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    If you have a recording in the looper, it is lost if you edit another of the slots, ie change a reverb to a delay etc.   is this a bug?   Could it not do this?

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    Hi there, I was looking to add a SPECTRADRIVE pedal to my bass setup, however, from what I can see this is now discontinued?? Does TC Electronic make an alternative/replacement pedal for this already - or is there one in the works?

    Greetings from New Zealand!


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    • ZelKust246
      PedroRodrigues Hi ZelKust246, thank you for your post, please consider that the Spectradrive is not discontinued. I would suggest to follow the link below to access our network of Resellers and Partners to request information on the Spectradrive availability. I hope this helps . Thank you
      • May 31
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    I am currently running firmware 1.2.18 and am unable to update to 1.3.11.  I am using a Macbook Pro and have followed the precautions recommended but am unable to update the firmware.  Any suggestiins ?  Do I need to update to 1.3.6 first and if so where can it be found ?

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    • gary1952
      WilliamR Download the latest Plethora firmware .bin file from

      Download the PlethoraX5_1.3.11.bin firmware file and save it on your computer.

      Connect your Plethora X5 to your computer via the included USB cable. The Plethora will show up on your computer as a device.

      Now drag and drop the PlethoraX5_1.3.11.bin firmware file into the Plethora device folder on your computer.

      Once the file is copied to the device folder, disconnect the USB cable.

      Power cycle your Plethora and wait for the firmware upgrade to finish.

      All done – your Plethora X5 is now updated to the latest firmware.

      You can check the firmware version installed in your Plethora’s by accessing the SETTINGS / GLOBAL / ABOUT menu.
      • May 28
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    I was curious if I could use the plethora X5 to change the channels on my EVH 5150 (blackout) 50 watt head. My amp head has a MIDI input which I guess can be used to change the channel?

    What I would like to do is not have to hit multiple buttons when I'm trying to change my sound playing live. For example, if I'm playing on the blue channel (channel 2) and then I want to go to the green channel (1) but have some effects from the plethora X5, I have to hit the clean channel on my EVH foot switch, then either hit the effects loop button on my EVH Footswitch, or I can just always leave the effects loop running and then change to the clean channel and then tap on the plethora X5 button for whatever effect I want. Either way I have to tap twice which makes it kind of difficult to change sounds quickly when I'm playing live.

    Do I need to add a separate MIDI foot switch controller run it through the plethora X5 and then run it to my amp all using MIDI? Then program the separate foot switch to both edit the channel on my amp and at the same time, turn on or off a Plethora effect? Any links or advise would be really appreciated. Very difficult to find anything on the internet about this.

    Another gripe about the EVH foot switch is that it's huge! Takes too much space on my pedal board.  A small MIDI footswitch that control everything would be ideal.

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    Anybody tried the Plethora x5 with headphones? Any review about it? I guess its posible through the stereo output with cabsimulator. Am I right?


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    • nop10427
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Although the output is labeled as stereo it does not act as a stereo jack by itself. The stereo jack when used in conjunction with the mono jack at the same time will act as the right output and the mono jack will act as the left output. Mono by itself will send a mono signal, stereo out by itself will not send a stereo signal to drive headphones.
      • May 26
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    I have lost the small threaded chrome ring for one of the 1/4" inputs on the back of the Nova. Anyone know where I can get one along with the washer?

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    The polytune manual says just play and it'll show the tuning of all strings… What about a 12 string?

    I also don't see that it has a microphone… what is the recommended way to tune an acoustic with no output jack?

    Are there no options to buy a clip on attachment to the headstock instead of having to buy a microphone just a tune an acoustic?

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    • FleetwoodPC
      PedroRodrigues Hi FleetwoodPC, thank you for your post, the Polytune 3 was designed for 6 stings, when it comes to the tuning operation, this pedal will collect the signal analysis for tuning on the signal arriving on the input via TS JACK so the pedal not need to have any output connected. When you connect your instrument to the audio input, the following information will be displayed:

      • Standard(“STD”) or Drop D tuning mode

      • The currently selected display mode(Needle/Strobe, Guitar / Bass)

      • The currently selected tuning mode

      • The reference pitch.

      For best results, place POLYTUNE 3 in your signal chain before your drive, distortion and vibrato pedals. A distorted or modulated signal is harder to analyse.
      I hope this helps. Thank you
      • May 24
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    With my Plethora X5, a few of the foot switches are very stiff to press down.  What is approved method for lubricating the switches?

    Thank you.

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    • leond
      PedroRodrigues Hi leond, thank you for your post, please ponder that we do not advise any type of lubrification been applied to the Footswitches, in this case I would suggest to submit an assistance request directly to our Tech Support team via the link below so we can analyse this matter in more detail.

      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • May 24
      • Plethora X5 Foot Switches Stiff
        leond Thru a series of emails, I've ended up with the Service Repair Team. They've asked for some information including and Order Invoice. I'll gladly provide an Order Invoice except I don't know what that is. What is an Order Invoice?
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        • May 26
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    I'm a really happy user of the Plethora, but I do have frustration with the auto-save function. Because my ableton live rig is sending program change and CC's to the Plethora, but the problem is that I would like to get back to the original board every time I do a new live show. 

    Program load for 1st song > some effects changing in the song > Program load song 2 >>> if the program 1 was saved, the next time I'll play the show, I will start the song 1 with the sound expected at the end of the song.


    There is no way to use programmed board change without disabling the auto-save on changing board function.


    Thank you considering this request!


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    • gigisteph
      CSurieux We requested this from the beginning, good luck ;)
      • May 20
    • gigisteph
      NicJonesMT Hi GigiSteph.
      I've forwarded this over to the development team.
      • May 21
    • gigisteph

      Thank you for your answers (and the forwarding)

      • May 24
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    My Flashback has a couple problems:

    • The rotary dial to select from available delay types is messed up. It is off sync with the labeling all of a sudden and it's like it's skipping one of the settings. So when switch points to DYN it's actually serving up MOD, etc. 

    • The input and output jacks short out if the cord is plugged too far in (you have to pull them out just slightly or the sound cuts out)

    Any ideas on fixing either issue or hopefully both?

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    • LURKO
      PedroRodrigues Hi LURKO, thank you for your post, in your case I would suggest updating your pedal to the latest Firmware version, by following the link below and test it again.

      When testing your pedal please confirm that you are following the steps below to correctly transfer TonePrints to your pedal as you see below:

      – Launch the TonePrint app on your smartphone.

      – Find the TonePrint you want to use.

      You can browse TonePrints by Artist or Product (i.e.,pedal type). You will also find Featured TonePrints.

      – Plug your guitar or bass into your TonePrint pedal.

      – Turn your TonePrint pedal on.

      – Turn up the volume on your instrument and set the pickup selector to one pickup.

      – Hold the speaker of your smartphone next to the chosen pickup and touch “Beam to pedal”.

      Thank you
      • May 17
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