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    Does anyone know how to upgrade the firmware on my MPA 200BT with IOS or Mac?

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    • MarioLento
      NicJonesMT Hi MarioLento
      Unfortunately I dont have access to the MPA at the moment as we are all working from Home still, but I Don't think it is possible from an Apple device.
      You could try sending the FW file to the speaker via Airdrop however I do not think this will work.
      Your best option would be to try and get your hands on an android device to perform the update.
      • Feb 21
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    Any reviews on Live Mini. I am a consumer from US, it is hard to find reviews for this and it appears to be sold out or not in stock at many places. 

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    my tannoy live mini is set to make a crazy sound all of a sudden while I was listening to music.
    I can't find anything on it, I don't understand what happened.
    Please help me.
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    • Tibox12
      john0121 Hi Thibaut, is the speaker working normally again now or is it still having problems? how were you connected at the time via bluetooth or the mini jack?
      • November 22, 2020
    • Tibox12
      BenNorris21 Hi Thibaut, can you update us what the status is now? I am considering getting this speaker too
      • Jan 21
    • Tibox12
      Tibox12 hello, I was on bluetooth.
      I no longer have a problem, I haven't done anything special.
      Maybe a bug with my bluetooth, I changed my smartphone and the problem is solved by itself.
      • Jan 23
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    My Europort won't turn on. Tried replacing fuse but still nothing. Need to know where to take it for service.

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  • fossil73
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    This speaker cabinet is very similar to sharkk.

    Isn't it?

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    • fossil73
      PedroRodrigues Hi SUNGHYUN PARK Thank you for your contact, visually they seem similar, bu I can make any commecnts as I do not know the sharkk cabinet.Thank you
      • September 27, 2020