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    Add a switchable buffer/truebypass, more output level and add the momentary functionality that y'all have in the mini and BOOM perfect pedal!

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    I note that on the Flashback 2 x4 there is a facility to control global tempo using a MIDI control change (CC) parameter.  May I ask:

    1. Does the Plethora X5 have a facility to set a global tempo?

    2. if so can you use MIDI to control it?

    3. If not, are there any plans to introduce global tempo, ideally with MIDI control (eg via a CC or via MIDI clock)?

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    • mcvittym
      PedroRodrigues Hi mcvittym, thank you for your post, please ponder that global tempo is a feature being requested by other users and it's being analysed by our Dev. Team. Regarding your remaining questions I would suggest to checking the link below: I hope this helps. Thank you
      • May 31
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    If you have a recording in the looper, it is lost if you edit another of the slots, ie change a reverb to a delay etc.   is this a bug?   Could it not do this?

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    I was curious if I could use the plethora X5 to change the channels on my EVH 5150 (blackout) 50 watt head. My amp head has a MIDI input which I guess can be used to change the channel?

    What I would like to do is not have to hit multiple buttons when I'm trying to change my sound playing live. For example, if I'm playing on the blue channel (channel 2) and then I want to go to the green channel (1) but have some effects from the plethora X5, I have to hit the clean channel on my EVH foot switch, then either hit the effects loop button on my EVH Footswitch, or I can just always leave the effects loop running and then change to the clean channel and then tap on the plethora X5 button for whatever effect I want. Either way I have to tap twice which makes it kind of difficult to change sounds quickly when I'm playing live.

    Do I need to add a separate MIDI foot switch controller run it through the plethora X5 and then run it to my amp all using MIDI? Then program the separate foot switch to both edit the channel on my amp and at the same time, turn on or off a Plethora effect? Any links or advise would be really appreciated. Very difficult to find anything on the internet about this.

    Another gripe about the EVH foot switch is that it's huge! Takes too much space on my pedal board.  A small MIDI footswitch that control everything would be ideal.

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    I have lost the small threaded chrome ring for one of the 1/4" inputs on the back of the Nova. Anyone know where I can get one along with the washer?

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    TC electronic IR loader can load ir file 24 bit 48k?


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    • Fabri8
      TC-Mike HI,

      Supported IR file formats: .uli files (proprietery IMPULSE format)
      .wav files, 16/24/32-bit fixed (PCM)
      .wav files, 32-bit float

      Supported rates: 44.1 kHz
      48 kHz
      96 kHz

      If the .wav file has more than one channel, only the first channel will be used for the IR
      IR of any length can be imported but 200msec is the maximum loader length.
      IR's with length longer than 200msec will be automatically trimmed and have a natural fade out applied by IMPULSE to match 200msec

      You can also drag and drop IR files directly into corresponding folders on IMPULSE but we recommend using the app for the best experience.

      These info can also be found in the README file of your Impulse pedal when product is in disk mode (connected to your computer via USB)
      • May 10
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    When I try to download a toneprint, the choices of the artists do NOT show up. Only the TC Electronics settings appear. I have downloaded all of the toneprints so they should be there.

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    Bought an AEx4 and wanted to try the TonePrint Editor. Downloaded it and installed. Fired it up and it's got templates for 30 or so TCE pedals but NOT the AEx4. 

    Are AE users supposed to use one of the other templates?




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    • WilliamVedder
      WilliamR Hello William, The alter Ego X4 uses the Flashback X4 tone prints in the tone print editor.
      • May 4
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    I was wondering if it would be possible to change the footswitches on certain effect types to momentary switches instead of toggle? Would be really handy for pitch effects like sub'n'up.

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    Hi, just picked up a Plethora x5, loving it so far.

    One thing i wanted it to ask, can it be run in dual mono mode. 2 discreet channels that will both get the same signal?

    The reason is i want to run one side of the plethora in my Red witch titan loop?

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    • mutantbigman200

      Hi Mutantbigman200.
      At this moment there is no Dual Mono mode available on the Plethora. However the Development team have logged this as a feature request.

      • May 3
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