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    I am looking for a power source for the Go XLR.  The power source is listed as an intertek ep 4001528.  Does anyone know where I can find one?

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    • cctc1231014
      john0121 Click support at the top of the page and fill out the spare parts request form, the spares team will advise you on price and availability.
      • Sep 19
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    I have a Xenyx X1222usb mixer, the problem is, after recording I can't listen to the recording via a 2tr/usb mixer.. please enlighten me, thank you

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    Good people!

    This is a long shot, lets see if anyone did or have any idea how to do this or if its possible at all.

    I have an XL4 installed in an OB van (yeah, I know) while it sounds pretty nice the dreaded Outboard Electronic module just give up on me.

    I lost the group routing capability, the aux routing is erratic and when you press 1 it turns on 13 also, our other random aux and turns off other random aux.

    All automation don't work, VCA, routing, and all kinds of momentary switches.

    My question is, is it possible to bypass the automation module, having access to the group and aux routing and not using the VCAs at all?!





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    • DiogoGregorio
      Dale_M Hi there, as the XL4 is very old there is now very limited resource and support for it, however there is an excellent Facebook page with lots of Pro Users (many with XL4/H3 consoles) who are much better placed to advise you, I would suggest joining this group and adding your post, sorry we are unable to help any further:
      • Sep 15
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    I am 72 yr old bought Audio mixer for my live streaming  but i have difficulty connecting it to my V8, laptop and mobile phone.  

    Tried many times to no avail.  Would appreciate much if somebody could lend me a helping hand.  need to buy some necessary cables or jack to be able to have this XENYX 1202FX Audio mixer work

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    • SilayanLidstromZenaida
      Dale_M Hi there, we would advise raising a technical ticket from the support tab above so one of the team can assist you.
      • Sep 11
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    hey iv just bought a Midas f32 and noticed it's pre fader. Is there a Mod to fix to Post Fader?

    And who is available to do this working in Melbourne Australia?



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    • vassallo90
      Dale_M There is a mod that can be done but we advise an official Midas repair centre perform it. For more info please submit a Technical ticket from the Support tab above.
      • Aug 30
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    I just bought a mixer Behringer QX2222USB,  the product discription indicates usb can send audio to and from computer. When I tested it, the audio from the computer to the mixer worked, but the audio to the computer did not work. The both speaker and microphone set to 2-USB AUDIO CODEC. I need use it to connect to zoom meeting, send audio to zoom meeting so the people online can hear the audio onsite. I have download the Aiso4ALL AUDIO DRIVER. My OS windows 10. I have tried 3 computers and 2 usb cables. I did un-pressed the usb/2-TR TO MAIN.  

    Any suggestion? Thanks. 

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    I purchased the GoXLR back in November, it broke within three months (with no explanation from the tech support about how), and so I sent it back.  It's been since early February and I haven't gotten ANY word from TC Helicon. I don't know how to get in touch with anyone about this matter, no emails, no phone numbers, nothing. I just want to get a refund on my broken purchase that I'm no longer interested in and have no use for. I know parts and mixers are on backorder so that's why it's been taking so long, but I just want this headache over with.

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    • edecker83
      Dale_M Hi there, if the unit failed outside of 3 months the seller would not be under any obligation to replace or refund this as DOA only applies to the first 30 days. Music Tribe can only offer you a warranty repair for this item as long as you still have your proof of purchase invoice. Can you advise if you already have a case number? Also where is the unit at the moment?
      • Aug 25
      • Don't Know Who Else to Ask
        edecker83 According to Panurgy, whom I was instructed to send it to, TC Helicon has it right now and has had it for three or four months. I do have proof of purchase. I think this is the case number? CAS-421286-J6X3V2. I can provide the RMA too if you would like.
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        • Aug 25
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    1. First of all I want to offer feedback that the web site is set up like a maze if one is looking for help in using a product. I do like the Behringer products (Besides the poor help and support). I am doing live shows in facebook etc. Using Go Mix Pro by Roland to iPhone and iPad. When I go stereo out of  Submix everything sounds great except one cannot use the onboard FX in the mixer. I then inserted a reverb in the aux sends and aux sends do not go to Submix out???  I tried going 2TR out to Go MIX and no signal there at all??  Am I doing something wrong that the FX is not part of the signal going to sub mix out? I could unplug MASTER out but prefer not to.  This makes no sense, I must be doing something wrong
    2. I could not find anywhere on the web site where to download a users manual (Can't find my physical manual). I did find a very short 17 page snippit that wasn't helpful. Sure wish you would make getting help easier
    3. paul adams
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    • ppaul
      PedroRodrigues Hi ppaul, please consider that we will always be available to assist you on anything you require via the MUSICTRIBE COMMUNITY or directly via our Tech Support Team when you submit an assistance request via the link below:
      When it comes to the resources available for your X2222USB, please take in to account that all the resources available for this unit, including the Manual will be accessible by following the link below

      When it comes to the FX on this unit please take in to account that the when you are using the built-in effects processor, please make sure that the Stereo Aux Return 3 has nothing plugged in otherwise the internal effects return will be muted.
      The AUX SEND 3 FX determines the signal level for the effects processing and regulates the level of the internal and external effects.
      The Aux send FX jack carries the Master Aux Mix from the Channels’ FX controls and you will be able to connect this to an external effects device.
      Please use the Aux Send FX on the channels and the Aux Send FX Master control to determine the input signal of the effects processor.
      These effects presets are classical “mixing effects”, if you move the Stereo Aux Return FX control you Mix the dry channel and the effect signal, you will be able to control the balance between the two signals with the channel fader and the STEREO AUX RETURN FX.
      For last you must take in to account that the X2222USB has separated outputs for the effects device, located next to the Aux Sends on the front panel.
      Please confirm that the meter on the effects module should display a sufficiently level but avoiding any peaking to avoid an effects overloading.
      • Aug 25
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    Behringer SX3242FX Analog Mixer

    Here is my issue:

    I am using the mixer listed above. I have the system starting with a permanent mounted snake and box at the front of the Sanctuary running through an attic and to a audio/video booth in the balcony.

    The system works great for live Services and other Events. We are adding a PTZCamera to provide coverage of the Services and Events online with live streaming. We have phantom power condenser mics at the Pulpit and Lectern that is fed by the Mixer. The Mixer operator mutes each mic, including our wireless mics for two reasons. One being people forgetting to turn their mics on and the other for any noise that might take place during switching wireless mics when turned on or off.

    Now Music Department does not allow the sound to include the Organ, Piano or the Choir to prevent echo and bounce back in the Sanctuary. But I need to include this feed to the Video Live Stream.

    Here is my thoughts: I would set up microphones that could capture the Music and feed it to the mixer. All Channels would be setup with the Sub 1 and 2 enabled.

    The Music would not be sent to the main outs by not enabling the button on the channels that handle just the music. I would wire the source from the Sub 1 and 2 output to the Audio/Video Capture Card to the Computer and OBS Broadcasting Software.

    This way the Live Stream would get all audio and only voice presentations would be sent to the main amp and speakers.

    Is this the best way to attempt this with minimal help and resources?

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    • wippernm
      PedroRodrigues Hi wippernm considering the infrastructure that you described It seems that the set up you have described is a good option to feed that signal to the Audio/Video Capture Card but to be honest to be able to provide you any other options I would need more information on your set up. If you wish to explore your option in more detail, please follow the link below to submit an assistance request directly with our tech support Team Thank you
      • Aug 20
    • wippernm
      wippernm I had already make this file for the Church in case at some time they needed to follow the wiring and equipment. See if this will give you enough information. I have had over 40 years in live music and have been the main sound tech for the Church for around 30. The music department is very old school and do not like change. I am trying to find the easiest way to produce the outcome without the politics.

      Audio Video Wiring Diagram.pdf
      • Aug 20
    • wippernm
      wippernm Sorry for all of the replies, I don't know why it sent so many. I have fixed the issue with converting to PDF and added the change that I expect to attempt.
      • Aug 20
    • wippernm
      Paul_Vannatto After a couple of attempts, I was able to remove the extra posts. How it happened, all I can say is that this forum engine has a mind of its own.

      My church is doing what you are wanting to do, but with an X32 and it is working great. I'd have to have a closer look at that analog console to see if it is able to do it all that you want it to do.
      • Aug 20
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    I'm planning to buy a product, which is right choice to mix/record home drumming (acoustic) with to mics: a condenser overhead and a kickdrum mic. I need a cheap solution.

    I found two Behringer products, but can't decide among them.

    XENYX 302USB

    I know, u-phoria isn't a mixer, but maybe a better way to record to a notebook?

    The main question is: could i plug the dinamic kickdrum mic (its not a condenser) into the instrument input ?

    Or I have to look after another products?

    Thanks for answers!


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    • ronSomosi
      RexBeckett Hi Aron, Instrument inputs do not have enough gain to work properly with microphones. You need to use an interface or mixer that has two microphone inputs. Examples: UMC202HD Interface or Q802USB Mixer
      • Aug 16
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