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    Behringer - Technical Support - CAS-429116-J3Q6Z5 - CRM:0152300003335 - CAS-481003-P6F4S2


    I am from India and I bought VC340 in Dec 2020. Exactly after 3 months, the mono output of developed crackle, hiss noise. I raised a case in the music tribe and after another 5 months, they said India is an unsupported location and I have to contact the shop I bought it from. So I googled and found out that the whole and sole distributor of Behringer products are who claim they are 'authorized distributors' of Behringer products. They are not listed in Behringer's website as authorized distributors. Anyhow, I contacted them and they said that they can service my unit. I sent them the unit and now they are saying they have ordered some board that needs to be replaced, It might take 4 weeks as they have to source it from Taiwan? I am really not sure if they can really sense the problem with the unit. There is an inherent distorted crackle, hiss and pops in the mono output. The unit is supposed to be replaced in case of defects right? Replacing the board might throw off the voice balance and whatnot. What are the warranty conditions if the unit fails to perform within 1 year of purchase? I am worried now since India is an unsupported location, the warranty is not the same as support locations? I have DeepMind 12D and Neutron semi-modular synth as well. What should I do if these break down? I should be very careful about Behringer in the future. 



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    • SwayambhuRecords
      Nigel67 Hi SwayambhuRecords. I am sorry to hear about the issues that you are experiencing. Unfortunately, only the Service Team can answer your questions, so I am copying and pasting your above message into your original case (CAS-429116-J3Q6Z5), re-opening it for you and asking the Service Team to reply. You should hear back from the shortly
      • September 1, 2021
      • VC340 India Warranty
        SwayambhuRecords what's the point when nobody replies. Anyways... The service center here sent the unit to Mumbai head office. Can you confirm if Aphatec is good to go for Behringer products? And what is the warranty condition when the unit fails within a year of purchase?
        • September 5, 2021
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    Is it possible to trigger the arpeggiator from the RD 8 accent? 


    Any thoughts?

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    When will the DeepMind12 App be updated to work with current iPad version?

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    • Thebenj
      PedroRodrigues Hi Thebenj, thank you for your post, please consider that at this moment we are analyzing this matter and as soon as as possible we will have information on this matter. Thank you
      • August 23, 2021
      • DeepMind12 App update?
        bernyboss Is there any news about the ios app update?
        • October 20, 2021
      • DeepMind12 App update?
        muitobom Any news about the ios app update?
        • Jan 20
    • Thebenj
      bernyboss Is there any news about the ios app update?
      • December 28, 2021
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    Hi, can I ask because I am soooo excited to get my hands on the upcoming OB-Xa when will it be released for sale?, and now that you have given the name back to Prof Oberheim, what will be the name of the synth? Or will the name Oberheim be licensed to Behringer in light of the generous returning of the name.

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    • Robbo555
      PedroRodrigues Hi Robbo555, please take in to account that all the information about this unit will be released via our social media, therefore I would suggest to keep an eye on our social media channels that will provide information on all these matter that you have referred. Thank you
      • August 17, 2021
      • OB-Xa
        adjustmusic Can you just tell us why behringer told 8 months ago that the pro800 should release within a fewvmonths? Is it the chips shortage? Just give us some info so we know whats happening en why the delay.
        • August 31, 2021
      • OB-Xa
        Ntrsn Patience
        • October 12, 2021
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    Please provide a link that lists the Behringer Odessey's MIDI capabilities along with how to.... The manaul shows the few MIDI implementation possibilities, but then it goes on to state that there is more information on Behringer's site.  The site page is what I am requesting.


    Thank you,

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    I have a problem with my DeepMind12, it is not possible to store the favorites.
    It behaves even, as there is no such feature, there is no reaction, when pressing 'PROG' + 'FX'!
    Has somebody an idea or the same problem?
    Both keys 'PROG' and 'FX' work alone, it looks like software-problem...

    Best regards,

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    • raketenstein
      DavidKnighton Hello raketenstein,
      You may want to check again using the following steps; press PROG + FX and then a pop-up appears on screen. Then press the "+" button to set the current program as a favorite.
      • August 3, 2021
    • raketenstein

      Hello David. I've tried it many many times, holding both keys but I only get to the list of pre-programmed settings (all the programs like holding only 'PROG') or to the FX menu (likely when I pressed the 'FX' some milliseconds earlier...)
      So it seems both keys are physically working but I never saw the favorites.
      Am I just stupid or could it be deactivated somewhere or do I need a certain software version??
      BR, Chris.

      • August 3, 2021
    • raketenstein
      raketenstein I'm not (that) stupid. ;-)
      It's a software bug in V1.0.5-658
      After update to V1.1.2 of the firmware this feature is working fine!!
      Great relief, I thought of sending my beloved DeepMind12 to repair, but I couldn't believe it was a HW problem. And it wasn't. But what I also can't belive, that nobody else has this problem, or is this firmware (1.0.5-658) not used that often, maybe only for a small time period???
      • August 7, 2021
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    Can anyone tell me where I can get parts for my berhinger synth, I've tried on here going the regular route and have a case number but it's been a while now and no contact.

    Surely there is an easier way, why do companies make things so difficult to buy their products, a part is a product like anything else they sell, just make a site with a list of parts, a price and a button to buy, it's not rocket science.

    Rant over

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    • commonbeing
      Dale_M Hi there please can you advise your case number so I chase it up for you?
      • July 30, 2021
    • commonbeing
      commonbeing Hi dale, the number is CAS-474232-Y7W7Z9
      • July 31, 2021
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    The BPM and click dividers on my Deepmind 12 randomly change of their own accord. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to synths but this has only just started to happen after I packed my gear down and set it back up again. I'm connected to a Beatstep Pro and use the soft thru on the DM 12 to daisy chain an IK Uno, a Behringer MS-101 and a Korg Volca Sample (in that order). I thought it was just doing it when I started a sequence on the Beatstep but it happens even when I completely dosconnect from that. I was going to just back everything up and do a factory reset but I want to find out if I can fix it first in case it happens again. It would just be my luck for it to happen at a gig and not have the time to do the back-up/restore etc.



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    • Marcnellis

      Hi Marc, this is Robby with Music Tribe, do you have everything set to slave to the clock of your Beatstep, have you experimented with the order you have everything. Specifically, have you tried putting the MS-101 last? If you're still having trouble, please submit a support ticket above and send me the case number.

      • July 29, 2021
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    Hi there, i would love to buy the Behringer TD-3-MO but can someone please tell me when are that Acid Monster is available in germany (Thomann or Mucis Store? ?

    Thanks tough

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    Hello I posted this video on YouTube trying to demonstrate a possible bug with the last firmware update. I was talking to who I believed to be a developer but he went silent after I posted the video. Please watch and advise.




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    • Themachineswon
      DavidKnighton Hello Themachinsewon,
      It you wouldn't mind, please open a SUPPORT request and open a tech support inquiry so we can properly log the suspected issue and trigger an investigation.
      • July 5, 2021
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