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    Hey, do you know when the Behringer DR112DSP speakers will gonna be available again ?


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    • Armand64
      Nigel67 Hi Armand64. I am sorry, but we do not have visibility of when Partners will be getting stock. They order directly from the factory so should be receiving the delivery information directly from there. Many thanks
      • Mar 7
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    Good Say


    On February 22nd I had opened a ticket and till yet I have had no response back. I would appreciate if someone could help with this ticket.

    Case No: CAS-553922-G9M3N7 CRM:0120000274108

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    • Shivrajdang
      Dale_M Hi there I have escalated your case to the Spares Team they will be in touch as soon as they can.
      • Mar 5
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    Dear All,
    we are sending four of your turbosound iNSPIRE iP1000 v2 kits as part of an exhibition to dubai. We have a problem with air freight - we have received a question from the company that will handle the shipping about the potency of the magnets. We have them packed in one box and the standards say:
    Magnetized materials with field strengths causing a compass deflection of more than 2 degrees at a distance of 2.1 m but not more than 2 degrees at a distance of 4.6 m (equivalent to 0.418 A/m or 0.00525 Gauss measured at a distance of 4.6 m) are not subject to any other requirements in these Regulations when carried as cargo except.
    Can you help us and tell us if we are within the limits?


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    • muzach
      Dale_M Please can you go to the support tab and submit this as a Pre Sales ticket so we can investigate for you.
      • Feb 10
      • Magnets - Turbosound iNSPIRE iP1000 v2 - CARGO
        muzach ok. but I am not sure if Pre Sales is the best one - we already have them and preparing the shipping
        • Feb 11
    • muzach
      Paul_Vannatto Pre Sales means that you don't have to provide a serial number to complete the ticket. All other options require a serial number.
      • Feb 11
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    Does this have a limiter?  I hook up a microphone in input 1 and then connect laptop to aux input and the microphone overides the music by cutting the volume down.   


    I understand it protecting, but I want deativate it if possible?


    Thanks in advance.

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    • cmaglinger

      The microphone input has a built in talk over function and you can't disable it. You can use an external mixer to mix the microphone and music signals and send it to the speaker inputs.

      • Jun 20
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    Everyone should know the level of ineptitude that exists in this company. I have been trying for nearly 4 months to simply order replacement parts. I was just informed via email that they were never ordered! I have been without an entire touring system for months because of this issue and now this! As an industry veteran of over 35 years, I have never encountered a company who cares any less than this one. it's really quite pitiful!

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    • thensley1
      JeffRusin You hit the nail on the head. Used to be a great company now I guess uli doesn’t care about anything but making keyboards and having the rest of his company go down the shitter
      • May 10
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    Given a venue of 100 people outdoor, like in a park, which one is better? Putting 1x PK115A at 1 corner, or putting 2x PK110A at 2 corners?

    Well, you can extrapolate this into 2x PK115A at 2 corners vs 4x PK110A at 4 corners

    Quick Specs Comparison

    Output - 800 W
    Woofer - 15" (386 mm) LF driver
    Tweeter - 1" (25.5 mm) HF compression driver


    Output - 320 W
    Woofer - 10" (255 mm) LF driver,
    Tweeter - 1" (25.5 mm) HF compression driver

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    I just bought this and I have never used PA system before. So I thought that this simple system is good place to start.

    I got this 3 pages long connecting quick guide with it and I was able to connec speakers and my bass to that and get sound out. Then I was able to connect my iPhone to it and able to play something out. 

    But there is mp3 player. That does not work. I tried FAT32 stick, not even a light. FAT16 green light came and even strted to flash, but still no sound. I also pushed 7/8 mp3 button. But it did not help.

    I wish someone made simple video how to use this PA in every way.

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    Does anyone know where I can find a Circuit Board/Switch for a BG412S ?

    ...there has to be some out there.

    Just bought one "Like New" condition ~ (Shipped)


    It had been stripped down to bare wood, given a Wrinkle paint job and thrown back together.

    Somewhere in the process they broke the Switch/ Circuit Board.

    If you use these Cabs with a bad Circuit Board it can damage your amp...

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    I need to order two iq15 "15inch" speakers asap please!!!

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    • Biggumsthebeast04
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For Spare parts please click on Support and then select Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • December 13, 2021
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    Any body knows where I can get my unit repaired? I need to replace the power jack.

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    • MarcPad
      Paul_Vannatto Without knowing where you are in the world, it is impossible to provide an answer, other than clicking on the Support (above) and filling in the form for repair.
      • December 9, 2021
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