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    is there any info on the editor as i am having a great deal of trouble with simple things like moving a board to a location of my choice.

    The board wont move nothing happens is there some some sort of set up command in settings that i am missing?i have a lot of fine editing that has been lost causing me many hours of problems.Ilove hte sounds but if i cant use it? please help


    thank you Don Mackenzie

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    • Naldos
      WilliamR Hello Naldos, The quickest way would be to open the Plethora in the tone print app and drag the pedalboard to the locations you want. After you make the moves in the Toneprint editor, be sure to click store in board.
      • Feb 17
      • plethora x5
        Naldos Thank you William I found that the problem was simpler.I had changed the connection lead that came with the unit for a longer one for ease of working and there were certain things it just wouldn't do like in depth editing and even just moving songs around on the board.When I changed it back everything worked again!.... also when changing board from one position to another you want have to save the plethora sees it and moves it to the pedal accordingly.Thanks for your reply I appreciate it.Don
        • Feb 17
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    The mimiq is fantastic with a mono input and stereo output to two separate amps.  Love it.    But I have a truly stereo pedal board.  For example, I have a Flashback II stereo delay and a stereo chorus before the Mimiq.  If I have a nice ping pong delay or a lush stereo chorus heading into the mimiq in stereo, the effects get mashed up and lost in the Mimiq.  What are the best recommendations for using stereo inputs to the mimiq?  How is it supposed to work - ie - what's the purpose served by stereo inputs.  Am I missing something? Should I focus on keeping it in the mono chain before the stereo effects? 

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    • DougB
      PedroRodrigues Hi,DougB Please consider that the audio inputs on this pedal are standard 1/4" jacks (mono/TS), please connect your guitar to the mono audio input on the right side of your pedal using a regular 1/4" instrument cable, never the less the pedal also accepts stereo signals using a pair of 1/4" TS cables.
      • Feb 16
      • Mimiq - with stereo IN ????  What's the purpose?
        DougB Yes - that's my question. If I come out of a stereo chorus pedal - with a lush interesting stereo chorus on L+R and then go into the Mimiq with 2 x 1/4" cables, the Mimiq squishes the chorus channels together ruining the effect. I'm trying to think of an application where you'd put the Mimiq in the middle of a stereo chain and can't think of one. It seems that it should ONLY be a mono in, stereo out device. What am I missing?
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        • Feb 16
      • Mimiq - with stereo IN ????  What's the purpose?
        PedroRodrigues Hi DougB as I mentioned above if you connect your guitar only to the mono audio input on the right side of your pedal using a regular 1/4" instrument cable you will have a mono signal arriving to the pedal. The pedal offers stereo and mono input
        • Feb 17
    • DougB
      drnct I'm a Hall of Fame 2 owner with the same question. What is the best way to use a stereo reverb or delay pedal with the MIMIQ? How is the stereo input (or output!) of the MIMIQ (not mono input) best used in this situation?
      • May 5
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    Hi, how do I go about purchasing 2 new replacement knobs for a HoF 2x4 reverb unit? Thanks David

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    • DavidSeifert
      RexBeckett Hi David, I suggest that you open a Care ticket for this.

      At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down the new page and select Parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Feb 13
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    I am interested in the VSS3, MD3 and DVR2 native plugins I a have my licences from the all PowerCore unit.

    Do i have any discounts o crosgrade on the licences of these products ? and

    How Can I buy the licences for these products? Can I do it from your web?


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    I know it is an older discontinued unit.  What is the latest firmware update for d-two and how do I download it?

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    • MikeSwift
      PedroRodrigues Hi MikeSwift, please be aware that the latest Firmware available for the D-TWO is version 1.05 that you can access by following the link below:
      • Feb 9
      • Firmware Update for d-two
        Edartg1 Hello. Can I ask you to upload the file again? The storage period has expired.
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        • Aug 6
    • MikeSwift
      MikeSwift Are there instructions to update the firmware? The manual doesn't have any instructions
      • Feb 11
    • MikeSwift
      PedroRodrigues Hi Mike, please be aware that the MIDI information that you transfer during the upload, is in the so-called SysEx format. It's a sort of binary code, that can cary system information. Thus, the MIDI code IS the software.
      The upload procedure requires a PC with a standard MIDI Interface, and an application capable of sending .syx files, for instance the freeware application MIDI-OX, which is available from the MIDI-OX website.
      Your existing user presets should not be affected by the update, but we suggest that you make a safety backup as described in the user manual.
      Important: before starting the upload procedure, please quit any MIDI related application on your PC, other than MIDI-OX.
      Connect the PC MIDI-Out to the D-Two MIDI-In socket.
      Press and hold the EDIT and "Arrow Up" keys during power up to enter the service menu.
      The D-Two display will read: "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6Dial the wheel and choose "Download DSP code
      Press the ENTER key to confirm. The display will now read "Downloading code" and "000" in the upper right corner.
      Start MIDI-OX. Choose view/sysex. In the sysex window, choose send sysex, and browse to select the D-Two .syx file, and press ok.
      You should now see the D-Two numerical display counting as well as a progress bar on your PC screen.
      Important: after the upload has finished, you MUST wait (up to 1 minute) until the D-Two display reads "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6" again.
      Reboot ("POWER" off/on) the D-Two using the front panel Power switch. During startup, the D-Two will now read ">D Two version 1.05<".
      You have now successfully uploaded the new application software to your D-Two.
      Troubleshooting: after otherwise successful load, the D-Two does not go back to "D-TWO 1.06 FRONT 1.6": Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.
      Error 9: Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.
      Error 1: Reboot the D-Two and retry load procedure.
      In case of persistent errors, disconnect the power cable to the D-Two for 10 seconds, then connect it again and retry the upload procedure.
      If error persists even after the power has been removed, the D-Two MIDI speed may have been set wrongly.
      Enter the service menu as described above.
      Choose the menu item "Change MIDI speed ?", and press ENTER.
      If the display does not read "MIDI speed: 31250 * ", then press "BYPASS" to make this text appear; then press ENTER to confirm.
      Reboot the D-Two and retry the upload procedure.
      • Feb 11
    • MikeSwift

      Hi Edartg1 please see the new link below

      • Aug 8
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    I purchased a vicious vibe pedal off of eBay. Programming it to my guitar doesn't seem to make much difference. Once I beam the sound to the pickup the stumble turns red after it says it worked. Shouldn't it turn green if it was a successful beam. Please let me know if it is working correctly or it may be not working right. 

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    • bloodtohead
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi bloodtohead, yes that would be correct. If at any point during the beaming process the LED flashes red this means the process has failed. Here are a few things you may want to try:

      Ensure the pedal is on the latest firmware version, firmware updates will be available from the product page on the website.
      If you are currently using a phone to beam the Toneprint try attempting this from the Toneprint editor for PC and MAC and see if it works this way.
      If using a guitar or bass with active pickups ensure your tone knob is turned all the way down (so that the treble is completely rolled off). The preamp in active pickups can introduce a slight bit of distortion to the beamed signal, which can cause the beaming process to fail.
      • Feb 7
    • bloodtohead
      TC-Mike red Led indicates that transfer didn't work. Please make also sure that there are no active FX prior to VV pedal, as this will alter the beaming file unreadable . Can you confirm that you have selected a TP slot when beaming?
      • Feb 8
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    Is anyone else experiencing an issue where if you change the value of an effect in the Tone Print editor (say the delay time), when you save it (with the Plethora connected via USB), it reverts back to the original settings for the effect?

    However, if you change it on the Plethora (and watch it change in the Tone Print editor) and save it, it is saved.

    I am using the latest Tone Print software (4.4.03) and Plethora X5 Firmware (1.2.18) to the best of my knowledge.

    It does this for every effect, change something, tweak away on the Tone Print editor and then BAM all your changes and tweaks gone.  Angry! :-)




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    • pwmcmaho
      TC-Mike when you store the TonePrint in your Plethora and load it without the app the potmeter positions on the board will set the parameters and NOT the value you set in the app at the time of saving unless you used the pots on the pedal to adjust the modifiers , so app and pedal are in sync at the time of saving. Please remember that you are not making a preset , but customize the functions of the pedal including value arnges.... With regards to delay time there are some strategies you can use when you want to have your delay tonePrint use a specific tempo in ms :
      1) eg map delaytime value to 12 o'clock (mid) postion of the potmeter (mapping page) and consider setting curve point 2 + 4 to same value , so it is easy to dial in this specific tempo by roughly setting pot to 12 o'clock possition
      2) Once you stored your TonePrint on the board, set the potmeters on pedal to correct values in EDIT mode before switching board or diting other slot TonePrints and it will be auto-stored on the board (FB2 slot)

      Best regards; Mike
      • Feb 4
      • Issues saving TonePrint changes from computer (Mac) to the Plethora X5
        pwmcmaho Thanks TC-Mike for the response... I am totally confused by something.

        Two questions:

        1. How can I create and audition Toneprints with my X5? Whenever I pick a pedal in the Tone Print Editor, with my X5 connected via USB and in edit mode, so I can audition the changes, when I go to save the tone print, it is always reverted to the settings on the X5....

        2. When I pick a stored Tone Print in the Editor, for example a User Tone Print, and select store in board, the Tone Print in the Editor is updated with whatever the settings are in the board... that seems completely backwards! Again in that scenario, the board is in edit mode and connected via USB.

        Something in my understanding of the workflow just does not make sense.

        In a nutshell, I just simply want to dial in my exact settings in the Tone Print editor, while auditioning them to make sure they sound correct and then store them in the Tone Print Editor and put them into a specific slot on a board. However that seems completely not possible with the basic workflow that I am using....


        • Feb 7
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    HI all,

    First, I am digging the X5.  Love being able to stack multiple reverbs and delays for incredible sounds.  However, I do have an issue when trying to add toneprints to a board.  When I use the app on my iPhone to send the toneprint to the X5, it displays the message that the toneprint was sent.  However, the toneprint does not show up on the board.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    • papahorse2004
      TC-Mike Hi, which version of the TonePrint app and firmware are you using? are you trying to store an artist ToenPrint or a custom TonePrint Template with edited parameters/mappings.? When you modify any Template and store it you will also store the TonePrint in the app Please check wether your stored TonePrint is shown under the user TonePrint view of the app.? Are you using BT connection or USB via a camera connection kit to connect to app? best regards, Mike
      • Feb 1
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    The light that indicates that the reverb is engaged comes on when you push the engage button even though no cable is attached to line in. Shouldn't the light come on only when a cable is plugged into line in? Is my pedal malfunctioning?

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    • jojo7mr
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi jojo7mr, this is standard operation for the HoF along with our other pedals and is not considered a sign your unit is malfunctioning.
      • Jan 26
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    I hope the next firmware will be soon, in beg march would be great, because after I receive another multi-effects linux engine to test and PX5 could suffer. without noticeable improvements (global tempo, ext clock sync, etc.).
    I hope this new firmware will bring the feature I suggest :  for each board, all the pedals which use the exp pedal could display the % they use rather than a simple pedal picture.
    To make it simple, let's say that the % should replace the picture as soon as the exp is pressed, but if you can read the exp position on board activation, it's better.

    Concerning the Volume, the % should be displayed in the area where it is applied.

    Please vote for this.


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