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    Just looking for some advice on repair times and part availability in the UK as I sent one of the companies Pro2C back for repair in February of this year and it is still away awaiting on parts. Further to this two of our other Pro2 have also started to develop the same fault( fader pot drift) but we can’t send them back for repair as we can’t afford to looses them for a full festival season.  As it is we have had to sub in another desk for most of the summer to cover for this one.

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    i bought the Flow 8 mixer today. Everything is working so far, but what i don't understand is, why i can name the channels in the app, but on the mixer the names doesn't appear when i move a fader? On the mixer display are still the generic names like Mic 1, Mic 2...

    This would be helpful to plug in the right cable into the right channel on a gig.




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    So I’m thinking about buying a goXLR just wondering if the presets have character voices n stuff

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    • Gingertom
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Gingertom, the default presets within the GO XLR App are as follows:

      Big Echo
      Big Verb
      Comms Radio
      HardTune Music
      Kid Robot
      PitchDN Echo

      There are currently no specific presets created by TC Helicon for Voice characters, however, other users may be able to help you achieve this or share their presets with you.
      I would recommend checking out our Discord server if you wish to look into this further:
      • Nov 27
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    Hi guys! Could anyone tell me if the PC software for the TC-Helicon Voicelive Play would also run on Linux?

    I'm about to update my laptop's OS and would like to try Linux, but I'm afraid that the software may not run or work properly; does anyone know? 

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hoping someone can help....


    I have encountered a problem with the ARP Odyssey. (Running Firmware 1.1.2 – Firmware 1.20 is not available as yet and I have brought this up with your comms team)


    Everything was working fine for the past few days, yesterday I hooked up  the synth via USB (to Windows 11)  to the Synthtribe app (To check for latest firmware and to make some changes to the clock setting in the Windows app) then left the unit alone.


    Later in the day I seem to have lost all (Midi to CV) control.


    The synth produces a Low frequency when set to VCO Keyboard off and it does produce a single tone - but only when the keyboard off switch is between states – (halfway between if you leave the switch half way between keyboard off and on) which produces a signal but with no pitch control from the keyboard – arp or sequencer. Pitch control isn’t available via external midi either.


    I can get the synth to produce further tone when plugging in a patch cable to the CV In - but again, no pitch change via keyboard/midi - Although I can control all other aspects of the analogue path which I assume rules out the analogue asects of the synth.


    Is there any way it could be a software/firmware crash and if so is there a workaround –

    (Factory reset in the Synthtribe App has no effect) Is there any way to roll back or re install firmware? Can an older firmware be manually installed?


    Hope someone can offer some insight

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    I've already opened a ticket regarding this issue, but so far I haven't got any helpful reply.

    Using the current latest drivers (5.51.0), the windows 11 native volume control is unusable, because it is not linearly mapped.

    I happened to stumble upon this because I also have a behringer UMC202HD and that one does not have this problem. When I recently upgraded to a UMC204HD, and tried to control the volume of the interface via my volume keyboard shortcuts, I noticed that from 100% volume down to almost 4% there is almost no noticeable change in real output volume. After that, you do hear a slight decrease from 4 to 2%, and after that it goes to 0% and the audio interface is muted, as it should.

    The problem here is that 2% is almost half volume for the audio interface, so when you go up from muted to 2% volume in windows, it actually goes from muted to 50% volume. After that, the increments are not linear, so it goes up in volume real fast (close to max volume at around 10%), and from 10 to 100% it is almost not noticeable the difference in volume.

    I also confirmed this by installing the earlier version of the drivers, 5.30.0, that have the output volume tab in the UMC control panel. If you open that tab and start changing volume using windows 11 volume controls, you will see this weird non-linear mapping between windows 11 volume percentage and the db slider in the UMC control panel.

    This is a big and annoying bug, in my opinion. I almost regret having upgraded to the 204HD from a perfectly functioning 202HD now. I just hope this gets resolved quickly, or the 204HD will have to be sent back.

    Also, while I'm at it, the 5.30.0 driver does clean up the unknown "Behringer UMC 204HD 192k Subdevice" from "Other devices" in Windows Device Manager, but the 5.51.0 driver goes back on this! So now with the latest drivers, I have the unknown subdevice without a driver installed... I don't even know what it does, but this doesn't seem like a good thing...

    I hope someone can help out in solving these two issues.

    Thank you.

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    after discussion and problem w/ lausy guys at thoman even w/ the pandemic they inform me that my turbosound milan 18b its out of warranty  after the 3rd time faulty amp unit 

    first time power on and goes off 5sec latter

    second time amp unit wont start 

    this time wont start either

    we got 2 m18b one they got it and refund total money (i imagine that the defect was big) 

    later we got the m15 same problem worst we have to pay to get them repaired 

    never had problems we m10/'12 and ix 15 bit the milan subwoofers they just are a nightmare 

    what i have to do to repair it for good ? 

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    Hi, I'm a electronics tech, I have a customer that brought me a PA eurolive B615D powered speaker with a major problem. I found on the power board some parts that have burnt. I need the service manual in order to be able to fix the problems and order the components I need to fix it. 
     Could you please send me the service manual or guide me to whom I could get it from 

     thanks Rick

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    • RickEffect
      Dale_M Sorry but we cannot share schematics unless you are an affliated Music Tribe Partners.
      • Nov 23
    • RickEffect
      StaffordAV Rick,

      The only way you are likely to get a circuit diagram is to do a search on the internet and see if someone has uploaded it. Behringer are not alone in refusing to make this type of information available, many other manufacturers don’t either. The main reason given for this stance seems to be stopping competitors from cloning designs. Anyone who has the facilities to manufacture electronic devices at a competitive price is more than likely to be able to reverse engineer a product regardless of whether the circuit diagrams or service manuals are generally available.

      However, trying to reverse engineer a circuit just to repair a single device is not really cost effective from the point of view of time involved. As a result of this lack of information and circuit diagrams means that independent repair technicians, who would otherwise be able to resurrect a dead product are unable to do so, consigning it the rubbish bin as e-waste.

      Every so often there are rumblings about governments forcing manufacturers to release sufficient information to allow people to either fix things themselves or get a local technician to do so, but it never seems to come to anything.

      Finally, a question for Dale_M. What is the requirement for independent service technicians to become affiliated Music Tribe Partners, to actually get hold of service information?
      • Nov 24
    • RickEffect

      Need replacement parts ; # g40-00000-34399 it’s the input PCB POA20 PCB022011RECC/01 Can you provide this to me, and how much is it. $

      • Nov 25
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    When I start Synthtribe and switch on one of the TD-3s, I see only one synth (= good)

    When I switch on the other, I see one TD-3 and two TD-3-MO's. At that time SynthTribe is lost and the sequences I make in the app, are not save to the TD-3(-MO).

    I use a Windows 10 system.


    Does anybody have the same problem?

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    Your car is way smart than you think. Especially the new-aged cars are equipped with a whole lot of sophisticated technologies to make things quite simple.

    The car manufacturers are committed to improvising things, especially the precautions related measures. The warning lights have been an essential part of an automotive vehicle. These warning lights intimate a variety of potential issues to the car owners so that they can take proactive action before an issue turns hazardous.

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    What Does Your Check Engine Warning Light Tell?

    The check engine warning light intimates about the emissions, ignitions or fuel system issues. Generally, the check engine light, mostly in the yellow or orange shape of an engine appears for a few seconds once you start your car. Some models also include words such as check or service engine. However, if it stays on for a while, especially while you drive, your car has an issue that needs attention.

    Generally, the engine warning light highlights issues with a burnt spark plug, defective sensors as well as a faulty catalytic converter. These could vary from simple issues to severe ones. It also notifies the emission-related issues if your vehicle is polluting the environment more than the specified limit. However, the check engine light always tries to intimate a warning for a potential issue while it is your responsibility to take necessary action. Never delay running to a workshop such as Service My Car for your car engine repair.

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    What Does Engine Management Light Tell?

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