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    More and more I encounter problems with connectivity. My WING has latest firmware, but in the venues I visit, older stage boxes are at hand with unknown firmware versions. Owners don't allow me to update their stuff, what can I do?  I am desperately searching for a comprehensive compatibility matrix that tells me what desk version (X32, M32, WING)  is working with what stage box version (S16, DL32 etcetera). Please help. Actually, I want this info included with every update zipfile. I mean, having stuff is one thing, maintaining it becomes a critical issue now. I am pleased with the firmware update support pages, but having knowledge is becoming more and more important!

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    • Capera
      Paul_Vannatto You should either insist that the owners keep their stageboxes up to day (firmware) or bring your own stagebox to the venue.
      • May 22
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    Can some of you confirm that I am setting gains levels in the XR18 correctly? Here is my process for each channel used, starting with channel 1:

    1. Select channel 1.
    2. Set the channel 1 fader to unity (i.e., 0.0).
    3. Select the “Channel” tab at the top of the interface.
    4. Have the musician going into channel 1 perform as s/he would in a live performance.
    5. As the musician performs, adjust the Mic Gain so that channel 1’s channel input signal averages -18.0 dbfs. This is displayed in the dbfs scale at the far left of the interface.
    6. When the channel input signal averages -18.0 dbfs, the gain is set and the process is done for that channel. The channel's fader is then used to boost/lower it in the main mix.
    7. Do the same thing for the rest of the channels in use.

    I am pretty sure this is correct, but I am unsure about step 2: does the channel's fader have to be at unity (0.0) when setting gain? I seem to remember seeing that somewhere but now I don't remember and I can't find any resource that says that. Is the channel's main fader independent of the gain setting process and thus it (the channel's main fader) can be at any level (-15.0, +10.0, etc...) while the channel's gain is being set?



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    • BCDurham
      Paul_Vannatto The channel fader has no effect on the gain setting. So it can be anywhere.
      • Apr 25
    • BCDurham
      JeffRusin You are usually fine that when your game is set up -18 which is correct that your fader most likely will end up at unity anyway but no you do not have to set it at unity. But if for some reason your slider is at the bottom of its track or with the top that would not be a good thing
      • May 10
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    it seems hat the app is outdated and will not connect to the xAir.

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    Hi guys? l am looking for x32 RACK DEMO Firmware dcp_corefs_release-4.03.update and X32-Edit_PC .exe file

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    Hi All, Great community here, and a lot of good information. 

    Situation: I have an X18, connected via Ethernet, to a wireless router. The iPad is running the latest version of XAir, and is connected, and controls the mixer, without issue, most of the time. However, in the past three weeks, I've had two instances of the following issue:
    While using the mixer, in the middle of the event, the mixer will lose wireless connection, and all audio to all connections are muted. Any attempts to connect to the mixer via wi-fi is futile. Relaunching the iPad X Air software will not reconnect to the mixer. During this time, our wireless, and Ethernet connections continue to function normally. We are required to hard reset the mixer by powering it off, and on. This does resolve the issue, and we are able to reconnect to the mixer. All primary channels are muted(Main and Aux busses). After unmuting all channels, the mixer functions normally.

    Attempted Resolution:
    We updated to the latest firmware, which interesting enough fixes an memory issue with mixers that are not shut down (ours is running continuously). We're not sure if this resolves the problem, since we've only recently updated, and the problem is intermittent.

    We will also be running hardwired via USB to XAir Edit on a MacBook Pro, during the next event.

    I have an X Air 18, with older firmware, that does not have this issue.


    Has anyone else run into this problem?

    I suspect the issue is hardware related (All primary channels being muted after power on/off, I think is an indication of that)?

    If the issue is hardware related, is there any way to access the mixer via Terminal, or some other software, to examine any logs on the X18?

    Would a memory leak on the mixer, result in the mixer locking up?

    Thanks in advance, for your replies.

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    When I turn phantom power on channel 9, it starts to make noise, even without any cables connected.
    Even turning off the phanthom power, it continues to create noise.

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    • linopereira
      Nigel67 Hi linopereira. This would appear to be a fault with your unit, possibly a faulty electrolytic capacitor. When you turn off the phantom power, does the noise eventually disappear? Have you tried routing that channel to another input on the mixer just to confirm that the fault is on the S16. It does sound like it, but just need to make 100% sure. If you could raise a Technical Support Ticket then we can advise you further on getting the fault fixed, or if the unit is still under Warranty, try contacting the shop that you purchased the S16 from and ask them to repair the unit under Warranty. To raise a Technical Support ticket, click on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Apr 11
    • linopereira
      SNOKing1 Can we get older Behringer products fixed for a price?
      • Apr 12
      • Behringer S16 - Scratching noise on channel 9 only
        Nigel67 Hi, yes, our service centres will repair warranty and non warranty products. Please fill out a Technical Support ticket as mentioned above and we will help you get your unit repaired. Please include a return shipping address and a contact phone number. Many thanks. Actually, I better add to this, that it depends just how old the product is because if you are talking 2010, then that may cause a problem if pcbs are needed as I doubt if they would still be in stock
        • Apr 12
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    In the iOS Flow 8 editing app on the preferences page (when you scroll down a little) there is a square box with MIDI DUMP in it, but next to that is  MAIN OUT DELAY : 200ms. 

    Can someone explain what this is, what it's for and if it is user adjustable?


    Also, can the sample rate be altered from 48khz to 44khz?



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    • DennisMilsom
      rondhi This adds a delay to the output. For example, for live streaming, you can add a delay to match the audio with the video. You can only adjust it on the board itself. Menu > Output > Output Delay > Main Delay. Not sure why it says 200ms in the app. But the real setting should show on the board.

      No, you cannot adjust the sample rate, unfortunately. It is set at 48 kHz.
      • May 19
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    Just received a X32 compact and SD16 stage box. Can configure the X32 channels for phantom power but that option disapears on the SD16 channels. Can you set SD16 channels to phantom power?

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    • georgeswayze
      Paul_Vannatto Do you have sync with the SD16 (green light on X32 and SD16)? If not you will never be able to control phantom, gain or anything. Make sure the AES50 cable is connected to the SD16 A port (not the B port).
      • Apr 2
      • Behringer SD16 phantom power
        georgeswayze Green light and working in and out. Just phantom power selection missing on SD16 channel configuration
        • Apr 3
      • Behringer SD16 phantom power
        georgeswayze You were right. I tried to configure before connecting. All ok.
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        • Apr 3
    • georgeswayze
      Paul_Vannatto Can you control the phantom and gain in the Setup, preamps screen? If you only have the one SD16 connected to the AES50 A or B of the X32, then it would be the first 2 banks of the appropriate list (A or B).
      • Apr 3
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    I am using an IPAD connected to an XR18 mixer.

    I have initialized and only created a single mic channel.  On the METERS page I can see input level from the mic, levels on the FX send and the FX return. If I select the EFFECTS page I can see input/output on the Reverb plugin in slot 1.  But my audio output on the main LR does not have the added reverb????  The faders have no effect.

    If I add the reverb directly to the channel from the INSERT page, it works.

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    • Timo
      GaryHiggins What settings are you using for main L/R and Monitor for Main Out? Are you using the earphones on the unit? Thinking you may not be actually hearing Main out.
      • Apr 1
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    Hi. I'm new to digital mixers, the x32, and the sd16. I have found a way to send my mix to the sd16, but can't figure out how to to setup a sub output for output 2. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks 

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    • ghamlin90
      Paul_Vannatto Assuming you are using the Routing, Out 1-16 to assign your mix, use the same screen to assign whatever you are using to mix the sub to output 2.
      • Mar 24
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