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    I've had my ND-1 for a long time.The delay knob has gotten super loose as far as the delay time adjustment goes.It still locks in the delay time when I move the knob to the 12 o'clock. I was wondereing where I can get it repaired. Thanks!

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    • RickyMarshallKirkpatrick
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click the support link at the top of the page and create a service ticket. Someone will contact you ASAP to arrange this for you.
      • August 24, 2021
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    Hi all how do we get stickers of our favourite  pedals for the g systems loops 

    Thanks in advance 

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    Hi, I hope that someone can assist me. I have reccently purchased the TC Electronic Icon Series of effects (TC-2290, TC-1210 AND THE DVR-250 and I am unable to authorise the units. I have registered all three and installed the software. I am using Ableton Live 9 Suite. PS can I also run these with Reason 10?

    Look forward to your response.

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    • NickH7203
      PedroRodrigues Hi NickH7203 if you have acquired the units with the controller software included, you must install on the computer where you use these units the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER and set up an account for yourself. You will not need to register your units on the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER but the present of the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER will allow your software to be validated so you can sue the software control on any DAW.
      • August 19, 2021
    • NickH7203
      NickH7203 Hi Pedro. Thanks. That would explain it. Need to dig out my I Lok key.
      • August 19, 2021
      • TC Icon series Installation issues
        PedroRodrigues if you allready have an ILOK ACCOUNT you just need to install on your pc the PACE ILOK LICENSE MANAGER software and log in your ILOK ACCOUNT and you are good to go.
        • August 19, 2021
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    Hi. Anyone know how to get TC spares. I've tried here but no response from the dealers/distributors here. It's the reverb selection knob on an M300


    Cheers.  Paul






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    • Analogue1
      Nigel67 This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare parts tab and submit a ticket. If you have already done this, can you give me the ticket number and I will check further. Please also check your spam / junk boxes for replies. many thanks
      • August 18, 2021
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    On the XO24 how do you delete a user preset, I've been tweaking my presets and have a few "test" presets i saved while setting things up, now I want to delete the ones I don't need and there doesn't seem to be a way to do it, I've looked in the manual, but nothing.

    I just want to delete 2 presets, not ALL the user presets.


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    • BlueBoyMusic
      WilliamR Hello, WIlliam from Musictribe here. As this is an older unit, I do not have one to test myself. I would suggest calling up a blank user preset, and storing it over the preset you want to erase.
      1 Press STORE
      2 If the currently recalled preset is a User
      preset the same user location is suggested.
      - If the currently recalled preset is a factory
      preset, the first free user location is
      - If you wish to store the preset at a different
      location - select the desired user location
      using the ADJUST encoder.
      3 Press ENTER.
      4 Now you may;
      - either press ENTER again to confirm and
      end the store operation
      - or dial in a preset name of your choice
      using the CURSOR keys and ADJUST
      encoder and then press ENTER.
      5 The display indicates “Preset Stored” for a
      successful store operation.
      • August 12, 2021
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    Hola, necesito descargar los driver de TC electronics DVR 250 y TC 2290 para 32bits, podrian decirme como los descargo? en la pagina oficial solo estan los de 64 bits, muchas gracias


    Hello, I need to download the drivers for TC electronics DVR 250 and TC 2290 for 32bits, could you tell me how to download them? on the official page there are only 64-bit ones, thank you very much
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    So i have these two little Gems on the way and I am wondering what order the internet experts would suggest the be placed in the chain. 

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    • ChrisBassett
      PedroRodrigues Hi ChrisBassett effectively this will depend on your creative intentions but I would suggest to set up on your chain first the TC BodyRez, midrange shaping & compression, followed by the TC Spark boost pedal, shift between rhythm and lead volumes. Thank you
      • August 4, 2021
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    I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

    I have perused the manual and watched YouTube videos. However: with the Loop light blinking green, I set myself up with a few chords/notes to record then hit the 'Loop' button.  What happens then is the first note/chord just echoes back at me, then the next...and the next... until the whole thing is a cumulative mess!

    Of course, all I want to do is hear what I am playing; then hit the button again and hear it all back as I played it. It is as if I am playing into an echo efffects pedal?

    I hope all that made sense and you are now rolling your eyes as I have made a very obvious error.







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    • ColinG
      PedroRodrigues Hi ColinG as a first step I would suggest to check if you are using the latest version Firmware version for your unit. If your unit is not please follow the steps below to update your unit.

      To perform the firmware update please download the newest firmware from the “Support” page for your TC pedal.|en)
      There are updaters:
      – for Microsoft Windows (these are ZIP archives containing the firmware
      installer) and
      – for OS X (these are disk image files containing the firmware installer).

      2. Unplug all cables (including the power supply) from your TC pedal.

      3. Connect the pedal to your computer using a USB cable.

      4. Insert the DC power supply plug. The leftmost LED on your pedal should
      turn green.

      Your TC pedal will now be recognized as an updatable device.

      Applying the firmware update
      Open the firmware update file. The pedal’s current firmware will be listed,
      as well as the version contained in the updater.

      Click “Update” and let the program run. The BeatSense LED will flash red
      during the update. At some point, the update window may indicate that the
      pedal has disconnected, which is normal.

      When finished, the unit will return to the loop mode display shown prior to
      the update procedure
      • July 27, 2021
    • ColinG

      Thanks Pedro, I will try this. I have now had two pedals suspecting a fault with the first! I am a bit perturbed that there seems to have been no update for eight years. But worth a go.

      • July 27, 2021
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    Dear MT president UB ,  Mr. William R MT care department in Las Vegas.

    This is a very serious matter: 1st repair June 2020 to July 10th 2020, the 2nd repair as recall July 16th 2020 to now, No return no repair, MT Keep my powercore 6000 for 12 month and more since 11:40am July 16th 2020.  

    On Jan 5th 2021's MT email, I have received your Mr William R MT Care email that said: RMA 373864 for 2nd received my SN3 7140322 powercore 6000 for 2nd time repair, MT customerService people in Las Vegas has been received my powercore6000unit since July 16th 2020 

    My question is why original Powercore 6000 changed to a new  SN# 21-7140322 on MT email?  (the same Powercore 6000 hardwear Orginal SN# 7140322 how Mt you can be changed?)

    Please check your MT emails on Jan 2021 and other MT  emails all have been recorded.

    I wish the MT president Mr.UB please notice what is happening for how to treat MT customers now!!! 

    I wish that we can solve the problems peacefully. but I will reserve all my rights for further actions .

    It's a very serious matter to our music conmmunities.

    Where is my TC  Powercore 6000 ( the original  SN#7140322)unit ????

    Please advise


    Z Han

    The owner of Powercore 6000 with the original  SN#7140322 unit

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    • han123456M
      TC Helicon

      Hi Z Han, we're sorry to hear about your experience. Please be informed that we are currently investigating your case and will update you on this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

      • July 23, 2021
    • han123456M
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Service will be contacting you today to give you an update. I also sent you a private message regarding this.
      • July 23, 2021
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    Hi there. I love my ND-1 pedal. After a flood in my basement it will no longer power on. Anyway I can mail it and have it repaired? Thanks-Mike

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    • mdfantizzle
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi mdfantizzle, if you have not yet done so please submit a service request ticket. This can be done by going to support at the top of the page and scrolling down to the service request tab and filling in the ticket form.
      • July 20, 2021
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