experienced with loopers...I'm not...and don't feel I should have to scour YouTube to figure out how to use it. 

    2. That it doesn't come with a power supply. I got the Ditto as a gift, and my wife, who gave it to me shouldn't have to read through all the independent reviews to know that. It should be useable right out of the box. 


    Oh, another thing. This website is maybe the most non-intuitive, least organized, difficult sites to navigate that I've encountered. Too many examples to detail, here. 

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    Just got my ditto + looper and I encountered the following problem:

    Once I'm listening to the recorsded loop files (wav) on my computer, the volume level is very low.

    I did the firmware update before.

    Is there a way to increase the volume level by default?





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    • Oliver66
      PedroRodrigues Hi Oliver66 thank you for your post, please take in to account that the native format of the Ditto+Looper is a PCM mono 24bit @44.1kHz. I would suggest testing the file on a DAW where the sample rate, Track and output configured reflects the format mentioned above Thank you
      • Thu at 2:18 AM
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    i cannot make te pitch shifter sound decent on my plethora x5, im trying to use it like a whammy with an expression pedal but when i pitch it up (or down to make a dive bomb) it sounds very awful, like if it was out of phase or something...

    Can someone share their settings???

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    Tyring to start thread with user suggestions for the Plethora X5...

    1. Make the tone print loading process easier.

    ---it seems that you have to update the toneprints you find in the all toneprins list, and then SOME of them are now compatible with teh X5. TC should do those updates and place them in the X5 Toneprint list so we don't waste our time

    ---When many (most?) toneprints or just templates are loaded into the board itself, the various parameters don't stay fromt he template/toneprint, but are set to whatever the knobs are set to. SO swe have no idea what they are supposed to be. Example, I'm copied the parameters (at leas thte three I havd access to on the board) from the three band noise gate, and on two differnernt X5, the noise gate is completely different!!!! 

    2. Use the APP to allow storage of my own toneprints across differnet X5s

    ---I have two X5s for different rigs and I want many of my default boards and effects to be the same. Seems to be no good way todo this in the app

    ---ideally, I should be able to backup and ENTIRE Plethora X5 and save it save it in the app, then restore it to another X5 in case of failure, whatever. 

    3. Please write a compehensive manual, even if PDF only. Search wildly on Youtube to things you want to do is wasteful and almost never gives me what I want. See the Nove System and G-System comprehensive models for an example of useful manuals.

    4. Integreate NovaDrive as the GSystem has done: it uses Midi in / out / through and treats the NovaDrive as just another effect. To me, the NovaDrive is the ideal overdrive/distortion pedal for a system like the X5.


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    • edoates
      CSurieux I don't think that there is still someone at TC working on this product, last firmware is quite 2 years old (even if they changed its file date, it is the same firmware).
      We have already requested many important fixes without any answer... good luck.
      • Jan 3
      • Plethora X5 Suggestions for TC
        CSurieux Incredible, the beast was not dead, new firmware 1.3.6 today, great features but still no global tempo or midi out RTM sync.
        • Thu at 11:23 AM
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    My wife gifted me with a new BH800 bass amp for Christmas (best wife ever)!  Anyway, I have three speaker cabs; a 4 Ohm 2x15", a 4 Ohm 15" WITH a 6", and then the mated 15" sub, which is an 8 Ohm speaker. I usually use either the 2x15 OR the 15/6 stacked ontop of the 15" sub.

    However, since the BH800 has a 4 Ohm minimum, and if I understand this correctly, I will only be able to use a single speaker at any given time.

    So my question is, how do I "fix" this limitation? Do I need a second amplifier slaved to the first one to power a second speaker (either of them)? Or is there something I'm missing(likely)?


    Any help or info will be greatly appreciated.


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