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    first off thank you for allowing me to be a member of music tribe having only done non-profit.  Does the behringer rd 6 usb port only at this point accept software files.  I don't believe that I should regard convience as a taboo method when it comes to producing music specially when I consider the end result.  I have my samples actually just in a mp3 file that I made on the ditto looper pedal and stored them on a tascam four track, and store them now as mp3's.  The industry needs to remember where rap and hip hop beat based music came from, that it is a medium of music that came out of the nessecity to express yourself without acutally having the instrument, created.  These individuals asked the question how can I make music out of what is avaiable to me out of what I have.  My question is for a behringer tech.  It was recommended to me by a seller of Behringer that i could possibly get a answer here.  The question is does that unit do any processing at all of mp3 sound files, and if not what does.  I know how to use what use to, but artists might not what that anymore.

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    • fortherecord
      djstatix NO, the RD-8 is NOT a sampler. Its an analog drum machine. It uses internal analog circuits to produce sounds.
      • Jan 6
    • fortherecord

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      • Apr 23
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    I’m having trouble syncing my rd-9 with my protools session. I have hooked up with USB and chosen the USB as the source of tempo input on the rd-9. The tempo is close but is hovering around the actual tempo of the session.  See example here: Rd-9 Tempo Sync to ProTools via USB

    I haven’t had any issues in the past doing the same thing with my volca beats or Moog sub 37. This seems to be unique to the rd-9.


    Please advise. Thanks.


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    • othersongs
      djstatix I have the RD-9 running with Studio One v5. The BPM will waiver a tiny bit but remains in sync with my DAW just fine.
      • Jan 6
    • othersongs
      fbd1231 I also have this problem with FL Studio latest version.
      • Jul 15
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    hi I just bright a New deumset xd80usb, everything works correctly except that it stops reproducing sound after a few hits, everything seems to be ok, all lights are working, when I hit a pad it shows on the panel, i true swing an aplifier or a headphone set, and the same thing happens. IT's not the outputs nor cables, I can't figure this out guys

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    Hey guys, I am very new here, I am still figuring it out, and would highly appreciate any help! 

    I have MS101, RD6, and TD3. I am trying to download the Synthtribe software for them but with no luck.

    First, I have only one option V2.5.6 for MAC. My operating system is the latest one, MAC OS 12.0.1

    Second, every time I download it (for each of the above), I receive the following error: 

    “SYNTHTRIBE V 2.5.6” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

    Any guidance would be amazing, Thanks, tribe!

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    Just got my new TD-3 for Christmas.

    Downloaded Synthtribe 2.5.6, Mac version says package is corrupted do you want to move the file to trash.

    The zip file unzippes properly but I am stuck with the above error message.

    Where can I download an older version that may not be corrupted?

    PC version seems fine.


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    • aehrath
      ccchunk im having the same problem. any help would be greatly appreciated
      • December 27, 2021
    • aehrath
      QdupMusic I had the same issue, but got it working... The app's codesignature was not valid, so it was giving that error. Take advice at your own risk, but using the terminal command "sudo codesign -f -s - " making sure to leave the space at the end and drag the app from it's location, hit enter and enter your password when it asks for it will give it a valid codesignature. Then you will likely have to right click / open the app and click open anyway when it says app is from unknown developer. Working for me now. Hopefully Behringer / Musictribe will see this and fix the Mac installer, but working for me now for my new RD-9 which uses the same synthtribe software. I hope this helps!
      • December 27, 2021
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    Hi, Synthtribe application 4 Mac doesn’t recognize the drum machine RD-8 MKII. Is this normal? ? have you noticed that there is no software available for the RD-8 MKII on the Behringer? is it just a case? Please help  B


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    Hi, I just bought a RD-8 MKII firmware 2.1.3.


    Unfortunately it's not recognized by SYNTHTRIBE app 2.5.6.


    What can I do?





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    Is it possible to work with pgm change messages on the Behringer rd9 and 8?

    I didn't find it in the manual..



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    Im having issues trying to sync the two machines together via MIDI.

    I used Midi out in the rd 6 as master and midi in in the crave as slave
    Than i changed the clock source of the crave to MIDI DIN via the syntribe tool on windows.

    At this point whenever i use the Start command in the RD 6 it plays something completely different on the crave synth.
    So the RD 6 is sending something that it is not supposed to the crave. I can stop the RD 6 and try to program something
    on the Crave's sequences but as soon as i hit Start again in the RD 6 it just plays something else by its on on the Crave.

    I have to note that i am a complete begginer at these machines so it is very possibile that im doing something wrong.

    I watched the Behringer video on youtube on how to sync RD 6 with external synths but i cannot replicate it with success.

    Please help me understand if i am missing something or if the machines are somewhat faulty and have to return them. 
    At the moment i am unable to post videos or photos since i am at work

    Thank you all

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    • Ennio
      PedroRodrigues Hi Ennio, thank you for your post I would first suggest confirming that you are using the latest version SYNTHTRIBE V 2.5.6.

      On the RD6 side I would suggest confirming that you are using the 3.5 mm TS input and output connections to SYNC IN to allows the use of an external clock and start and stop signal and the SYNC OUT that allows the external clock and start/stop signal to be sent to other devices.
      When it comes to Setting Sync and to set up the Clock Type, please be aware that the Step keys 1, 2, 3, or 4 represent clock source INT, MIDI, USB, or TRIG respectively.
      Step keys 5, 6, 7, or 8 represent clock rate 1PPS, 2PPQ, 24PPQ, or 48PPQ respectively.
      Please make sure you use the press Function.
      Please should make sure no sequence is playing, then press PATTERN GROUP and WRITE/ NEXT at the same time to enter Sync setting mode.
      The user will see the selector 1 to 8 LEDs turning on, and the current clock source (1 to 4) and clock rate (5 to 8) will flash, from this moment the user has about 3 seconds to make any changes.
      The user should press step keys 1, 2, 3, or 4 to change the clock source to INT, MIDI, USB, or TRIG respectively.
      Please press step keys 5, 6, 7, or 8 to change the clock rate to 1PPS, 2PPQ, 24PPQ, or 48PPQ respectively.
      The user should press any other buttons or after no changes for 3 seconds, the changes are saved.
      To confirm his selection the user should Press PATTERN GROUP and WRITE/ NEXT at the same time to enter Sync setting mode.
      When we go to the MIDI channel selection the user should press and hold FUNCTION, then press PATTERN GROUP to enter MIDI channel setting mode.
      It should press STEP KEYS 1-16 to select the channel, press PATTERN GROUP to switch between MIDI transmit (out) and receive (in)

      On the Crave side you must first confirm that have your unit running the latest firmware version for the CRAVE Version 1.1.3
      The Firmware version (1.0.8) when released assured that your Crave aligns the clock source selection method with the rest of the Behringer Synthesizer range.
      You must now manually select the clock source through the SYNTHTRIBE App. You can find the latest version of the app on the link below:

      Please also take in to account that the Firmware Version 1.1.3 fixes issue such as:
      When a pattern was stored, it didn’t instantly refresh while playing and when in random mode, random voltages were not emitted when sequences had a length of 9, 17 or 25.

      I hope this helps.
      • October 30, 2021
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    I was given a Behringer Electronic Drum set - Model HDS 240 USB. It does not have an Owners Manual. How can I obtain the owners manual?  Thanks y'all!

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