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  • Rayzeru
    Newcomer - Level 1


    I use the RD-8 for 9 month now and I want to report what I think to be an interface problem.

    I can't use the mute fonction of the RD-8 because my brain is constantly saying to me the flashing tracks are the muted track, then it's the opposite.

    So I'm forced to use the solo fonction instead while it *hum* my brain compatible. So I'm cutting off myself the possibility of muting tracks.

    I'm sure some people will be very confortable with flashing leds for active tracks and non-flashing leds for muted tracks, but I find it myself illogical and I can't get rid of it.

    Is it possible to add a fonction to invert mute leds ? Even maybe in the Frimware updater to not overload the fonctions of the RD-8

    Thank you for answer,
    with love from France

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    • Rayzeru
      Dale_M Hi Ant, I will pass your comments on to the design team but I am unsure as to how they could adjust this.
      • September 28, 2020
  • kalkisb
    Newcomer - Level 1

    can anyone tell me  the email address i've got a behringer drum set i get the emails from musictribe i cant return them need help ?

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    • kalkisb
      WilliamR Hello Billy, I have emailed you again within the case you opened. In order for me to see your reply, please reply directly to the email you received from me and I should get it.
      • September 25, 2020
  • musicintheair
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi Behringer Team

    we looked everywhere at the internet and found nothing how to send Sys.Ex dumps from the Behringer RD 8 to the external hard disk and from the external hard disk to the Behringer RD-8.

    We have tried to make a meaningful film, which you can show to your customers:


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  • KarlSpaeth
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I haven't seen anyone else post about this problem anywhere, but the machine's tempo is always faster than what I have it set at. I just got the machine the other day and was very excited with how intuitive the interface is, but the tempo issue has made it impossible to record with. I have had the midi-synch issue everyone posts about as well, including in USB. The tempo issue occurs even when I am just wearing headphones and playing the machine by itself. Just updated the firmware and that did nothing to help. I really don't want to have to exchange this for a different drum machine. Any advice or help will be welcome.


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    • KarlSpaeth
      JasonB81 Hey Karl - If you could click the support tab above and make a support Ticket we can do a deeper dive and look at possible service options as well. I suspect there a few things our team should look at here. Thank you.
      • October 5, 2020
  • robsteijger
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi Behringer,

    I’m very pleased with my RD-6-LM but would like to suggest an improvement:

    When selecting Pattern Write and clicking one of the 16 Step-buttons, it switches to the corresponding pattern when the beat isn’t playing. Wouldn’t it have been more logical if you could layout a beat using the Step-buttons, thus withóút pressing Play? This way you can program the beat based on the one playing in your head (presuming I’m not the only one hearing beats in my head; I prefer it wáy better than the voices I heard before). Selecting patterns should than only be possible within Pattern Pláy mode, not within Pattern Write.

    Also, it would be nice if – within Pattern Write mode and when the beat isn’t playing – the Tab button would trigger the selected instrument, so you could tab an instrument before programming it.

    Would this be an option via a firmware update or the Behringer software?


        Rob, from the Netherlands


    PS The BD combines awesomely well with the CH when distortion is on.

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    • robsteijger
      JasonB81 Hello - thank you for these great suggestions. I will connect with my synth team and pass these along. Also great to hear you are enjoying the RD-6. Thanks again.
      • September 16, 2020
  • graesserph
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi. When you set the Flam preference (setttings > clock > flam preference) to "per pattern", and then having two patterns, pattern1 with flam property = 24, and pattern2 with flam = 0. When you now switch from pattern1 to pattern2 while the sequencer is running, then you'd expect the flam being set to 0 right before step 1 starts to play. But instead, step 1 in pattern 2 plays with flam = 24 and then sets it to 0. So actually, only from step 2 onwards the flam is correctly set. I'm on the latest firmware 1.3.5.

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    • graesserph
      NicJonesMT Hi Graesserph
      Sorry for the delay in contacting you!
      With regard to the above, can you confirm what FW version you are running please and if you have tried a factory reset on the RD-8?
      • August 18, 2020
      • RD-8 : Flam per pattern issue
        graesserph Thanks for your answer, Nic. As written in the OP already. I'm on firmware 1.3.5. The firmware update was the first I did after unboxing the device. No, I did not try a factory reset. Can you please tell me how you come to the opinion that a factory reset would fix a timing problem? For me as a developer of musical software, this looks just like a bug in the firmware.
        • August 18, 2020
      • RD-8 : Flam per pattern issue
        NicJonesMT Hi Andreas. We need to exhaust all options to ensure there are no setup issues, which is why we always recommend checking FW and performing a reset first.
        The steps for a reset can be found here;

        If you still experience this issue then can you please open a technical support ticket.
        • August 19, 2020
      • RD-8 : Flam per pattern issue
        graesserph Hi Nic
        Firmware is 1.3.5. I also did a factory reset. No difference, the behavior is the same.

        >>>> If you still experience this issue then can you please open a technical support ticket.
        Where can I do that? Even though, a bug report would probably be the better choice.
        Is there any way to report a bug?
        I can also send you sysex files with 1) the device settings and 2) the two patterns to reproduce the problem.
        The point is that the per pattern settings get applied to the new pattern "after" the first step was fired. And therefore the first step of the new pattern still has the per pattern settings of the old pattern.

        I'm pretty sure that this bug does not only affect the flame value. It's more likely that it affects all per pattern parameters. If there's a way, please pass this on to the developers.
        • August 19, 2020
      • RD-8 : Flam per pattern issue
        NicJonesMT Hi Andreas. Press support at the top and create a ticket. set the ticket type to Technical support.
        We can then gather information and report this to the development team.
        • August 20, 2020
      • RD-8 : Flam per pattern issue
        graesserph Done.. Thanks a lot for your help, Nic.
        • August 21, 2020
  • graesserph
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hopefully someone of Behringer reads this...

    First of all, thank you for this incredible piece of hardware. I just love it!

    There's one thing I'd suggest for some future firmware update:

    If you start with a 16 steps pattern and program a basic beat, and then increase the length to 32 or 64 steps, the extended steps are all empty. So in other words, you have a beat on steps 1-16, but all extended steps from step 17 onwards are entirely empty.

    This is 1) quite tedious, as you have to copy the entire sequence manually step by step to the extended bars, and 2) makes no sense from any musical point of view. If you enlarge a pattern, then in 99% of all cases you want the existing sequence be "unrolled" to the additional steps.

    Can you please consider the following:

    Whenever the pattern length gets increased by the user, let the user decide if the already created bars should be copied or not. E.g. setting the pattern length with a short tap to the step button = do not copy, just set the length, but setting the pattern length with a long press to the step button = copy the the previous 16 (or less) steps in a musically logical way (if possible). 

    However, if this feature exists already in some way and I've just missed it, I'd be thankful for a hint where to find it.

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    • graesserph
      NicJonesMT Hi Graesserph,
      Sorry again for the delay!
      With regard to your suggestion, In theory I think this makes sense, where if you extend your pattern it should give you the option to copy a set amount of beats to the extended section.
      I will pass your comments along to our dev team and see if it is something that can be incorporated in the future.

      All the best!
      • August 18, 2020
      • RD-8 : Copying Bars when increasing pattern length
        graesserph Thanks a lot, Nic . Hopefully it will be incorporated in some future release.
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        • August 18, 2020
  • sam08
    Newcomer - Level 1
    Hello, I received my unit a few weeks ago and been playing with it ever since, after updating the firmware to 1.3.5. I've noticed a rather loudish, high-pitched click on the attack of the "first" five voices – kick, snare and the three toms, that is. It shows up consistently when the voice is triggered, either via the sequencer and via manual trigger. I've uploaded some audio samples where the clicks can be clearly heard here: (recorded from the pgm mono out, filter and wave designer bypassed – even though there's the same issue on the phones output) Another odd behaviour occurs on the hand clap. Every once in a while it's as if the offset didn't affect the sound at all, i.e. if the offset knob were turned CW completely. Sometimes it's just not there, some others it seems to fire with some lag. I tried comparing to other users' RDs and mine seems to behave differently. I was wondering if it might be defective? Thanks.
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  • peabody
    Newcomer - Level 1
    Is it at all possible to copy a pattern from one song into the pattern of another song? i.e. copy pattern 1 from song 3 to pattern 8 of song 2.
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    • peabody
      NicJonesMT Hi Peabody. This is covered on Page 10 of the User Manual
      • July 15, 2020
    • peabody
      rauscharm Hi everybody,
      The lines below (they are the originals
      from the manual) are to copy a pattern
      from Song B, Pattern X
      to Song C, Pattern Y
      as I understand.

      1. Press COPY.
      2. Next select the source song with the pattern you wish to copy.
      3. Then press PATTERN.
      4. Next select the pattern you wish to copy from the source song via the
      step keys.
      5. Press COPY.
      6. Select destination pattern to copy to via step keys, this copies the source into
      this pattern in the current song.
      7. Press COPY to execute the operation.

      But I can't get it to work.
      I can copy a pattern within the same song,
      copying to another song doesn't work for me.

      Did anybody and it worked? Please let me know.
      • August 22, 2020
      • RD-8 pattern copying
        NicJonesMT Hi there.
        Sorry for the delay in contacting you.
        I misread PeaBody's original post.
        It is not possible to copy patterns between songs. You can just copy them to an alternative slot in the same song.

        I have submitted this as a feature request.
        • August 25, 2020
      • RD-8 pattern copying
        graesserph You can do it with a trick.
        1. Select the Source Song
        2. Press PLAY in Song Operation
        3. Select the Destination Song while the sequencer is running (dest song just blinks, but doesn's switch).
        4. Press COPY.
        5. Then press PATTERN.
        6. Next select the pattern you wish to copy from the source song via the
        step keys.
        7. Press COPY.
        8. Press STOP - This results in the song being switched to the pre-selected (blinking) one from step 3.
        9. Select destination pattern to copy to via step keys, this copies the source into
        this pattern in the "current" (which is now the destination) song.
        10. Press COPY to execute the operation.

        Or dump the pattern as sysex, then edit the sysex file and change the song number, and finally import the sysex again.
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        • August 25, 2020
  • grzzlfizzl
    Newcomer - Level 2



    can i set different midi channels per instrument, like Bass send on Midi CH#1, Snare send Midi Ch#2 etc?


    or can the RD-8 send only on one channel?

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