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    I'm going to buy the Behringer 960 sequencer. I have plenty of analogue synths with cv inputs. What else do I need to get the sequencer up and running to trigger the sounds of my synths in a sequence.

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    • Abcd4
      PedroRodrigues Hi Abcd4 Please consider that the Behringer 960 the oscillator is a built-in clock that makes the sequencer operate.
      When you vary its frequency, you will not be changing the pitch of a sound but rather the speed at which the sequencer runs.
      To play, you push the Oscillator On button. To stop, you push the Oscillator Off button.
      When it comes to the CV outputs on this unit they’re not labelled as A, B and C, in pairs at the end of each row, the gate output is labelled Oscillator Output.
      Please take in to account that the 960 offers three rows of eight variable controllers with a flashing LED above each step.
      The user can set up these rows in parallel to generate three-note chords or it could play three different monophonic patterns simultaneously.
      To play 16- or 24-note patterns, you must have the 962 Sequential Switch module, as it switches from one row to the next as each comes to an end.
      • Aug 25
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    Hi guys! Hope you can help me with this problem. My Pro-1 purchased on Musicstore arrived today and i noticed that the sequencer and arp do not work completely !! Even when I select the sequence 1 or 2 the sound disappears. I just don't understand what it can be and I don't know if it's a Pro-1 defect. I've tried various methods but none of them work.. I tried to connect it with ableton in external instrument, both in USB and with a audio interface with the midi connector, I tried to deactivate the polychain (the power led turns red and when I press a note it turns green skipping some notes played), I thought ableton was the problem and I connected the Pro-1 (midi in) to my td-3 (midi out) but still nothing. You try them all but I still can't solve it ..
    I can post photos and videos if it can help me. I hope you can help me.

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    • Alexander420
      PedroRodrigues Hi Alexander420, please consider that this information was provided on the case that you have submitter directly with the Tech support Team. Please use the case submitted to exclusively exchange information on this matter. Thank you
      • Aug 19
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    The quick start guide for the 921B says that you have to adjust the "scale" and "freq adj" trimmers on the back to the module in order to calibrate the tuning.  Maybe my eyes are bad, but I cannot find anything on the back labeled "scale" or "freq adj." Can anyone provide a photo of the two trimmers I'm supposed to adjust?  

    Thanks:  Jim

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    • jamesbohn
      Nigel67 Hi jamesbohn. There is text just by the presets on the board. Please see picture attached.
      • Aug 2
    • jamesbohn
      jamesbohn Thanks so much!
      • Aug 3
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    Hey, just starting out on the euro rack modular road.  Just wondering if all the different moduals can be patched to each other.  ie, can a system 100 LFO be patched to a System 50 VCA etc?


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    • Smellewell

      • Jul 25
    • Smellewell

      See that’s the problem with these automated systems. I haven’t bought the products yet and it’s asking for a serial number. A simple enough question to the right person.

      • Jul 25
    • Smellewell
      DavidKnighton Hello Smellewell,
      The idea of modular Eurorack is that nearly all modules, makes, and manufactures are cross compatible in the same realm of operation. Most Euro style modules will be compatible to a large degree. So long as you have a proper understanding of CV and signal flow, you should be free to patch whatever modules you feel. As for the tech support inquiry, if you don't have the product serial, either put in a random number, or change the ticket type to PRE SALES.
      • Jul 26
    • Smellewell

      Ok thanks for that

      • Aug 4
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    hi team - i have a Eurorack store and want to stock the BEHRINGER EURORACK MODULES - who can i talk to ?

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      DavidKnighton Hello MODULARMANF,
      Please submit a Pre Sales inquiry via the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page. This will get you on the right track.
      • Jul 12
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    This is a Behringer System 100M synth jam of original track I wrote only using the 100M system titled "DRIVE" under my solo project name "Moroderhead".

    I was really excited when I eventually took the leap into Eurorack and put together this Behringer System 100M monster synth. I got hold of a Waldorf KB37 for my 100M modules including: 2 x VCO 112 dual osc, 1 x filter module 121, 1 x VCA module 130, 1 x Env module 140, 1 x Ring Mod / noise 150. 

    Drums are the RD9 and 606 clones. I've replaced to many of my original synths with Behringer gear that my studio now looks like a product endorsement museum lol. Can't wait for the UB-X and PPG clones when they come out as well as the Lindrum and DMX clones. 

    If you like the track featured in this video, you can download it here:

    You can also reach me on Facebook here:



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    Hello, everyone. 

    I'm a noob to the music production scene but am old enough to have been imprinted by analog synths in the late 70s and new wave in the 80s. I've ordered my first synth; the Behringer Neutron and will receive it soon. Given the price and sound, I think that I might be a fan of Behringer.  Given that I'm a complete newbie, I'm wondering what a "next" purchase should be in order to maximize my value of the Neutron purchase. I am drawn to the Behringer semi modular products but since I don't really know what I'm talking about yet, I was wondering if there is a clear "you must have" with your Behringer Neutron?

    Most respectfully,


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    • Jomini1868
      DavidKnighton Hello John,
      If you don't already have one, a MIDI enabled keyboard is going to go a long way. Even better if the keyboard also has CV/GATE outputs. The Arturia Keystep is a fan favorite, and we make a similar product called SWING. Also a pair of headphones or a speaker system is a must, otherwise you won't be able to hear anything.
      • Jun 18