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    Hi, I would like to find a power amp to go in my iP1000 sub cabinet. I sent the amp to a repair shop a long time ago and at the time, they did not have a schematic to fix it, so they sent it back to Turbo Sound. Turbo Sound delivered a new unit to me, but I have this near new condition cabinet and tower that I can't use.

    If anyone has a working iP1000 amp let me know.



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    My i-nuke 12000dsp amp blew up (sounded like fireworks) and now I need parts for it. Where do I get the power control board or all the parts needed to fix the amplifier. I opened it and saw a few resistors and diodes burn but I'm yet to carry it to a certified tech for a full parts list. So please assist me to get my amp up and running again........Ps- I have a video of how inside looks after the blowout......

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    • Aks123
      Nigel67 Hi Aks123. You can purchase parts through our local authorised service centres or if there isn't one in the country that you reside, please contact our Super Partner for your country. Please go to the following link and select the country to find your service centre or click the 'Store' option to find your local Super Partner Many thanks
      • Aug 9
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    Hi there!

    I have a problem with one channel of fp10000 - CPL red led staedy on  with no audio present on input and no loudspeaker connected.

    I tryed  if it still works and it do, but significantly lower level.  red led goes on few seconds after powering.. fan does not go in high speed.

    Any ideas? thaks for reply!

    BR, Damir

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    Hi gang,

    I have a C10:8x amp that appears to be sending signal crossing over to channels it shouldn't be on (proper signal on B, appears to be bleeding to A sporadically). I have shifted the wiring at the back gently and it appears to have removed the issue but I am wondering if anyone has experienced the internals of the amp malfunctioning to cause bleeding between channels. Would a power cycle of the amp be advised?


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    Currently Behringer power amplifiers power ratings are expressed using the term "max power" and Behringer officially states that "you can expect the RMS/continous power rating would be "around" half the declared max power rating".

    What does "around" half really means? It is "around half" at least or "around half" at most?

    Specifying "Max power" only for a power amplifier could mean that its continous long term power rating may be anywhere over "around half" or under "around half", which makes it difficult to design and calculate a sound system and to choose the proper power amplifier for the loudspeakers for which the continuous and peak power ratings are known.

    What methods or guidelines does Behringer use or follow to determine the power rating of its power amplifiers?

    Are amplifiers tested with sine wave test tones at different frequencies inside the supported bandwidth?

    Are amplifiers tested with pink noise (what crest factor) inside the supported bandwidth?

    Are amplifiers tested with both or all channels driven?

    What is the maximum THD allowed during the power rating procedure?

    What is the resolution of the digital signal processing units used on the power amplifiers with DSP?

    Thank kindly!

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    • djtetei
      WilliamR Hello, Please click on the support link above and create a tech support case and an agent will get back to you ASAP.
      • Aug 5
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    I have followed the manual's instructions for setting the power amp in bridge mode (dip switches 4-5 OFF, dip switches 6-7 ON). My signal chain is as follows:

    Bass guitar > Sansamp RBI > Behringer EP2500 > Gallien-Krueger 410SBX Plus (8ohm, 800W RMS)

    I have tried using both the Speakon and 1/4" speaker outputs, but the volume that comes out is very low, even with the output level on both the Sansamp and the Behringer at maximum.

    Any help appreciated. 

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    • Ythg
      Paul_Vannatto The Speakon connector has to connect the speaker wire to the 1+ and 2+ for bridge mode. The default speakon connection is 1+ and 1- (for non-bridge mode). Dismantle the speakon connector and change the wire on 1- to 2+.
      • Aug 4
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    The blue light on the front of the speaker is flashing and no sound comes out.

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    • dbrigham913
      Nigel67 Hi dbrigham913. What is the power LED doing on the rear of the speaker? Is this flashing as well? In which position do you have the switch for the front LED? If it is in Lim, try moving it to the Off or On position and see if you get audio from the speaker. Either way, it would appear that the speaker has a fault. Please fill out a Technical Support ticket and include the serial number of the speaker and your proof of purchase (invoice) so we can advise further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Aug 2
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    We are using a PMP 6000 Power Amp/Mixer with 2 8ohm Speakers. We want to discard these speakers and run powered speakers from the line out.

    Is it possible to run the PMP 6000 with out speakers attached to the power amp outputs.



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    • Zenonite
      WilliamR Yes, you can run powered speakers from the line out of your PMP6000 without the mains hook up.
      • Jul 28
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    PMP1280S Powered Mixer.  Picked up used, but not powering up.  Checked 10A fuse at AC input, is OK.  Suggestions on what to test for?  I could send it to someone to repair, but I at least want to take a shot at this.

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    I have problems with CH 4 of this Amplifier. After about 10min Pwr-On-time, on this channel is present a noise (HF). It is also present with mute on. Ch 1-3 are absolute quiet.

    I´m the second owner of this amplifier. Problem is, I do not have the original bill. It was bought in Austria, I´m in Germany.

    Because, this product is actual less than 10 jears on the market,  it may a warranty-case?!

    Can you help me?




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    • audioprofessional
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For repair support please click on Support and then Care/Service to submit a ticket.
      • Jul 25
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