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    I have a 19" rack, for the Mixer to sit on, I require the ears to connect to the mixer (Xenyx 1604), would somebody point me to the correct Ears? A link would be wonderful. Thank you

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    • Mina123
      DavidKnighton Hello Mina123,
      It appears the UFX1604 does not have a rackmount option. With most of our rackmount mixers, we generally supply the rack ears and screws, however this product does not list rack ears as an included accessory. Additionally, the mixer is 17 inches with the end caps on. Removing the end caps would narrow the width to about 15 inches, which is not the nominal rack width. You would need a custom built set of rack ears.
      • Sep 13
      • Behringer Xenyx  UFX1604 Rack Ears for 19"
        Mina123 Thank you for responding, yes I think I either try and build it myself or use two existing rack ears on each side without compromising the strength needed.
        • Sep 15
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    Where can I source a replacement fader for the X2222USB please?

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    • PaulKennethWard
      NicJonesMT Hi Paul.
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a spares ticket. A member of the team will then be able to advise you further.
      • Sep 3
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    Eurorack Pro Mixer RX 1602 V1 vs V2, what are the differences with the V2 and why thx

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    I am having trouble regulating the volume for in-house listening and for Zoom call listeners. if its just right in house its not loud enough over Zoom


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    • leeann13
      RexBeckett Hi leeann13, the easiest solution would be to turn down the gain on the in-house amplifiers so they provide a good volume when the mixer output is set for the Zoom call.
      • Aug 13
    • leeann13

      Thanks Rex. I will give that a try. At the ,moment I have connected the Control Out port on the mixer to the mic input on the computer and there is a volume control for the Control ( room) and a headset plug as well that I am using to try and monitor the sound going from the mixer to the Zoom meeting - there are so many places where the volume can be adjusted both on the mixer and the computer that it is all a little overwhelming. I will try your suggestion.

      • Aug 13
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    Friends, I need to control a Behringer DCX2496 through the serial port (RS232) and I can't find the API .... can someone help me?

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    Could anyone help me find the pc mixing software that is supposed to be included with this mixer?

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    This may sound like a dumb question, but where can one purchase replacement knobs for this unit? The one I picked up (for $20US) has about a half dozen broken off. It works fine after a bit of Deoxit in the controls, but I'd like to get it back to original if I can. Any input welcome. Thanks!

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    • brianmhyer
      Paul_Vannatto Are you needing the knobs or the potentiometers?
      • Mar 5
      • RX1602 question
        brianmhyer Paul, I need the knobs. Pots are all fine after a bath. I don't even care if they're the original, so long as they fit!
        • Mar 6
    • brianmhyer
      Paul_Vannatto Don't know what happened to my last response. I guess I'll have to repost.
      You can submit a ticket (click on Support above) and request those knobs. Ebay is also a good source for knobs and Thingiverse has many knobs if you have a 3D printer available.
      • Mar 6
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    Hi guys...  I have the Behringer RX1602 line mixer and wondering if it can be used to mix parellel guitar pedal chains and output to a final stacked delay/reverb pedal chain?  I know that it is intended for line level with TRS cables...but the -10 Dbu input setting, impedence, and manual saying that it will accept TS mono has me thinking that it might work...  Wanted to ask before potentially frying all my pedals... Lol...  If it won't work, can someone suggest an instrument level mixer (6+ channels) that would work in my parellel pefal setup?  Any help would be greatly appreciated...  Thanks...  :)

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    • StevieJ
      PedroRodrigues Hi StevieJ Please consider that in theory it may work, never the less as you mentioned you must deal with impedance mismatch between signals by using a D.I , if you do I think it may work. Thank you
      • Mar 26
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    Kupilem mikser Behringer X2442USB. Jak obiecane darmowo moge zainstalowac DAW Audacity adio oraz 150 instrumentow/wtyczek efektow?

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    I recently bought a used Behringer Eurorack MX3242X Mixer with an external power supply. (I know it is a very old model, but it suits my needs.)

    There is only one problem: The previous owner accidently ripped the 7-pin XLR power socket apart. I already ordered a new 7 pin XLR socket but in order to solder the wires of the internal connector to the socket I need the pinout.

    The seven wires are coloured orange, yellow, brown, grey, green, blue and red. Does anyone know the internal Pinout of the power socket?

    Best regards,


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    • wagnereli
      Dale_M Dear Elias sorry to hear about this, it would not be advised to try and repair this cable yourself as you may cause further damage to the console if you short or incorrectly wire the socket, we would strongly advise you open up a support ticket/service request from the above tab and organise a non warranty repair to ensure your item is guaranteed and safe to use.
      • December 14, 2020
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