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    Looking for replacement tweeters for my Behringer Eurolive B615's any help would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for a parts catalog for my Eurolive B215's

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  • Sven2453
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    I have a Ip1000v1 that has been extremely consistent but suddenly is not connecting to Bluetooth. 

    I have tried a factory reset, turning Bluetooth on and off multiple times and it is not showing up. 

    Not sure what to do next. 



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    Hi - I own two Behringer Europort MPA30BT speakers. I've had them over five years, but havent used them for a year or so. 

    I just pulled them out to use them and it seems like (for both of them) the batteries are no longer taking a charge. 

    When I plug in the cable to charge the battery, the display lights show green (meaning "fully charged")

    But I can't get any sound out of the speaker (without the power cable). When I plug in to power and power on, the speaker works fine. So the batteries must have died. 

    So my questions are:

    How long do these batteries normally last?

    What is the best way to care for the battery so it lasts a long time? 

    Where can I find replacement batteries for the Europort MPA30BT ?

    Thank you!


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    I'm fixing a B115W for somebody. When I turn on the B115W the power light blinks orange any ideas what the problem could be. Before I dig into it.

    Thanks Mike

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    Guys need your suggestions: It seems like I have a faulty electrical ground connection (I think is on my Cable TV provider side), and my loudspeakers, pick up the noise. Any recommendation on how to deal with it? I have a pair of 12" Behringer. Thanks for your suggestion and recomendations.

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    Can anyone tell me where I might get a replacement "Behringer yellow logo" for the front of my 208D active speaker. Its about 62mm along the base and 43mm at the triangle apex...  Any help would be appreciated,  Cheers

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    please prompt - when using extension output of Behringer PK108A to powering Behringer PK108 - will this PA will work as a stereo system or as a mono system?

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    • Dmitrii
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. It would be mono, the input on the PK108A is mono and the output reproduces the same mono signal.
      • Jul 20
      • Behringer PK active series
        Dmitrii Thanks Kyle, I've read that it could power several PAs - how many exactly is allowed?
        • Jul 21
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    Hey, I've just became the owner of a Eurolive PMP2000 800-Watt 14-Channel Powered Mixer with Multi-FX Processor. I've been trying to find passive speakers for it, but the ones in the owners manual are outdated.  What are the current Behringer passive speakers that took the place of the B1500 & B1020 speakers?

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    • HRAyala
      djtetei According to Behringer PMP2000 specifications, it can deliver 2x165W RMS into 8 ohms and 2x250W RMS into 4 ohms speakers, so you need 80W RMS/8 ohms or 120W RMS/4 ohms speakers.
      • Jul 19
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    "I have finally lost mine nd would like to find another one of those lusive black plastic screw-on tips.

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    Is it possible to use the IP3000 SUB (no tower) as stand alone to pair with other mid hi speakers? I have purchased the IP300 MIDHI, and I want to pair them so I do not need to buy another subwoofer.  

    There are instances that I just need one IP3000 but it is not wide enough to cover a wide venue. I purchased the 1p300 to do this because of its wide dispersion and flexibility to use  for smaller acoustic gigs (no sub).

    Hope turbosound engr can reply to this question.




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    • RollyWagas
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi RollyWagas, whilst in theory this is possible we do not recommend this. Doing so will cause an open load and can cause damage to the unit, any damage caused due to operating in this manner may void your warranty.
      • Jul 7
    • RollyWagas

      Thanks for the confirmation Chris. Now, I need to shop for small sub for my IP300.

      • Jul 8
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