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    Hi, is it feasible to connect the XTouch to an XAir or external router by using a WiFi dongle in one of the USB ports?

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    I just bought  Behringer CMD Touch TC64 MIDI COntroller. I try to connect with Novation Launchpad App in iPad 8 but it still does't work after weeks of retry. 

    The CMD Touch is detected by iPad8. I know this when using another app but it pop-up a window to acknowledge incompatibility to "CMD TOUCH" and submit the compatibility request to app vendor.

    Any suggestion which IPAD app is compatible with Behringer CMD Touch TC64 


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    Hi there!


    I need help. I sold my trusty (yet noisy) BCF2000 and got this X-Touch, with so many lights, buttons... while all I needed was relatively silent faders for volume automation.


    Since I purchased this unit, it randomly disconnects from Pro Tools (though it does´t warn me at all with any message in the daw). It just stops responding to my movements, and no more volume automation is written. It receives data, and keeps moving the faders along the project, but then I need to restart bot the X-Touch and the DAW (happens the same in Studio One). 


    Any ideas if this may be something with an easy solution? I´ve read some posts about power grounding, but my unit is connected to an earthed plug, and USB is directly plugged to the computer, no hubs in between. 


    I mean, I can´t return this unit now, I´ve got TONS of work to do with it in the next months, and It´s a bummer to be obliged to stop every other minute for this issue.


    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hello, I am curious if the X-Touch can be used to control multiple hardware synths? Is each fader, button, and knon able to be programmed individually to different midi channels?



    Also FYI for moderators,  I just joined and this is my first post.  I was unable to post using Safari on mac because the dropdown menus for the category and subcategory don't show any options and since i couldn't choose anything i couldn't move forward on the post.  For this post I am using Chrome. 

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    • allreddv415
      PedroRodrigues .Hi allreddv415, Thank you for your post, please consider that the X-TOUCH was not designed as a MIDI CC controller.
      The X-TOUCH was designed to interact specifically with MIDI messages to and from DAW and not transmitting MIDI messages that can transmit a range of values, usually allowing 128 different continuous controllers available for each MIDI channel.
      The X-TOUCH COMPACT or X-TOUCH MINI are designed with MIDI CC functionality. Thank you
      • Aug 24
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    Hello. Several days ago, I was buying usb controller umx 490 behringer.

    When I was went to home, and try to connect by  USB to PC,  and play on, it was no possible.

    Sekvenser Energy xt 2,5 . Please, help.


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    How to factory Rest Behringer X-Touch Extender, please?

    I ask because one of my 2 Externders behave unexpected:

    One Solo LED is less bright than any other and illuminate where it shouldn’t
    See the yellow light blinks, why ? And it keeps blinking even tho I switch the channels 
    Here a more detailed video :

    I crosschecked with my other Extender which behaves as expected.



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    • ansolas
      Dale_M We would advise raising a Technical ticket from the Support tab above so we can assist you.
      • Jul 7
    • ansolas

      Already done

      • Jul 7
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    My motor 61 has a preset pitch bend range of +- 2 semitones. I would like to change it to 12 (a full octave). Manual doesn't help. Can anybody help?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi I am looking for a detailed user manual for the crouch. I can find the QSG and the MIDI documentation, but nothing more detailed on the use of the controller. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hello everybody,

    I hope all of you are doing good. Well, I just don't know what else to do with this pedal. I configure everything but I can't midi map with Ableton. I am on Mac and using a MIDI to USB cable, but it doens't work. I saw many videos and everybody are using generic MIDI to USB cable and I don't think is the cable because someone test the pedal on Windows and I saw the IN and OUT signals working, so I don't know else to do.

    Is there an specific MIDI to USB cable in order to work on Mac?

    Basically, I just need the pedal for looping. I hope someone can help.

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    • Manumus1c
      NicJonesMT Hi Manumus1c.
      If you are using Windows Download MIDIOX, Mac Sysex Librarian, and connect the FCB to your computer (Ensure no other apps are open). Once you have done this you can then monitor if the FCB is sending MIDI information to your computer via your USB to MIDI cable. This will then let you know if it is a configuration issue with Ableton, The interface or the FCB not sending messages, and from there we can advise further. If you click support at the top of the page and scroll down to the Tech support option, and provide the results of the above we can then advise you further.
      Please be aware as we don't manufacture these cables we can't really recommend which one you should buy.
      • Jun 6
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    I am considering moving to the awesome unbelievable B3-X plugin!!.
    Tried to control it via CC MIDI command and I have encountered some difficulties:
    I am using the Behringer MOTOR49 MIDI controller.

    1. Set the MIDI controller to MIDI CH1
    2. Set the Modulation Wheel to CC1 (Leslie Speed).
    3. Tried to set Modulation Wheel Min Max values to "0" & "1".
    4. Tried to set Modulation Wheel Min Max values to "0" & "127".
    5. Tried to set Drum Ped to "0" & "1"

    In all cases, Leslie speed went High speed but couldn't be set back to Low speed
    The latch was not set (in B3-X MIDI setup window).
    Similarly tried to set Drawbars to MIDI Controller's faders also by using Learn Mode - No success.

    I could see in my DAW (FL Studio 20.0) Debug window that commands are being received.

    Any idea what am I doing wrong?

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    • Eth123
      NicJonesMT Hi Eth123.
      Please submit a technical support ticket and we can then look into this.
      Please ensure that you provide either a short video that shows how your have your system setup, or some screenshots that show this.
      • May 30
    • Eth123

      Hi NicJonesMT I wonder if you got my reply -and questions. is there something missing? appreciate your support. Thanks

      • Jun 1
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