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    I was using the infinite for the first time at rehearsal last night and when set to TP3 there was no sound coming through at all, even in bypass mode. Anyone else encountered this and is there a fix?

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    • XcraigsmithX
      TC-Mike Hi, this is not a bug and expected bnehavior TP 3 is a "Kill dry swell" TP, Please refer to TP description in the app for TonePrint 3.
      • Mar 15
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    Hi there

    I have seen previous discussions regarding compatibility issues with MAC OS Monterey for the DITTO stereo looper and wondered if the issues I am having are due to that.

    When I add an AVF file to the TRACK folder, although it downloads successfully it does not store to the pedal. When the pedal is ejected and then discounnected, the file has not saved onto the pedal.

    Also, when clicking on the website links to either the Starjam page or the Stereo Looper FAQs, they simply open a blank page/site.

    If these issues are due to the non compatability with OS Monterey, does anyone know if there is going to be a fix from TC please? 

    Many thanks

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    • Dazmo100
      PedroRodrigues Hi Dazmo100, thank you for your post, I would first suggest to check your USB cable and to confirm that you are using a 9 V / >100 mA power supply with your pedal. I would also suggest to perform a firmware update to your pedal.
      To access all the tools and the guidance for this process, please follow the link below:

      When the update is concluded please attempt to load your LOOPS by following the guidance below.

      Please after updating the unit using the process provided please confirm that you have follow these steps below to confirm that your loops are visible on the folder.

      When it comes to the Loop audio formats please take in to account that the Ditto Stereo Looper saves audio files in 32 bit.

      When you are happy with your loop, nudge the Store / Backing track level switch up briefly.

      This will store the current loop within the device in a format (two formats) that can easily be transferred to a computer.

      After storing the current loop, please wait a few seconds before connecting the pedal to your computer.

      Connect a USB port on your computer to the USB port of Ditto Stereo Looper using the supplied USB cable.

      The footswitch LED will start blinking orange, indicating that Ditto Stereo Looper now is in USB transfer mode, and audio will be disabled.

      Your computer will recognize Ditto Stereo Looper as an external USB storage device. It will be shown in the Finder (OS X) or Windows.

      Explorer as a drive called “DITTO” containing a folder called “TRACK”.

      The “TRACK” folder should hold two files: “TRACK.AIF” and “TRACK.WAV”.

      These files contain the loop that you have previously stored in both AIFF and WAV formats.

      AIFF is commonly used in OS X, while WAV is the commonly used format for Microsoft Windows.

      Copy the respective file (“TRACK.AIF” or “TRACK.WAV”) to your computer, by dragging it from the “TRACK” folder to the desktop.

      Wait for the file transfer to finish.

      On a Windows PC, eject the “DITTO” drive by clicking it with the right mouse button in Windows.

      Explorer and selecting “Eject” from the context menu.

      On a Mac, eject/unmount the “DITTO” drive by selecting it and pressing [Cmd] and [E] simultaneously.

      Disconnect Ditto Stereo Looper from your computer.

      The footswitch LED will stop blinking orange and return to green, and audio will be enabled again.

      Considering the Storing, Importing and Exporting, when you are recording something, this is the current loop.

      It will be available even after powering down Ditto Stereo Looper.

      In addition to the memory that holds the current loop, there is an on-board storage module, similar to a hard disk or a USB flash drive.

      This storage module is used to transfer loops or complete backing tracks from and to your computer.

      You can set playback volume for the in-memory loop and the stored loop (backing track) independently.

      When you power down Ditto Stereo Looper and there is still a loop in memory, this loop will be available even after you power down the device.

      Please note that once you have attached it to a computer, your Ditto Stereo Looper effectively becomes a USB storage device, and audio is disabled.

      This means that you can transfer audio files to and from Ditto Stereo Looper but you cannot play back (or record) audio at the same time.

      The Ditto Stereo Looper does not act as a USB audio interface.

      This means that to get back to looping, you will have to unplug/eject Ditto Stereo Looper.

      On computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X operating systems, no software is required for accessing Ditto Stereo Looper, it’s all plug & play.

      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Mar 15
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    I have a TC Electronic spectracomp. When I create my own toneprint in the editor and then upload it to the pedal it works only until the power is unplugged. When it's rebooted it loads some factory preset. I tried updating to the latest firmware, it did not help.

    What should I do?



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    • gigantballs
      NicJonesMT Hi Alex.
      When you transfer the TP across, have you tried disconnecting and testing the pedal to see if the TP is loaded?
      Make sure the pedal is disconnected from the app when you test.
      • Mar 10
    • gigantballs
      TC-Mike this is a known issue with the old firmware. Please make sure you have latest R706 version installed!
      you can find it on the product page :
      • Mar 15
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    Follow instruction update firmware 1.3.11. Check the setting menu ensure update successfully. Unplug and later plug back 9v adaptor then pedal not working anymore. Black screen. My pedal has been through couple of versions updated previously and no problem at all. I can hear the noise from the pedal once plug in power adaptor. Anyone experience the same thing? Thanks. 

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    Hi, I'm a guitar tech and I generally use multiple tuners on stage so I can reference the artist's stage tuner with mine. Usually I use a polytune, a boss TU-3, and a Peterson, either stroboflip or V-SAM for fly dates. 

    I see that the polytune has a 1 meg input and 100ohm buffered output, which doesn't always play well with other tuners. E.g. I can run from guitar to Boss --> bypass output to Peterson --> Polytune and read on all 3 tuners, but if i use the boss in front of the polytune, the polytune doesnt seem to like a buffered input signal, nor do the boss or Peterson. 

    Can anyone help me understand what these tuners want to see at their input? I know most people use their tuner as a mute first in their chain, but if someone wanted it elsewhere in a pedal chain or after an always on buffer or something, would i run into trouble getting good readings on the Polytune? E.g. If someone wanted their tuner after their buffered volume pedal because of space on their board etc, what do I need to consider in terms of impedance matching?



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    I've been enjoying the Vintage Echo added to the Plethora recently a lot. Very inspiring! However, unless it's just me, it seems to have lost a toneprint with the recent firmware update. I'm not seeing EPLEX1, which I was starting to use a fair bit. I've tried reinstalling the firmware and it's still missing. Could we have it back please?

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    • baines67
      baines67 I'm noticing other toneprint issues. In Hypergravity, the three default/non-custom presets are all coming up mute.
      • Mar 7
    • baines67
      PedroRodrigues Hi baines67, thank you for your post, effectively we are aware of the issue that caused the EPLEX to be missing, this is a TonePrint issue that has been confirmed just one the released version1.3.11 update, we are working to resolve this issue as fast as possible. When it comes to the Hypergravity, we cannot reproduce mute issue reported on TonePrint, they work fine with us. I would suggest checking for Volume mapping! (global) and confirm if the pots are not just turned down. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Mar 8
      • Missing Toneprint
        baines67 Thanks I got HG working again just by tweaking the hot knobz.
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        • Mar 8
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    Hi...   In my Plethora X5  I have a toneprint configuration with expr. pedal 'inactive' but the expr. pedal icon is still showing up.. ????

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    I have 2 requests for serious improvements to the X5...

    1.)  Why not bring up the Tuner with a single tap of the Toneprint knob when in play mode (3 seconds takes far too long to be balancing on one foot, and the triple Tap on the far right button seems unecessary.)

    2.) The Triple Tap on the 2 far left buttons to cycle boards is way too fast, give us more time to see and scroll the board listing (currently it reverts back to the current board before I even have a chance to register the listing and decide to move up or down...then I have to triple Tap again and try to play beat the clock.)

    Thanks for listening. Love the X5 otherwise.

    - BOB

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    • rmaczis4888
      WilliamR Hello, William from Musictribe here. I have passed your suggestions on to our developers. Be sure to download our latest firmware update that just came out today as well.
      • Mar 4
    • rmaczis4888
      TC-Mike Hi Bob, thanks for the suggestions . keeping the Foot switch held down after activating board up/down mode allows you to prevent mode from time out , so you have all the time you want to make our changes or prepare to do so. Same goes for tap tempo mode too!
      • Mar 8
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    Hi all,

    I am completely new to the whole TC Tone Print thing.This is my second Plethora X5.First one had power issues.Had to send it back.Last week i received a new one:Powered it up and connected the usb cable to my computer but it did not show on my computer (windows 11) as the instructions on the TC website suggests.

    Furthermore if i download the plethorax5.bin file from the TC website and i go to "downloads" on my computer i see the file but i don't know what to do with it.Anybody out there who can tell me what to do?

    Does anybody has a clue where i can find the manual for this device?

    I hope somebody can help me out.



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    • AdrianM59
      WilliamR How to update your PLETHORA firmware?
      1. Connect your Plethora X5 to your computer with the included USB cable.
      2. Plethora X5 will show up as a mass storage device on your computer.
      3. Drag and drop the firmware “.bin” file onto the root of the PLETHORA mass storage device.
      4. Disconnect the USB cable once transfer is complete.
      5. Power cycle your Plethora for the firmware upload procedure to start.
      6. Wait until the update procedure has finished loading.
      DO NOT remove the power from your unit whilst the update is in progress
      NOTE: We recommend disabling spotlight INDEXING and emptying your TRASH folder before updating
      when using MAC to transfer the “.bin” file to your Plethora unit.
      NOTE: If your unit has 1.0.101 and you want to update to 1.2.18 or newer, then please update to
      1.1.55 first.
      Please note that to get max benefit from the new effects, you will need the latest version of the
      Toneprint app 4.5.5 or newer that can be found in the app store, google PLAY store or downloaded for
      MAC or PC here:
      With best regards from the TC Electronic guitar team!
      • Mar 4
    • AdrianM59
      AdrianM59 Hi William, all updatesare installed and working perfectly! Thanks!
      • Mar 6
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    First and foremost, I love TC stuff. Start using a G-Major 1 and now a G-System (version 1) for the past 10 years. As nice as it sounds (still), I feel the need to get something updated, more in line with market's current offers, in terms of sound quality, routing/path flexibility, etc. 

    I know you can't reveal future releases but its there anything in the pipeline such as a G-System 2 or something? The Plethora is not a true multi-effects in my view, as it don't allow for gapless preset switching (or snapshot at least!).

    I would love to stay with TC but frankly I think your current line on guitar multi-effects is really outdated. And also - we can't find a G Major 2 or a new G-System units anywhere (Thomann, Musicstore...). Are these discontinued or not?

    I end as I started: I love TC stuff but I would like an updated version of a true multieffect (a improved G-System for instance!).


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    • gilmourstrat
      PedroRodrigues Hi gilmourstrat, thank you for your post, unfortunately at this moment we cannot provide any information on any unit in the development stages or future releases. Please keep an eye on our social media for any announcements. When it comes to any information about resellers availability, please follow the link below to access our network of Partners and Resellers to request that information : Thank you
      • Mar 5
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