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    Sir please launch new feature in behringerxd80usb drum kit & add more indian & Western Indian tone... Drum quality is very good.. But tone is very few.. Please add tone & new feature... & also launched 3 layered zone ride cymbals

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  • drums_
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    i dont know how to open and close the hihat pedal. ive tried looking in the manual but theres nothing there. i dont know if this is an option or not. thanks 

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    • drums_

      I had a similar problem but not exactly the same. The hi-hat pedal was slow, that is it wasn't open in time. So I removed the front containing the switch and glued a 4 mm piece of felt on top of the rubber and adjusted the pedal with the square nut. It helped. It is possible to glue the piece of felt without removing the front.

      • Jul 9
  • CSurieux
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    Could I send midi PC messages to RD-8 in order to select Songs, or Patterns  and the start  them ?
    Is there some better midi map the simply the Sysex list in documentation ?


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  • komabot
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    Hello there,

    when I switch between patterns in 1/16 to patterns in 1/8 resolution it get out of sync/glitches for a second.

    Seems broken to me.

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  • neivel
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    My new RD-8 receiving a master clock from ERM Multiclock. When i turn on RD-8 synchronization is way off other machines, but after a while using it comes back to normal sync so i have to readjust it.

    And then RD-8 freezes completely after few hours of using it.

    Only restart helps!

    Are there any updates regarding this problem coming up or i have new broken machine and i should return it?


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    • neivel
      parki68 My RD-8 Has also sync issues when using Midi Din. very disappointed with this drum machine
      • September 7, 2020
  • jimmywheelo
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    Please please please give us the option to change this to OFF by default.

    Every opinion i've read online is asking for this. For more complex patterns I really need only a select few steps set to ON. I am having to spend ten minutes turning every instrument on every step off each time and it is killing my workflow.


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    • jimmywheelo

      Yeah, thats totally bullsh+t.

      i don´t know how to implement it that way. Instead of just switching on the steps you want to flam or Prob. you have to switch off every step where you want no flam or Prob.

      • April 13, 2020
  • poneymagik
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    Hey, my RD-8 freezes at random times, when it happens i have to restart to unit, is there anyway to fix that or should i send my unit back ?


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    • poneymagik


      same here. Got this last week. Updated to new firmware but it keeps happening.

      Any updates on this? Any chance this could be looked into and fixed in a firmware update?



      • May 6, 2020
    • poneymagik

      Same happens to me....
      it could be at any time, can we fix this? because it is imposible to work with this issue.

      • June 9, 2020
    • poneymagik
      michaelgorbache This is a ridiculous issue and makes me want to sell the unit because the intended purpose is unusable especially when you are using USB to clock sync the unit... I have been asking about this issue also since May, I am not sure if they are faulty units or all are defected. I am trying to get the unit replaced, but Behringer so far has been unresponsive to this serious issue.
      • August 24, 2020
  • Gaétan
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    Hi everyone,


    I would to start pattern or song with my DAW to control RD-8. How can I do that pls?

    Thank you

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  • Altruit
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    Hi Everyone,

    We would like to send the snare of the RD-8 to a Reverb pedal and give that sound more space. How can I do this using the send and return on the back of the drum machine?

    Thanks in Advance!

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  • Bduck
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    I'm trying to use the rd-8 as master and send midi clock to an external synth sequencer.  It sends clock but also sends midi note data from the given pattern, triggering unwanted notes in the external synth. Is there away to shut off sending midi notes? I only want to send clock from the midi out

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    • Bduck

      Found a solution by setting the rd-8 midi out to different channel than the synth's midi input. It appears midi clock is still transmitted globally from rd-8 out.  

      • January 25, 2020
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