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    Hello happy meeting!

    I am Daniel Sánchez. I have purchased several Behringer products and would like to know how to register them.


    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi am looking for service manual for Midas heritage 1000 thanks john Ford 

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    • J1234
      KyleJohnson Hi John, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Service documents and schematics are only provided to our Music Tribe Authorized Service Centers. If you would like to inquire about having your console serviced, please submit a Service ticket by clicking the support link at the top of the page.
      • November 3, 2020
      • Midas
        J1234 Tried but can’t find a reference for heritage 100
        • November 4, 2020
  • jerry247
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    Is any of this worth keeping? seems like a bunch of free software anyway. anything I should be using as a streamer?

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    • jerry247
      leah Hello @jerry247 ,

      The software for the Q502USB is included as recommendations for you to get started. Definitely use whatever you prefer, even if it's not what you find included. You may also find that the software may be incompatible with your computer since many OS platforms have been updated since the initial release.

      Hope this helps. Thanks!
      • October 27, 2020
  • Greasyfingers
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    I have just purchased a Xenyx QX1222USB mixer and I am unsure as to how I connect a monitor speaker to this mixer, I assume I use the Monitor send jack, if this is correct is this jack socket mono or stereo.

    I have connected up main speakers and all is working fine but I do not get anything out of the monitor speaker which is powered.

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    • Greasyfingers
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Mike, the Mon jack is a mono signal. Do you have the respective channel mon pots (red) turned up? Do you have the Mon master fader (lower right side) turned up (and not muted)?
      • October 26, 2020
  • chandler1a
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    Are there any fixes for the power connection to my QX1202 comming out?

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    • chandler1a
      Nigel67 Although the fit is not locking, there should be a tight fit between the plug and the socket. If this unit is still under warranty, then I would suggest that you raise a Care ticket ( and get us to take a look at the issue and fix if necessary. Or you could raise a ticket and attach a video for us to take a look at and advise further. The plug should not be loose enough to just fall out. If the unit is out of warranty, then it could be just down to wear and tear due to the plug being taken out and plugged back in so many times. My only suggestion would be to either purchase a new power supply, or a permanent fix would be to put something like silicon around the plug. This should hold the plug in place and then if you ever needed to remove it, the silicon should be easy enough to remove.
      • October 21, 2020
  • SebRoth
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    Hello guys i have a question regarding some spare parts for the Midas Venice F Mixing Desks. I need at least one new channel fader and the master fader could be change for a new one as well. Normaly changing a fader is no problem but from what i can see all the fader of the Venice F Series are mountet to a pcb borad.

    My question before i disassemble the mixer. Are there any spare parts avalaible and if yes where? If not it would be awesome to have a Service Manual for this mixer because i cant find it? The Midas website only provide the Operation Manual. If there is no Service Manual for dl it would be awesome if someone knows what kind of fader (manufacturer) i could use to repair channel one and the master channel.

    I really dont want to buy a second Venice F Series to have enough spare parts for the future. The desk is still pretty awseome for its size and the price so it would be a shame if its not fully working.





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    • SebRoth
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Sebastian, I would suggest you submit a service/parts ticket by clicking on the Support menu (above). Someone will get back to you regarding your requested parts.
      • October 15, 2020
      • Midas Venice F16
        SebRoth Thanks Paul. I will give it a try.
        • October 15, 2020
  • pedalbin
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    Hi, we have recently purchashed the above mixer so that we can deliver a live radio programme to a local community radio station from our home.

    We are using a piece of software called Broadcast Using This Tool (BUTT) to connect with the gear in the radio station studio from our home pc using the mixer.

    We have a mic connected in channel 1, the USB port is connected to our pc using the supplied cable, the 2-track inputs are connected to the headphone socket on the pc, and we have headphones attached to the phones socket.

    On testing this we can get the required level of volume we need on BUTT using the microphone,but when we play music from the pc we can hardly get any volume despite turning everything up to max.

    We have tried using a friends Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer and this works fine. The difference with the two mixers are that ours has 2 mic channels and the USB/2-Track area has push buttons marked as -USB/2-TR TO PHONES/CTRL RM and USB/2-TR TO MAIN MIXER, the other mixer only says TO PHONES and TO MAIN MIX.

    We have tried all combinations of pushing the buttons in and out but nothing works, so any advise would be appreciated as we are wondering if it is faulty.

    We are not techically minded so any advise we need to be very simple.

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  • dbbattaglia
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    anyone knows the procedure to setting the Multirack waves with Midas Venice F32 desk to using wawes in Live Concert?


    Thanks everybody for the help

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  • KirillPavlov
    Newcomer - Level 2

    Dear Tribers!

    As it's indicated in manual for X2222USB, this mixer has rack-mounts included. But my client couldn't find these mounts inside the box. So the question is: are these mounts still included or there is some change in complete set?

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    • KirillPavlov
      Dale_M Kirill I would advise you raise a support ticket and one of the team can organise sending these to them.
      • September 23, 2020
      • X2222USB
        KirillPavlov Thanks, dear Dale! It means mounts should be included, right? And it's unfortunately really difficult to send something to Russia.((( I will give them to customer from another box then.
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        • September 23, 2020
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