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    Hello I am very new to using pedals! So please please take into consideration I may sound super simple. 

    I have the original TC helicon voice live touch. 

    I am going on tour soon so just brought one of these. My voice is super auto tuned in my songs so I thought hard tune would be perfect, except I can't seem to find where I can set hard tune to a specefic kEy. 

    however I did find specific keys in harmony. But it doesn't seem to work with the hard tune as maybe the specific key is just for when you using harmony's.

    does anyone know how to help, please please explain things to me as dumb as u can. 



    and thank you 

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    • chutney30th
      Mastrofm Can someone please tell me what ipad mini will download the Xair app to work with the Xair16? I download the app but it does not recognize the xair. Thank you in advance.
      • Fri at 8:16 AM
      • TC helicon voice live touch (1)
        PedroRodrigues Hi Mastrofm, for any questions please make a post and do not request information as a reply to someone else's post. More please bear in mind that you are requesting information for a Behringer unit on the TC HELIOCN page. Please post your question on the Behringer page. Thank you
        • Sat at 12:33 AM
    • chutney30th
      PedroRodrigues Hi chutney30th, thank you for your post, please ponder that you can enter a key and scale when you a) know the key of the song you are singing and b) have a pitch reference to sing along with such as an instrument or mixed music. Choose a preset such as #3: Tuned Up + Down to hear the effects.

      To enter the Harmony key and scale of your song:

      1. Hold the Harmony button to enter its edit menu.
      2. Press the arrow buttons until you locate the Key: menu.
      3. Slide along the Slider to choose the key.
      4. Tap the right arrow to enter the Scale: menu.
      5. Slide to choose a Major scale e.g. M1, M2, M3 or a minor scale e.g. m1, m2, m3.Try each scale for best fit with your music.

      Now, sing the song with your accompaniment. By default, the key and scale you set will remain in effect for all harmony presets.
      If you prefer to save different keys for presets, turn the Key/Scale Gbl parameter in the Setup menu to Off.

      Please note that regarding Custom scales: Scale customization is not possible in Touch.

      Some presets ported from VoiceLive 2, e.g. those with “Drone” in the name, will show Cu for scale.

      This indicates the scale is custom, though it cannot be edited further in VoiceLive Touch. I hope this clarifies this matter. Thank you
      • Sat at 12:24 AM
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    Hi, is there a setting so that the harmoniser only activates when the pedal is depressed? (non latching)

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    • Hutchball
      kiskadar69 I don't think there is such a setting on H1. Maybe TC-Helicon will include it in a future firmware version.
      You can use the non-latching mode with these, for example:
      - TC-Helicon Harmony Singer (cons: fixed scales cannot be selected)
      - TC-Helicon Harmony Singer 2 (cons: fixed scales cannot be selected, pros: power input 9VDC =pedalboard friendly)
      - TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon Play Acoustic plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon Play Electric plus Switch-3

      If you want to use the H1 anyway, here's a workaround:
      Step 1. Set the DRY/WET potentiometer of the H1 to full WET. This way only the harmony will appear on the XLR output. The H1 harmony function should always be On.
      Step 2. Plug your mic into some kind of splitter (active splitter, or a small mixer). The original vocal will be on one of the outputs of the splitter.
      Step 3. Connect the other output of the splitter to the XLR input of the H1, and enable this connection with a momentary switch.
      • Fri at 5:32 AM
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    Is there any way to send midi tempo values from Microsoft Word to the Voicelive 3 Extreme to set tempo?  I use Microsoft Word files for my lyrics, and when I open up the individual song files, I'd like to have a tempo setting in each song file with individual tempo values to be sent automatically via USB midi to my Voicelive 3 Extreme, automatically setting the tempo.  Is that possible?  If not, is there a way around it?  I'm using Windows 10 Pro.  Any help is definitely appreciated.  Thanks.

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    A few days ago I started using a Voicelive Play and so far I like its effects and overall usability.
    Anyway I'm missing some sort of parametric EQ or low cut filter...
    In fact I'm using the Voicelive not for my voice but to apply effects to an accordion and would like to "cut" the low end up to 200Hz to filter out the keys' "thumb".
    Previously I used and old Digitech WX400 and it has a 3 band parametric EQ very basic but it did the job.
    Now I can't find anything similar in the Play... I'm looking in the wrong place?
    Thank you
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    • garubi
      PedroRodrigues Hi garubi, thank you for your post, please ponder the only tool that offers EQ, Compression and Gate on the Voicelive Play is the Tone Style. That applies varying amounts of Adaptive EQ, Compression and Gate.

      There are 9 styles to choose from:

      1. OFF – No Tone Style is applied.
      2. NORMAL – Some “bottom”, “mid” and “air” EQ , light compression and minor gating (when
      the input level gets low enough, the input is muted) is applied to the signal.
      3. LESS BRIGHT – Similar to Normal, but with less emphasis on high frequency EQ.
      4. NORM+WARMTH – Similar to Normal, with a small “mid bump” to add some warmth to the
      5. MORE COMP – Utilizes the Normal EQ and Gating settings, but with more aggressive compression settings. This is a good setting to try if you have a large dynamic range when singing
      and want to keep your levels under control.
      6. NORM NO GATE – Removes the Gate function from the normal setting. This means that even
      at very low input levels, the mic is still active or “hot”.
      7. LESS BRIGHT NG – The same as Less Bright, but with the Gate function removed.
      8. WARMTH NG – The same as NORM+WARMTH, but with the Gate function removed.
      9. MORE COMP NG – The same as MORE COMP, but with the Gate function removed

      For more information on this unit, please follow the link below:

      Thank you
      • Tue at 11:41 PM
    • garubi

      Hi Pedro, thank you for your help. I'll try that settings, thank you. As a suggestion (or feature request) I think that even a fixed "low cut" setting, on/off could be useful in many cases, for example to cut out the noises when the singer handles the mic etc...

      • Wed at 1:22 AM
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    I managed to record the vocals from Voicelive 3 into my DAW, thanks to your advices. Thanks a lot. 

    But I still don't understand a particular function that you mentioned: "If you want to essentially use your VoiceLive 3 as a USB hardware plugin with your DAW, we recommend using the DAW INSERT input mode and the SAME AS XLR output mode, with the XLR Output Mode set to Dual Mono."

    What exactly means using Voicelive 3 as a plugin for vocals, does it mean to apply the Voicelive 3 effects, to the dry vocals that are already recorded in my DAW? Like I use any other vocal effect from Logic, for example?

    Because with all the above mentioned settings, this thing is not possible:) In fact, with all the above mentioned settings made, I can't hear any sound going out from Voicelive 3 or comming in from my DAW. 





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    Hello and many thanks,

    Thanks to you, I managed to update and integrate my new TC Helicon Voicelive 3 with Logic. 

    But I'm still experiencing a lot of latency, while using my Voicelive 3 in (input) USB stereo mode and (output) USB output stereo. 

    Do you know if this latency can be reduced? Can I try to make another parameter adjustment in Voicelive 3, or in my DAW?

    Or should I use also, besides the USB audio cable, an XLR connection between Voicelive 3 and my audio interface? (Although I understood that UBS audio is the best connection to a DAW.)



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    • helenane
      PedroRodrigues Hi helenane, thank you for your post, please make sure that the sample rate on your DAW matches the sample rate on the VOICELIVE 3, 16 bit / 48 kHz.
      When it comes specifically to latency you will need to have in to consideration if you are using a Mac or a Windows computer because on Windows computer you will have the drivers transporting the audio from the sound card to the CPU of the computer and them from the CPU of the computer to the sound card again and from there to the speakers.
      In a case of a Mac is different because Mac uses core audio device.

      You also need to consider when addressing latency, the following:

      The computer CPU speed.
      Audio interface quality.
      The type of connection. USB/FIREWIRE.
      The compatibility driver/operating system/ DAW.
      The amount of buffering selected on the DAW, measured in samples.

      Increasing the buffering size gives the computer more type to respond to the audio, per example when you are using plug ins like the ones that you have stated, this is very important but also slows the response of the all system.

      All these points can be addressed to decrease latency issues, but this scenario will also create less stability for your system.

      Latency can be proportional to:

      The number of audio channels used

      Number of Plugins used
      Sample Rate
      Bit Depth
      Amount of Memory
      Processing Power

      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Tue at 11:58 PM
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    I want to record my Voicelive 3 vocals with their wonderful effects into my DAW (Logic or Ableton).

    So, I have my Voicelive 3 connected to my iMac via the USB plugin. And I also have the Voicelive 3 VOICE channels mono/dry connected via XLR plugins to my audio interface (a Scarlett 2i2).

    But I have the follosing issues:

    1. VoiceLive 3 is not showing up as a selectable audio device in my DAW (any of them, Logic or Ableton); it only shows up as a MIDI device.

    2. Even though, Voicelive 3 can send the audio signal into my DAW and I am able to record it. But the audio signal has no Voicelive 3 effects applied on it, it's completly dry. And the signal's latency is extreme. 

    Can you help me with some advice? Did anyone have these problems? Could they be fixed?

    Or should I choose a Voicelive 3 Extreme instead of Voicelive 3, because it simply works better and easier with a DAW?

    Thanks a lot. 





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    • helenane
      PedroRodrigues Hi helenane, thank you for your post,please be aware that upon release VoiceLive 3 did not support USB audio, this feature was added in an update (Build 336 - 9/2/2015). If you haven’t already, please use our VoiceSupport 2 application to update your VL3 to the latest available firmware.
      A USB audio connection is established through the USB-mini port in the back of your VoiceLive 3 connect that to your computer using the included USB cable, same as you would for a firmware update. User-added image. USB audio in VoiceLive 3 only supports 2 channels
      This means you unfortunately cannot do crazy multitracking with simultaneous separated auxiliary, backing track, stereo vocal, and stereo guitar channels. But we have included multiple modes for different uses to make the most of these 2 channels.
      There are three different input modes for VoiceLive 3 to receive USB audio from your computer, which are selectable in the Setup menu on the Input tab under the USB Mode parameter:

      STEREO USB audio from your computer is received with its panning intact, as a stereo signal. Incoming USB audio competes with the backing track player (Extreme only), and levels can be edited in the VoiceLive 3's "Mix" menu. USB output back to your computer is locked to a full stereo mix (wet vocals and wet guitar together)
      DAW TRACKING Incoming USB audio is stereo and one-way, as in VoiceLive 3 does not return the USB audio coming from your computer back into the computer
      DAW INSERT For applying VoiceLive 3's effects to dry audio from your computer. USB audio received from your computer is expected to be panned - audio panned left will go through VoiceLive 3s vocal path, and audio panned right will go through VoiceLive 3s instrument path

      There are also a couple output modes for how your VoiceLive 3 sends its audio (your vocal and guitar signals) into your computer, which are selectable in the Setup menu on the Output tab under the USB Output Mode parameter:

      STEREO USB audio output to your computer is a stereo mix of wet vocals and wet guitar
      SAME AS XLR The two left and right USB audio channels (1 and 2 respectively) sending to your computer mimic the two main XLR outputs from the VoiceLive 3
      DRY VOX L / GUITAR R Mono dry vocals are sent to your computer on channel 1, and mono dry guitar is sent to your computer on channel 2

      If you want to essentially use your VoiceLive 3 as a USB hardware plugin with your DAW, we recommend using the DAW INSERT input mode and the SAME AS XLR output mode, with the XLR Output Mode set to Dual Mono.
      With this setup, audio from your DAW panned left will be fed through VoiceLive 3s vocal path and back out wet in mono to channel 1, and audio from your DAW panned right will be fed through VoiceLive 3s guitar path and back out wet in mono to channel 2.
      On Windows machines, VoiceLive 3 is not compatible with ASIO drivers. We recommend using a native Windows driver like DirectSound, WaveOut, or Wasapi, which of the two gives you the lowest latency.
      If your VoiceLive 3 is not showing up as a selectable audio device in your DAW, please see this page.
      On Mac computers, VoiceLive 3 is class compliant and does not require additional drivers. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Sep 18
    • helenane
      helenane Hi Pedro.
      Thanks a lot for your advices. I think that I now have a better idea about how it's working, But I still have 2-3 questions if you are still available:
      1. Unfortunately the VoiceSupport 2 application that I installed from the official webpage does not work - ERROR: VoiceSupport is unable to load required control files. I understand that is a general problem with the app running on Mac, that Helicon already made a change, but for now only for Windows, and I'm using a Mac. SO I AM NOT ABLE FOR NOW TO UPDATE TO THE NEW FIRMWARE, ALLOWING MY VCL3 TO SUPPORT USB AUDIO - I think this is also the reason why in my INPUT tab I don't see THE USB MODE PARAMETER, it's simply missing, and also in my OUTPUT tab menu I don't have the USB ouput mode parameter. They are simply not there.
      2. So my question is, until I'll be able to update (which does not depend on me, for now) IS THERE POSSIBLE TO MAKE MY VOICELIVE 3 AS IT IS NOW, WORK WITH MY DAW, ONLY VIA THE 2 XLR AUDIO OUTPUTS connected via XLR cables to my audio interface? In fact, I did that, Voicelive 3 is actually sending wet audio into my DAW that can be recorded, but with a tremendous latency:) that I don't know how to fix.
      And a final question if you have the time for an advice: If I change my Voicelive 3 with a Voicelive 3 Extreme, will I be able to get rid of all these update actual problems and have the USB audio feature already available and working?
      • Mon at 3:30 AM
    • helenane

      Thanks a lot for your comments. I think that my initial issue is solved. I'd still like to ask you about recording with Voicelive 3 and latency, if you are still available. If not, I will open a new discussion, because as I said, this could be a new topic.

      • Tue at 7:27 AM
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    Wyniki tłumaczenia

    Hello I have a Mac program 11.6. What should I do to download presets from voice support
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    How to get and use the 500 preset MEGA PACK of vocal effects?

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    TC Helicon
    Triber Moderator

    Thank you for informing us of the error message that appears when opening Voicesupport 2.  We are now working towards a fix, and this will be implemented as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact date as to when this might be.  As soon as the fix is released, we will post an update via this platform to inform you. 

    If you wish to just make edits to your preset or save, backup and export them, this is still possible.  To do this you will need to disconnect your computer from the internet prior to opening the Voicesupport 2 application.  Doing so will still allow these functions, but for the time being, it will not be possible to update your device.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we hope this helps in the meantime.

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    • TC Helicon
      Grzesik The problem has been going on for about three weeks and it is still unknown when it will be fixed?
      • Sep 13
      • Voicesupport 2 No Internet Connection Error Message
        WilliamR We are fully aware of the current error message when opening the Voicesupport 2 application and are in the process of issuing a fix. However, at this time, we cannot provide an ETA on when the fix will be in place.
        If you wish to make edits to your preset or save, backup, and export them, this is still possible. To do this, you must disconnect your computer from the internet before opening the Voicesupport 2 application. Doing so will still allow these functions, but for the time being, it will not be possible to update your device.

        We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused but hope this helps in the meantime.
        • Sep 13
    • TC Helicon
      Grzesik How long will it take to repair the server? I want to update my device.
      • Sep 14
    • TC Helicon
      alleymon Unless of course you just got your product and are launching for the first time... then you're stuck.
      • Sep 14
    • TC Helicon
      WilliamR Good news, We've got a new Voice Support 2 v1.1.02 build 138 for Windows! (Mac version coming soon)Please give it a try as it should resolve the internet server issue. We will have it uploaded to the website as soon as possible.
      • Sep 14
    • TC Helicon
      Philcook22 The drop box link for the 138 build turns up with file deleted - can you repost please? I am having the same issue
      • Sep 17
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