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    I'm looking for a control surface that controls both MIDI CC movements, such as expression, vibrato and volume on a virtual instrument (Like Spitfire's BBC CORE or Opus Composer Cloud), as well as mix control, so the faders control the main mix in my DAW? (LOGIC PRO) Not at the same time mind you, but like in two separate modes; Midi and Mix modes.

    Does the X-Touch do that? I can't seem to find a definitive answer?

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    • Brettwilliams53
      NicJonesMT Hi BrettWilliams53.
      Based on the above it sounds like the X-Touch Compact would be what you are looking for.

      The XT Compact has a Windows (Only) Editor that will allow you to manually configure what PC/CC messages are sent by each control on the unit. There is also a MC mode built in to allow you to quickly and easily configure with your DAW.
      • Jun 8
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    How to change scribble script color for lpx


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    • FrankGNitty
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi FrankGNitty, unfortunately, this is not possible. The X-TOUCH runs on Mackie or HUI protocol with a DAW and neither of these protocols has provision for LCD Colour changes.
      • Jun 7
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    I'd like to get a hardware controller for live performances using a XR18.
    I see, there is the X-Touch and the X-Touch Compact. Looks like The X-Touch communicates via a tcp/ip connection while the X-Touch Compact is using Midi. I do not really need the transport buttons and jog-wheel for live mixing. I did almost not find any youtube videos explaining how this works and what is different here.

    Can someone give me some hints why he would choose either or and why?


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    • rjung
      DavidKnighton Hello rjung,
      The advantage of the X-Touch is that is uses a protocol called XCTL over ethernet connection. This allows the X-Touch to control the mixer like a match made in heaven. This gives you colored/labelled scribble strips, control over channel parameters, and much more. The disadvantage of the X-Touch Compact is that it can only operate via MIDI, and if you pull up the XR18 MIDI Implementation page, you'll see that there is only a handful of useful features. I think you'll find the X-Touch to be an extension of the mixer software and hardware, whereas the Compact is just a means to control fader levels and mutes. So if you want more out of it, get the X-Touch. If you need the bare minimum for control and are on a budget, get the Compact.
      • May 29
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    Hello everyone! 
    first I wanna say how much I love my new X-Touch! It is a long dream come true and After going through so many subpar daw controllers, the X-touch is blowing my mind! It works flawlessly with logic pro latest version, big sur latest version and more importantly with the new m1 macs! 

    there is one tiny thing though that kinda really annoys me and i spent days searching that corners of the web but to no avail!

    how can I sort, edit and re order the plugins list  that appears on the scribble lcd when i insert a plugin on a channel strip straight from the xtouch unit?

    My current problem is that that list is not at all the same as in the logic plugin manager. But even weirder, it shows me logic pro legacy plugins that are not even in logic anymore (ie; Fat eq, dj eq and Averb) and that long list of legacy plugins is alway on top and i have to scroll that encoder forever to reach the actual logic plugins and even further down for my 3rd party plugins! Now is there any way to edit that list?? 

    So to recap: I'm running logic pro 10.6.2 on a m1 mac mini with Big sur 11.3 and the Xtouch unit has been updated to that latest firmware 1.21 and I'm operating the xtouch on MCU mode! 

    any pointers would be immensely appreciated as that would make the unit a truly flawless control unit that goes from 9.5/10 to 10/10! 

    thanks everyone!!


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    xtouch with last fw (1.21) hooked up with x32 rack (last fw).

    Xtouch in xtcl mode and static ip.

    Connection works fine but.....there's some ways to change Scenes fron xtouch??

    Is it possible to know real value of volume fader channel? (-80 to +10)

    Is it possible to have a DCA group in the first bank fader?

    As default xtouch is unusable in my opinion!!

    I wrong something or this item is not good as I hope?


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    I have a dcx2496 speaker management, but I didn't know how to set it up. Please help

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    • walentum2005
      NicJonesMT Hi Walentum.
      What I would recommend is to have a look through the User Manual and try to achieve your desired outcome. You can find it in the Document Section of the product page.

      If you are still having issues then please Click support at the top of the page and confirm exactly what you are trying to achieve and what devices you are using.
      • May 18
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    Hi, it seems it's not possible to use the jog wheel to zoom (when zoom mode is activated).

    I wanted to know if there is a way to change this behavior or it is something that needs to be written in the firmware?

    (I'm working with Logic Pro)

    Thank you.

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    somebody have success with X-Touch + MBP M1?

    Firmware 1.21 is installed and Cubase 11 does not see X-Touch ports.



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    • Pierre_Savage
      NicJonesMT Hi Pierre_Savage. Please click support at the top of the page and submit a tech support ticket.
      We can then go through some trouble shooting with you and advise further.
      • May 14
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    Hey heroes,

    Question; we're using Behringer XTouch compact in a big european show for Ableton and triggering all kinds of cool things (graphics, AR, screens, lighting, etc...) we<3MIDI

    And now we're wondering if there's a way to send all midi data that's sent to the USB port, simultaniously to the midi-out DIN port on the XTouch Compact.

    It switches between modes 'USB' and 'Stand-Alone'.
    In USB mode all data goes to USB only. 
    In Stand Alone mode all data goes to MIDI DIN out.

    For redundancy reasons we'd like to try and make them (USB and midiDIN out) work at the same time.
    Another solution would ofcourse be DIN out > THRU box and split from there.
    If anyone knows how to make them spit out midi data simultaniously; hit me up!


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    Hi everyone, 

    My band  just purchased an xtouch to be used as a daw controller,  (logic pro x) we are currently using the x32 as a controller but of course I have limited options , both have 8 faders Q:, can I use both together so I will have 16 faders for mixing, and if so do I have say to logic which one is the boss so to speak, or is it to complicated and just use 1 or the other. 

    Thanks in advance,


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