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    Hello, searching for the pcb of the power supply for the mx3282 first édition 

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    • Fabiopa001
      Paul_Vannatto Good luck. That mixer is more than 20 years old. The PSU was a 3U separate unit, if I recall correctly.
      • Jun 19
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    Other than the addition of ports for the Behringer wireless mics, is there any difference between the 1204USB and Q1204USB mixers?

    Thank you

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    While playing live with vocals, electronic drums, keyboard and micd guitar amp all going through mixer with main output going through powered speakers, is it possible to use as audio interface to record to laptop (stream or DAW)at the same time?

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    • jkjking
      Paul_Vannatto Yes, but the USB output is stereo only (not multi-track)
      • Jun 15
    • jkjking
      Paul_Vannatto On page 14 of the manual it states "The XENYX mixer line has built-in USB connectivity, allowing stereo signals to
      be sent to and from the mixer and a computer. The audio sent from the mixer to
      a computer is identical to the MAIN MIX".
      • Jun 16
    • jkjking
      GizmoG_Álvarez As Paul_Vannatto says you could go on the USB side but could only record 2 channels.
      There would be another way but perhaps it's not worth the cost as you need to invest on another interface:
      1) Get a Behringer UMC1820 or any other interface with as many inputs and outputs as you need. In this case its a 8/8 I/O interface.
      2) Drums on channels 1-2, Keyboards on 3-4, guitar 5, vocals 6-7-8 (You could also, and best, use MIDI for drums and keyboards, but for this example I guess it's easier to explain it just with their audios)
      3) Get 8 insert cables and connect them to the insert jacks in the back of the mixer. Connect the insert send to input 1 and return to output 1 in the interface. Do the same with the rest of the channels and configure your DAW software to send channels each channel to its correlative output instead of sending them to master or any other bus.

      This way the signals go into the mixers, pass the preamp, go into the DAW where its recorded and go back to the channel that can be send to your monitors, PA...
      That Behringer UMC1820 is about 250€, 1m insert cables around 10€/each
      On a decent laptop and set up correctly there shouldn't be much latency and you could go. But bear in mind that it is a bit risky for live use you are a bit limited in case you want to add more channels, effects, etc. In case the interface or the laptop would crash, there won't be any sound back on the mixer (PA, monitors...). If it wasn't a problem I would better invest on an XAir18.

      Hope it helps.
      • Jun 16
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    I have the powered mixer named in the subject line and have used it in my home studio for several years. It has always worked just fine. I decided to try it at a gig for the first time last night. I had several mics input, line out to a linear array speaker set and one speaker output (main) for a monitor for the drummer. All night long the power kept cutting out on the amp, that is, it would operate for a short while and then it would go dark. Then it would spontaneously come back only to go off again at some random - or seemingly random - time. It was plugged into a power strip that has electrical noise and surge suppression. I plugged it into as many different power sources that were available (all on the same circuit) and nothing changed, still cut out and then on again at random intervals.

    Back in the studio after the disaster of a gig, it's all good. Plugged everything back in as at the gig and it operates just fine, no turning itself off and on. It's been on for hours and it's doing just fine.

    Has anyone had any experience like that or have a clue as to what might have caused that to happen?

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    • JDawg
      NicJonesMT Hi JDawg.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. Please provide as much information on your setup on the night as possible.
      Can you also check to see if the Venue had a sound limiter?
      • Jun 14
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    Hi there, 

    Would anyone know, how to get Lines 1 to 4 to work (ie. for Mics) while using the RCA outputs to speakers, on the Xenyx 1204 USB please?


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    • temperedsteele
      Nigel67 Hi temperedsteele. I have just picked up your case that you sent in to Technical Support and will reply shortly.
      • Jun 12
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    Hey there,

    I'm Karaoke DJ, and at a Bar that I'm at, I'm forced to use the RCA outputs on my X1204USB, but using this method, it appears to block my Mics audio which is plugged into channels 1 to 4. I have audio/music inputs into Line 5/6 & 7/8 and they work, but how can I get Lines 1 to 4 to also work when in this RCA output mode please?

    Thank you!

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    Will someone please respond to my case:  CAS-602052-R9K9M6 

    As requested I've emailed photos of parts and still no contact from support for over two weeks

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    • robsimons78
      Nigel67 Hi robsimons78. I a can only apologise for the non reply to your e-mails in to your ticket. The spare parts team are a little behind at the present time. I will send a message acros to them to see if they can look at your ticket.
      • Jun 7
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    Hola, buen día:

    Me encuentro en Lima-Perú y hace 2 semanas estoy buscando, sin éxito, estos equipos:

    • Mezcladora Behringer Xenyx 1204USB
    • Sistema de micrófonos inalámbricos Behringer ULM202USB

    Al parecer no hay stocks disponibles.

    Estoy por lanzar una emisora de contenidos que combina la educación con el magazzine; para YouTube, Facebook y LinkedIn.

    ¿Es posible que me coticen directamente estos equipos con envío a mi domicilio?

    Muchas gracias,


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    Hi can I connect extra Dynamic mics to my QX1202 by using a Microphone preamp and connecting to Line in Jack?

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    • SteveGG
      Nigel67 Hi SteveGG. Yes, you can use a mic pre-amp which will bring the signal level up to a line level that you can then plug into your line in jack
      • May 30
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    I've just purchased a Behringer XENYX 302USB mixer (~4x5").  Does anyone know of some kind of plate or clamp I can use to attach it to a mic stand?

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