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    I have an XTouch Compact in MC mode with Logic Pro X on Monterey OS running thru Rosetta. Whenever I touch a fader on the XTouch Compact, either the instrument plugin or the FX plugin will pop open on my monitor. How do I stop this from happening??? I know there's a preference in Logic that let's you turn off Touching fader selects track, but I don't want it turned off. I want to be able to have track selection follow whichever fader I touch, but I don't need to open up the instrument plugin every time either. Please tell me this is possible to do, otherwise a HUGE flaw. Does this occur with the regular XTouch or Xtouch one as well?

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    • thomearl
      NicJonesMT Hi Thomearl.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. Please ensure you provide a detailed description of your setup and software option and we will then be able to assist you further.
      • May 8
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    Where can I find a list of my registered Behringer products?

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    I bought x-touch to control my Dlive DM0. Dlive is connected to Xtouch on MIDI DIN. Intouch is on firmware 1.22.  I use translator in order to convert MIDI information from one device to another one. My X touch is setup to Ctrl Mode.

    I need to write into the scribbe strip.

    I have ASCII letters coming form my dlive and I want to send with sysex the information to xtouch.

    I saw some sysex message on internet to no one works. 

    Could you give me some sample to send text to x touch please ?


    the code already tested is : 

    //header F0 00 00 66 58

    //Channel 20 to 27

    //color 01 to 07 and 41-47

    //ASCII letters we want

    //end F7

    message sent for test

    F0 00 00 66 58 20 05 0D 43 68 20 31 00 00 00 F7

    Others questions :

    Do you have some advanced documentation on MIDI message we can use for X touch ?

    Is it possibel to setup some button as toggle. Example if click on mute, stay light red click again remove light ? Because it is the same note send.

    Thanks for your help.


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    • PatriceCognet
      NicJonesMT Hi Patrice
      If you send the following it should turn scribble strip 4 blue (Top line inverted) With Hello World on the display.

      F0 00 20 32 15 4C 03 16 68 65 6c 6c 6f 00 00 77 6f 72 6c 64 00 00 F7

      You can then use this to work backwards to and create your own string.
      If you click support at the top of the page, you can then submit a tech support ticket. If you request the X-Touch MIDI implementation we can send this over (I can't upload onto this post at the moment).
      • Apr 18
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    What is happening with Service Requests in the US? I have seen several posts recently where Service Requests are not being updated.

    My own situation is that I have an X-Touch Extender than needs repair. I placed the original request on 3/28 (CAS-582953-P5W8X8) and had an email response on 4/1. I replied with the requested information, but since then, nothing, dispite sending several email replies and additional posts in the Community.

    Please can someone at MusicGroup look into my and other outstanding Service Requests?

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    • MikeJorden
      PedroRodrigues Hi MikeJorden, thank you for your post, I have requested our Service Department to provide updates on your case number CAS-582953-P5W8X8. They will reply via the case. Thank you
      • Apr 17
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    Is it possible to have the select buttons on the X-touch select channels on the Xair edit app? and the same in reverse when you mouse to another channel on the Xair app, couldnt the select button on X-touch light up on the approproiate channel?


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    Don't shoot the noob, but i recently added an XTouch-One to my setup. i run Reaper and the unit works fine I'm able to do everything I want with it however, The issue is when i play a track the audio coming out of my monitors is not in sync with the curser. i have to reboot my interface then it's fine for a a pass or two. if i stop to do any editing it goes out of sync. When it is working, the audio will randomly start to crackle and distort. I lowered the buffer rate from 512 to 256 didn't help. Maybe it should go lower to 128 not sure. 

    By the way this all goes away when i unhook the XTouch. I have no audio issues whatsoever unless i hook up the controller. 

    I have a windows system with 32gb of ram and my interface is a Tascam US-1641 I know its an older unit but it always worked with no problems. 

    Any sugestions would greatly be appreciated

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    • jguitarz13
      NicJonesMT Hi Jguitarz13.
      I've not heard of this happening before.
      Would it be possible for you to submit a tech support ticket? Please click support at the top of the page and then scroll down to the Tech support option.
      If you coould provide as much information on your setup as possible this would be extremely helpful (For example, all devices being used, USB ports (2.0/3.0), tested with a different machine, tested with a blank project with just a click, Changed project settings (Buffer and sample rate)).
      • Apr 6
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    Hallo weet iemand waar ik 

     Lcd-scherm Voor Behringer DDX3216 Mixer Display

    kan aankopen 

    Groeten Rudy VS Belgie

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    • Globentroter01
      Dale_M If you are inquiring about spare parts please go to the Support tab above and select a Parts ticket for the team to advise.
      • Apr 5
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    Is there somewhere a Changelog for the Behringer X-Touch and extender Firmware?

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    I have an issue with the first 3 faders on one of my X-Touch Extenders. The faders don't set the channel volume. Instead, after I move them they jump back to their original position. All other 21 faders work as expected.

    My setup:

    Apple Mac Pro 2013 (trash can)

    Logic Pro X

    X-Touch + 2x X-Touch Extenders connected via Ethernet (also tried by USB but got the same issue).

    X-Touch and one X-Touch Extender work as expected. Without Automation turned on, I can move the fader and the channel level in Logic Pro changes. However, for the first 3 faders on the second X-Touch Extender when I move the fader, the channel volume does not change. When I release the fader, after a second, it jumps back to its original setting. Faders 4-8 work fine.

    It seems to be device dependent - I have swapped the 2 extenders and also the X-Touch to control the first 3 channels in Logic Pro and the issue always follows the one X-Touch Extender, not the Channels in Logic Pro.

    I've just upgraded all 3 devices to the latest firmware 1.22. No changes.

    As it looks to be hardware related, is there a way to Hard Reset an X-Touch Extender? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Thanks, Mike.

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    • MikeJorden
      NicJonesMT Hi Mike.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. From there we will be able to advise you further.
      • Mar 28
      • X-Touch Extender Logic Pro X Fader Issue
        MikeJorden Hello Nic, I have a Support Ticket created. I replied to the email but have not heard anything for a week. I have sent two follow-up emails, but have not had any reply. My ticket# is CAS-582953-P5W8X8. Can you check what is going on? Thanks.
        • Apr 6
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    Hello I was wondering can you hook more than 4 Behringer X-touch touch extender via the ethernet port and if so what ethernet hub do you recommend doing this with ?

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    • tazzboy
      NicJonesMT Hi Tazzboy.
      Yes you can use more than 4 but it is dependent on your DAW. Some DAW's will limit you to a set number of controllers. If I remember rightly Pro Tools will only allow 4 HUI controllers at the same time.

      I'd recommend you check with the DAW developer before you jump in Purchasing Multiple Extenders.
      • Mar 21
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