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    So i found this unit as a possible solution. I have 6 conference room mics that need to plug into a mixer. They need to be powered. Can this unit do that? before going into the mixer?


    The mics are 3.5mm table mics so i would need to adapt to the xlr connections on the Behringer. 


    Thanks in advance for any insight.


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    • JRiles
      RexBeckett Hi JRiles, the ADA8200 is not really a mic preamp - it is an analogue audio to/from ADAT converter. I suppose that you could loop the ADAT in/out and use it as a preamp but there may be lower-cost solutions.

      Regarding power for mics, the ADA8200 provides 48V phantom power to the XLR inputs. You would need appropriate power adapters for electret mics with 3.5mm TRS connectors. Some manufacturers (e.g. Rode) sell adapters to suit their specific mics. There are some general-purpose power adapters on the market but you would need to check whether they are suitable for your mics.

      Most analogue and digital mixers have built-in mic preamps and many also provide phantom power. If you tell us which model of mixer and mics that you have we may be able to suggest other solutions.
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