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    2021-03-16's a question for you.
    I want to have the metronome sound on any preset that I have a loop assigned to. That's the easy part.
    The hard part (so far) is getting the metronome to shut off when I switch to a preset that doesn't have a loop assigned to it. It stays on the previous presets loop, hence the metronome is still going.
    I can get around this by creating an empty loop with the metronome off and assign it to that preset, but this seems a bit silly and wasteful of a whole loop slot.
    I've been all through the manual, but so far no luck. What am I missing?
    Thanks as always!
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    • JeremyGorman
      PedroRodrigues Hi JeremyGorman I presume you are referring to the VoiceLive 3 Extreme right, if you are please Keep in mind that tempo/metronome settings are saved with each Loop. Accordingly, triggering a Loop using a remapped footswitch will invoke these settings therefore the metronome will still be active. What I might suggest is based on your suggestion of having an empty loop you can try to see if works by If you set the Met Follows Playback parameter to ON, the Metronome will mute and unmute automatically whenever the Loop is playing, this will prevent the metronome from continuing after you press STOP and might not work on a empty loop. On another point I would also advise you to check the metronome sub-menu on page 138 of the manual that may offer a few more options that may help you achieve your creative intents. To access the product page where we have the manual available please follow the link below Thank you
      • Mar 16
      • Metronome question
        JeremyGorman Hi Pedro....first, thanks for responding! So no, I have the VoiceLive 3, not the Extreme and the issue is I need the metronome on for the entire time I am playing the song. That way I know I'm maintaining the tempo when the loop isn't playing, so the 'Met Follows Playback' feature won't work for me. What I'm hoping to accomplish is to have the metronome stop when I call up a preset that doesn't have an assigned loop. All of my presets that do have loops are fine, it's the ones that don't that are the issue. Any suggestions for that? Right now I have assigned an empty loop to those, to have the metronome off, but that means wasting an entire loop slot. Thanks!
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        • Mar 16
      • Metronome question
        PedroRodrigues Hi JeremyGorman please consider that if you are running the last FW available for the VL3 the implementation is exactly the same between both unit. Unfortunately there are some limitation when it comes to the Metronome implementation. I would suggest to follow the link below to confirm on the manual for your unit if any other implementation ight work for your. Please follow the link below :
        • Mar 17
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    Does someone have the vyzor editor for TC Helicon VoiceWorks excecutable/setup for windows ? 

    Impossible to find it as all website are down now : 

    psicraft =down

    tc helicon = redirect to psicraft


    thank you !

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    • hamanohashi
      PedroRodrigues Hi hamanohashi, Please consider that this software and the unit you are refering to are legacy but I was able to find it, follow the link below to access VYZOR Thank you
      • Feb 28
      • Vyzor editor for TC Helicon VoiceWorks
        hamanohashi PedroRodrigues many thanks ! I will try it thank you so much !
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        • Mar 1
      • Vyzor editor for TC Helicon VoiceWorks
        hamanohashi Tried and it does not work ... looks like it support only TC Electronic not TC Helicon If someone have the good excexutable thank you
        • Mar 12
    • hamanohashi
      JohndeWitt Still looking for that Vyzor editor for my TC VoiceWorks (not plus). Can anyone share the executable? Many, many thanks in advance!!
      • Jun 21
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    Hi. Does anyone know why I cannot adjust my amp gain on certain presets. Global is off. Cheers 

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    • cwest
      PetGerbil 'cos you've got the "drive" pedal engaged ? (it replaces the gain section on the amp)
      • Feb 15
      • Vl3x amp gain
        cwest Thanks PetGerbil. That’s it. Cheers
        • Feb 15
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    buonasera domanda si puo registrare solo la voce collegandosi al pc se si come si fa grazie.........

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    I plug it in and press the power button and nothing happens. The screen doesn't light up, nothing.

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    • Innoceny
      DavidKnighton Hello Innoceny,
      Double check you're using the correct power cable that was supplied with your unit. Beyond that, sounds like your device may need service. Click the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page, scroll to the bottom and click SERVICE REQUEST to initiate a ticket.
      • Jan 21
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    Is there any chance that the voice live play product could be upgraded to be able to store loops? That would be a great feature!!

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    I'm having issues adding backtracks to my VOICE LIVE 3 EXTEME.

    instead of using an MP3 I'm using ONSONG. 

    Any help would be appreciated!



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    • Tomhealy531
      PedroRodrigues Hi Tom, please be aware that the USB flash drive needs to be formatted using the FAT32 file system. NTFS, HFS+ (the OS X file system) or other file systems cannot be read by VL3X.
      Instructions for formatting a USB flash drive with FAT32 can be found here:

      Your VL3X can only import MP3 or WAV audio files. (16 bit 48KHZ)
      Insert the USB flash stick into your computer and drag/drop your Backing Tracks onto the drive. You can also use a file manager application.
      Make sure to copy all audio files to the root directory of the flash drive. That means you should not put audio files into folders or subfolders. Your VL3X will not find these files.
      Insert the USB flash drive stick into the USB Host Port on VL3X.
      Your VL3X will recognize all valid audio files in the root directory of the flash drive and make them available for import.
      Press the Store button once.
      Use the arrow buttons below the Control Knob to navigate to the TRACK IMPORT tab.
      • Jan 5
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    Hello, I was wondering if you could use the headphone port as your main out put? So Use a cable from the headphone output to your recoring device, amp, or in my case looper. Is there any reason this would not work? will the quality be worse?

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    • Arni
      DavidKnighton Hello Arni Olafsson,
      In theory, this 'could' work, however you have to bear in mind the headphone port is a stereo output, not a mono output. If you were to plug it into a mono input on your looper, it might sound funny. Also, headphone outputs are designed to see a specific impedance load on them. Plugging them into an instrument input may have some drawbacks. Realistically, you should be using the dedicated output of your device instead of the headphone output. Simply put, it's called a headphone output because it's designed for headphones.
      • December 4, 2020
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    I've been using my acoustic with my VL3 into a PA.  I decided to try using my strat with the VL3 into my Fender DR, but the unit creates a loud, high-frequency hiss even with the amps and cabinet simulations turned off.  It doesn't matter what else I adjust, it creates a constant hiss.  It's not as loud with my solid state amp, but still very noticeable.

    Anybody experience such noise issues?

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    • Dragonfly1
      PedroRodrigues Hi Nick, please be aware that the VL3 was designed to be connected directly to a Mixing desk or to a PA as you mentioned. When you use the output connecting Guitar TRUH the output signal does not transport any of the effects via 1/4“ TRS phone jack.
      • November 30, 2020
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    Hello, could someone please provide me an German Bedienungsanleitung pdf for my VoiceLive. I couldn't find it on official sites! There is only availability from VoiceLive 2 on? Thank you in advance. Best regards Peter

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    • HitPit01
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Peter, unfortunately, there is not a German translated manual available for the VoiceLive, however, I have included a copy of the manual for you in the following link in the hopes this may be of some help.
      • November 17, 2020
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