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    Hallo zusammen.
    Ich möchte gerne Schallplatten live während meiner Radiosendung abspielen. Angeschlossen habe ich meinen Dual DTJ301 USB an Port 11/12 am Mischpult.
    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Schallplatten auf den Stream zu bringen, ohne das Mikrofon auf "on" zu lassen? Ich sende mit dem Streamingprogramm Sam Broadcaster Pro Version 2021.2 und Windows 7

    Danke für eure Antworten

    Hello all.
    I would like to play records live during my radio show. I have my Dual DTJ301 USB connected to port 11/12 on the mixer.
    Is there any way to get the records to stream without leaving the mic on "on"? I am streaming with the streaming program Sam Broadcaster Pro version 2021.2 and Windows 7.

    Thanks for your answers

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    • Maikmusik
      DavidKnighton Hello Maikmusik,
      With almost all of our small format analog mixers, the USB signal is sent from the MAIN L/R bus. Simply MUTE any channels you don't want in the mix during your live record show.
      • May 31
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    I stream,  or should I say I used to stream using OBS, technics1200s and a Numark USB200 mixer.  I then upgraded my equipment and bought a DDM4000 which has no USB.  I've now brought a MIDI interface but being the non expert that I am,  I can't seem to get the set up right.  I simply want to get OBS recognising the turntables.  It recognises the MIC, so I must be doing something wrong with the cables.  Anyone who knows the equipment,  any Ideas on whats needed for the connection??

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    I'm trying to find info before purchase. I've been tasked with doing the music for a party, & decided to get a DJ TT with phono out to play popular music spanning 60 years from my record collection. I was going to leave it at that, but decided CD's would be good too, but don't want to invest in a DJ CD unit, and all my CD's (as well 78 rpm & audiohile LP's) are recorded to 16x44.1 or 24x48 flac files. I can only really access them through a Sony VAIO laptop running Linux Mint or a Raspberry Pi (with a DAC). It looks like the process of playback would be simplified by routing both through a mixer, and this looks like it might do the job. I can justify the purchase as part of a setup for making videos about recording & reprocessing pre-loved vinyl & shellac from prior to 1970.

    So, can anybody tell me if the DJX900USB will work with a flac files &/or a laptop running linux?

    I can hook the linux laptop up to a Native Instruments Audio Unit OK, and it appears to work fine for recording and replay (but the NI has no phono stage, and I'm trying to eliminate the need for a separate preamp, & make transitions smoother.

    I assume the phono input on the Behringer mixer implements the RIAA equalisation curve?

    I'm assuming the mixer coverts the analog signal into digital via a DAC, then outputs the digital signal to analog for line out? If so, I'd rather take the flac output direct via USB rather than using an external DAC to convert the files to analog line out on linus, then feed that into the line in on the mixer, avoiding two steps in the conversion process.

    What are the specs of the internal DACs & ADCs on the Mixer?

    If this unit isn't going to provide the functionality I need, is there an alternative?

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    • MishMich
      DavidKnighton Hello MishMich,
      The documentation for the device says stereo IN/OUT at 48KHz. I imagine this will work fine with most computer applications. The one part that is concerning though is the lack of driver. Normally we put a driver for Windows OS. Mac OS never needs drivers, and likewise, LINUX probably doesn't either, but I am no LINUX expert here. Raspberry Pi I would not be certain about either. Most of our USB audio devices/interfaces operate using the same chipset, and that chipset is USB Class Compliant. We also use the generic ASIO4ALL driver for majority of our 2- track USB. Hope this information helps.
      • Apr 23
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    One of the channels phono output volume  is very low. I need to have the master, the channels own volume and also the gain all on maximum. What could be causing this to happen?

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    • Haz075
      WilliamR Hello, Have you tried a different set of cables yet? If this does not solve the volume issue, please open a tech support ticket from the support link above and a specialist will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • Apr 18
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    the display turn on but the letters or sing dont see any more

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    • milli1369
      Nigel67 Hi milli1369. We will need to get the unit in for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. This will open a new window. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Feb 21
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    I purchased the DX2000USB mixer, and cannot register at, to download the software and drivers. I registered for the Music Tribe, and I can’t download anything there. Daniel

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    • Dambe22DAMBE
      DavidKnighton Hello Daniel,
      to register your product, go to the SUPPORT tab at the top of this page and scroll down until you see the PRODUCT REGISTRATION TILE. This is where you submit a registration ticket, not on the website. Let me know if you still have trouble with this.
      • Jan 5
    • Dambe22DAMBE
      Dambe22DAMBE I registered my product, but I may be missing drivers on my notebook. My Behringer logo glows red, not green. How do I download the software?
      • Jan 5
    • Dambe22DAMBE
      Dambe22DAMBE There is audio on the notebook (USB Audio Codec), but there is no sound from the notebook on the mixer.
      Turntables and cd players work normally. So I don't think I have a driver.?
      • Jan 5
    • Dambe22DAMBE
      Dambe22DAMBE Ok...riješio sam USB.
      Zanima me koji sve softwet dolazi free uz mixetu
      • Jan 5
    • Dambe22DAMBE
      Dambe22DAMBE Okay ... I solved the USB.
      I'm wondering which software comes free with the mixer
      • Jan 5
      • Behringer DX2000USV
        DavidKnighton Upon registration, you should get a license code to download free Tracktion software. If you did not get a code, let me know the case number from your registration ticket. It will start with CAS-XXXXXX-XXXXXX
        • Jan 6
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    Morning my name is Lebo and recently I was playing music went outside for a bit and when I came I noticed my mixer was off I tried using different power sources but it wouldn't turn back on. One thing I had noticed was it a bit hot but there was no smell of anything that might have burned. So my question is what could be the reason for this

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    is this device compaitible with andriod tablets like my samsung tab A 9.7 inch model sm-t550

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    • JeffBlack
      WilliamR Hello Jeff, Yes you would be able to run this interface on an android device with the proper android to USB convertor adaptor.
      • December 3, 2020
  • hiztory
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    Hi does any have or know where i can find the midi map tsi for the ddm4000 to use with traktor pro 3

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  • ScottEglington
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    Ive recently got a djx750 mixer I went to use for the forth time and during my set the audio in and out  has gone I get nothing out of it it still switches on but dead I can't find my recipe for it plus I got on line brand new less then 9 months old and also it gets so hot u can fry an egg on it ive never had a mixer get as hot as that dose any way I can get replaced or repaired...?

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    • ScottEglington
      john0121 Hi Scott, unfortunately we won't be able to process a warranty repair without a copy of the proof of purchase. Best step would be to contact the seller you purchased from and see if they can provide you a new copy.
      • September 11, 2020
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