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    How do I hook my guitar rig to a Behringer effects processor without a effects loop or mixer

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    • Wengy
      DavidKnighton Hello Wengy,
      Could you tell us specifically which Behringer effects processor you're trying to use? If your guitar amplifier doesn't have an effects loop, then the only conceivable method would be to insert the processor between the guitar and the amplifier head, much to the same effect as a pedal or stompbox.
      • Jul 26
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    Any word on when more Behringer BLE400 Bass Limiter/Enhancer pedals will be available for purchase?

    I have had one on backorder at Amazon for weeks now - I was super impressed with the quality (and price) of the BDI21 V-Tone Bass Driver DI Pedal, and wanted to give this pedal a try as well.


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    • rwchilds
      WilliamR Hello, WIlliam from musictribe here. there are a lot of manufacturing delays worldwide for certain components so it's hard to say when retailers will get them in stock. Please contact the dealers directly for any ETA.
      • Jun 14
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    I have just bought an FCV100 and nothing seems to be happening.

    First of all, I'm not sure if it's even powering on. I'm using a Harley Benton ISO-12. The voltage is switchable to 12v but the output polarity is marked as


    but on the FCV it is marked as


    could this be the cause of the problem?


    The manual states that a standard 9V battery can be attached but I don't see where the battery is supposed to be attached.


    Also I saw that there are some problems with using TS cables instead of TRS, but until I know that the power is working I can't diagnose futher.

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    • chrisa123
      NicJonesMT Hi Chrisa123.
      If the Output voltage is switchable to 12v then the Harley Benton should be able to power the FCV. Please ensure the output is set to 12v and not 18v as this could possible damage the FCV.

      Do you have an alternative 12v supply you can test the FCV with?
      If not then please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. We can then try to trouble shoot this further.
      • May 17
    • chrisa123
      DavidKnighton Hi Chrisa, you may have a reverse polarity issue. See diagram for explanation. PSU and FCV need to match or it won't work properly.
      • May 18
      • FCV100 problems
        chrisa123 Thanks David. I have ordered a polarity switcher which hopefully will do the job.
        • May 18
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    When I read the manual that was included with my new TU300 Chromatic Tuner it seemed to be missing page 2 which would have included the "Operations" chapter that would explain how the Mode and Stream/Cent buttons work. So when I looked on the official Behringer web site the .pdf file for the manual has the same missing content. After searching with Google I finally found a complete manual that looked different graphically like it was the old TU100 manual ported over but I finally learned how to use those buttons properly. Come on, Behringer, get it together. 

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    • Bliggick
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Bliggick, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will look into this further and have the manual ammended.
      • May 1
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    Is there any upgrades for  ehringer V-AMP 2?

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    I've put in multiple tickets looking for parts for an ACX450, but as soon as i submit, the list shows no records. It's been a few weeks and I haven't heard anything. Should I actually expect a response or is this a error on the site where my request goes nowhere? Does anyone know where to find Behringer parts in Canada?




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    • ScottParrell
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi ScottParrell, if the ticket went through correctly you should have received an automatic response providing you with a case number. I would recommend if not yet done so just checking your spam and junk folders as occasionally our emails get routed to these locations. I will also check our system for you.
      • Mar 4
    • ScottParrell
      ScottParrell ChrisEdwards1, it sounds like it's just not going through. I regularly check my junk mail but gave it one more thorough search and there's nothing there. As soon as I hit Submit, I'm taken back to the Care Portal where it shows "No Records Available". Should I see something there right away if I submit a ticket?
      • Mar 5
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    I have a XR18, with the observed complaint of intermittent BT and channels bleeding over into one another. I am attempting to receive a RA to return this product for credit/replacement. Please contact me if further information is required

    Sam Ash music #45


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    • jamiejackson45
      KyleJohnson Hi Jamie, Kyle here with Music Tribe. To request an RMA please click on the Support link at the top of the page, and then select Service Request.
      • Feb 10
    • jamiejackson45
      R692258 I have a behringer x32. I was told I could hook up a usb a to usb b cord to a lightning adapter to my apple ipad to record my services on the iPad but run the sound through the mixer. Tried it and it didn't work. Any suggestions on how I can run my sound to the ipad from my Behringer?
      • Feb 12
      • RA Request
        KyleJohnson The USB Expansion cards for the X32 are designed for use with PC and Mac operating systems. iOS is not a supported operating system for audio interface purposes.
        • Feb 14
      • RA Request
        R692258 Thank you. Would it work if I plugged the usb b to usb a to an adapter that has the plug for my ear phones hole? forgive my ignorance. Something like a
        SmartEra USB Female to 3.5mm Jack Male Audio Converter Adapter (Black)
        • Feb 16
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    How can I obtain software for the Behringer iaxe393 guitar

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    Hello. I recently bought a used Behringer GMX 210 amplifier and it is missing the jack assembly. I was wondering where I could find one of those. 

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    • Aztekkerz05
      KyleJohnson Hi Gavin, please click on the Support link at the top of the page and submit a Spare Parts ticket.
      • December 28, 2020
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    I purchasaed a AirPlay Guitar AG 10 from an online Music Store. I went to register it aand I have no proof of purchase other than a recicipt from the company I purchased it from. It is not on my computer. When looking for the product to register, it is not listed among you products?

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