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    So I’m thinking about buying a goXLR just wondering if the presets have character voices n stuff

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    I've been 'trial and error'ing this for some time now with all different connections as I don't know a damn thing about any of the technical aspects of it all so please would you fill me in on either the fact/s or your knowledgeable opinions. Even if it's a notions you guy have never really considered or if you know for sure that it's NOT possible. A response would greatly be appreciated so i, myself, would be able to stop all attempts.

    Pretty much resulted from not owning any iOS, just possessing Android and it seems to be the case that iOS has all the goodies in most, if not all things involving OS & music. EVERYTHING while Android gets the equivalent to scraps or something (in QUANTITY mainly but some in quality as well.) 

    This mainly involves the Tonewood Amp for acoustic guitars. I've got the TC Helicon Go Twin and I got it in efforts to try to have my tablet converting my guitar into a midi keyboard and sampling effects that could be additional effects that the Tonewood Amp can apply to the acoustic.

    This can easily be done, apparently, with an iPad and iDevice cable plugged into the 'insert' input of the Tonewood Amp. You then launch Midi Guitar 2 and SampleTank on your iOS and you've got an arrangement of accompanying orchestra instruments to go with your fingerstyle or insane modulation to go with your strumming patterns. That's all good and well but as I've stated at the beginning I do not own any iOS unfortunately. It still seems somewhat theoretically possible still given the right peramiters to do on Android (wishful thinking most likely)

    I was given to understand that with the iOS configuration, it's the Midi Guitar 2 app that does the heavy lifting in all of it so I was curious and hoping would it at all be possible for the Go Twin to take on that role in converting the notes from the guitar into midi in real time then output the midi to the Tonewood Amp? 

    Or you guys have any other alternative method but still that similar functionality?

    As I mentioned, even if there is no way possible at this current moment in time or if I happen to be barking up the wrong tree please inform me of that so I can essentially put that notion to bed for the time being and I won't be wasting any more time chasing some daydream or whatever, haha.


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    • WiggyQuack
      PedroRodrigues Hi WiggyQuack, thank you for your post, first it is important to take under account that the TC Helicon Go Twin is only compatible with following Apps when running Android Go Record (not offering monitoring)

      On iOS the Go Twin is only compatible with
      VoiceJam Studio
      VoiceRack FX
      Go Record
      Guitar Rack
      Irig Recorder
      Considering what you have stated, when using the GO TWIN on Android you must use one of the App listed above. For more information on one of the Apps I would suggest to contact the developers for each of the Apps above. Thank you
      • Oct 27
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    Hey folks,

    I've been dealing with an issue with my GoXLR Mini for several weeks now and have not been able to find a discussion or solution regarding anything similar.

    For context, I bought my GoXLR Mini in March of 2021 and have had 0 issues with it until recently. As for the issue, every time I boot my PC, the faders on the interface do not work until I unplug the device and plug it back in. Upon booting, my audio and mic work, but the faders do not when moved. The LEDs under the faders don't even change. The only temporary fix I've found is to unplug the device and plug it back in. Other fixes I have tried (that did not work) include restarting my PC, restarting the app, and changing device/mic profiles. There has been no obvious firmware/software updates prior to the problem. I engaged the TC Helicon Gaming Discord for support but never recieved a response.

    Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!

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    • griffinschulte
      PedroRodrigues Hi griffinschulte, thank you for your post, please ponder that the GOXLR MINI does not offer mechanised Faders this unit uses a fader latching mechanism, this means that that you need to move the physical fader across the LED lights on the fader to "latch on" and control them. Please confirm that the GOXLR App say "GOXLR connected via USB" in the bottom left.
      When restarting please, try moving the faders up then back down and see if it picks up and controls the audio levels again.
      Also note that the levels are saved by your profile, so if you adjust your levels, then don't save your profile, none of those changes will save. Doing that then restarting can really make the latching thing a bigger issue, since you will have to make large movements to latch up again.
      For last please bear in mind that LEDs on the faders will not be as accurate as they would be on the GOXLR that uses motorised faders. This is a common behaviour on devices with non-motorized (latching mechanism) faders. I hope this clarifies this matter. Thank you
      • Oct 5
    • griffinschulte
      yaanthebarb Hi all,
      I've been having the same issue recently too. The mute buttons work, but the faders don't change volumes and the LEDs don't work when moving the faders until you unplug and replug the GoXLR Mini.

      I've tried completely reinstalling the drivers and software.

      Just to confirm, this isn't an accuracy issue with the LEDs, they just don't work/change, and it is also not concerning motorised faders as the GoCLR Mini doesn't have them like you said, but in this case manually moving the faders doesn't work either.
      • Nov 18
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    I switch between speakers and headphones frequently. My speakers are the Logitech G560 speakers that use USB to control and change different settings with the speakers that you wouldn't be able to through basic AUX.

    With the GoXLR software, sending different applications to different virtual inputs and outputs, such as Spotify to the GoXLR Music output within windows; if I were to swap to my speakers from headphones I will not hear anything due to Spotify still being routed to the GoXLR.

    Would the only way to use the GoXLR with my particular setup be connecting my speakers to the GoXLR via AUX and lose the other functionality of the speakers, or having to manually change the routing of applications in Windows everytime I swap outputs from GoXLR to another device? Is there anyway I can still use USB speakers properly?

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    • SleepyJay
      NicJonesMT Hi SleepyJay.
      Go into your Windows Sound Settings and select App Volume and Device Preferences. With Spotify playing audio, change the Output option in this menu to your Logitech Speakers. You should now hear the music from your speakers.
      • Oct 3
    • SleepyJay

      Yep okay. So there's no way to make this work well with my setup without it being tedious. I'll have to find another product

      • Oct 3
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    goxlr + ALCTRON  MP73EQV2 

    Can I use it?


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    • lhlh1202
      PedroRodrigues Hi lhlh1202, thank you for your post, please ponder that the GOXLR uses and award-winning ultra-low-noise MIDAS mic preamp so your voice sounds clean and crisp, no matter which microphone you throw at it. If you've got a mic that requires a lot of gain, the GOXLR provides plenty of power, not requiring the use of any Mic Pre-Amp
      The MP73EQV2 Mic pre-amplifiers with EQ has been designed with a different profile than being used connected with a GOXLR to be used as a Pre-Amp.
      With the GOXLR what is more commonly used is the Cloudlifter CL-1: I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Sep 19
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    I found out that the USB A to USB mini cable that comes with the "Go Twin" is not the same you find in shops. I am looking to get spare cable but it s hard to find. Any idea or link for me? Thank you for your help.

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    Good day I imported a Go Twin. It is advertised to work on all platforms. I cant get Guitar Rack to work on windows or Android. What apps can I use? 

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    From the TC-HELICON site, I clicked on the product registration link and was taken to the MUSICTRIBE site.

    The MUSICTRIBE page I landed on had a field for product registration, but that field didn't seem to accept any text.

    Can someone from TC-HELICON please clarify how product registration works?


    Best Wishes,

    Melbourne, Australia


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    Hi all,

    I'm new here and had a small question I was hoping someone might be able to help with: I have the TC Helicon Go Solo interface and it works great with my iOS devices but when I try to connect it to my PC nothing happens.

    It wasn't provided with a mini USB to USB cord (I bought it new and while it came with other cables, no USB cord in there) so I tried using other mini USB to USB cords I had lying around from other music gear and still no luck.

    Has anyone tried using theirs with a PC, if so, what did you use to connect it to your PC?



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    • elwanderoo
      Dale_M The QSG states a 10 pin connector so it would need to be a 10pin Mini USB to USB B cable
      • Jul 20
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    I am planning to buy a TC-Helicon GO XLR MINI.
    I read it has a USB2 connection, but my new laptop will only have USB3 contacts.

    As an example my webcam doesn't work in USB3 ports (only USB2), therefore
    I wonder if there are any safe ways to get USB2 stuff to work on USB3?
    And mainly that GO XLR MINI will work on modern laptops?

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    • CharlieL
      djtetei USB 3 should be backward compatible with older USB 2 and USB 1 protocols, so if you encounter issues, like with your webcam, these are due to port configuration or driver related. XLRMini specifications states support up to Windows 11, but no support for Linux or Mac.
      • Jul 5
    • CharlieL
      PedroRodrigues Hi CharlieL thank you for your post, it is advisable to use the GOXLR MINI connected directly to a computer via USB 2.0, as stated on the manual, please confirm by following the link below:
      Nevertheless, what djtetei post is correct and USB 3.0 is backwards compatible allowing to connect a USB 2.0 device into a USB 3.0, but it will only run at the speed of the USB 2.0 technology. I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Jul 16
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