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    Are replacement ear pads available for the bh 470 headphones? Or does anyone know of any that will fit?

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    My question is once you plug the headphones do automatically get sound from the mixer.  I am using Berhinger X32.   Are do I need to routing something to them.  I have been in the monitor not sure what needs to be turned on.


    thanks in advance.

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    • Galilee2021
      Paul_Vannatto The monitor output at the back of the console are for powered speakers, not headphones. The headphone jacks are in the console's left and right handle hole. Also make sure the headphone volume knob (to the right of the display) is turned up.
      • Apr 23
    • Galilee2021
      CraigFowler Also, if there's nothing soloed then by default you'll hear LR through the headphones. If you don't have anything in LR and you also don't have anything soloed, you won't hear anything in the headphones.
      • Apr 23
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    Is it possible to purchase replacement ear pads for the HPM1000?

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    • M0s3ly
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi M0s3ly, if you have not yet done so could you please submit a parts ticket. This can be done by going to the support tab at the top of the page and scrolling down to "PARTS", once submitted a member of the spares team will be able to advise further.
      • Apr 8
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    I am a student interpreter and I need a good headset with mic to study. I saw the Behringer BH470U Headset. Do you think it is available to buy?

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    • RiccardoBravi
      Dale_M Thank you for contacting us.

      Unfortunately as we do not directly sell products to end users we are unable to provide any information on pricing and availability of products. You will need to instead directly contact one of our resellers/partners and they will be able to advise you further. You can find the details of our international retailers/partners at the following links;

      TC Electronic
      TC Helicon
      Lab Gruppen
      Klark Teknik
      • June 10, 2021
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    I just aquaried a pair of DT 770 (200ohm) headphones and I need to connect them to Logic Pro X.  I am looking for a headphone amp or an audio interface.  The trouble I'm having is getting one that will correctly interface with the 200 ohm headphones.  Could someone drop a link to any compatable interface or amp.  Ty

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    • Abram
      PedroRodrigues Hi Abram please consider that any of our UMC series sound cards supports 250 ohm on the headphones outputs so it would support your Headphones
      • February 24, 2021
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    Any news on the release window for the recently announced wireless headphones? I'm excited to ditch my old pair 

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    • infinityknives
      PedroRodrigues Hi infinityknives Unfortunately at this moment we cannot provide any updates on that matter, please keep a close eye on our social media and on our Community for any updates on this matter. Thank you
      • February 11, 2021
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    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to this and have recently bought some HLC660M headphones for use at home through my laptop and on an X32. This may just be my laptop, but it doesn't seem to be receiving a signal from the microphone, but I can hear through the headphones. These headphones have a 3.5mm Male as well as an XLR Male, I'm assuming for the microphone. Unfortunately due to lockdown etc. I haven't been able to try them on the mixer, but can anyone tell me if they do output the mic through the 3.5mm Jack?

    Thanks in advance.



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    • Oharrington12
      Paul_Vannatto The 3.5mm (with the 6.5mm adapter) plug is only a stereo TRS, meaning it will only provide for the left and right of the headphones only, not the mic (XLR is for the mic).
      • January 14, 2021
  • pkbikeman
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    This was a replacement for a the same model purchased a few years ago as the plastic on headband and earphone coverings fell apart. These are nice looking but after 20 minutes of wear they really hurt the ears the padding is wat too minimal I got them 2 weeks or so ago from Amazon.. I would rate these as fine for less than 15 minutes worth of listening I would like to return them for a better feeling pair ASAP
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