• 2020-07-14
    Can the MR18 be used in a standard Mac desktop (not a tablet) and will it play nicely with GarageBand?
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    • Peter Ballou
      Rex Beckett The MR18 can be used with a Mac desktop and will play nicely with GarageBand and many other DAW packages.
      • Jul 14
  • Anybody who can confirm if the DN32-Dante card for X32/M32 consoles supports AES67? I'm wondering if the M32c rack mixer can function as an AES50/AES67 bridge while still providing headamp control for a DL251 stagebox (limited to 32ch obviously...)
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    • Marteinn Marteinsson
      Gary Higgins I believe they do, I have not had my Card in for quite a while now but recall it having aes67 , see # 8 on the attached pic from the user pdf
      • Jun 17