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    All of a sudden, the plugin shows as "Not Connected"

    Specs: MacBook Pro 2019 i9, Monterey 2.6.1, Pro Tools Ultimate 2022.10

    I've already tried:

    -Confirmed that box is seen in System Information USB panel
    -Changed USB cable
    -Reflashed Firmware 2.13
    -Uninstall and Reinstall Clarity M plugin 2.01
    -Tried Plugin in Logic Pro 10.6.3

    Wondering if the next step to return the unit to factory, but can't find a way to do that.

    Any help is most appreciated!



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    • bennychacha
      NicJonesMT Hi BennyChaCha
      If you haven't done so already, please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket
      • Thu at 6:48 AM
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    hooking up this device is quite confusing and not clear to me. Is it possible to just use the USB cable to make this device work?


    Thank you.

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    • marcoronca
      PedroRodrigues Hi marcoronca, thank you for your post, effectively it is possible to operate your Clarity M via USB where the unit will be exclusively controller by the Clarity M plug-in on your DAW. Nevertheless 5.1 operations are not exclusively to the BNC (AES3id) via the DB15 Cable and will depend on your DAW set up I hope this clarifies this matter. Thank you
      • Nov 2
    • marcoronca

      I don't quite get it... so, if i connect the Clarity M via USB I can just control it via plugin but I can't use the hardware itself via its buttons and screen? And if I use it via USB I can justo perate it in stereo and not 5.1 surround? How about the TOSLINK oprical connection then?

      • Nov 2
      • Clarity M 5.1 Surround - Connections
        PedroRodrigues When the Clarity M is set to Plug-in, the input will automatically be changed to Plug-in, please have in to consideration that changing the input causes the meters to reset.
        When you switch to Plug-in Mode, did a prompt will appear to be advising you to eject the Clarity M from your PC on the first time after Clarity M was switched on
        Please open your DAW and insert the plug-in on the track or bus of your choice. Keep in mind where it falls in relation to other plug-ins that might affect the metering. The exact process varies depending on your software
        Once the plug-in is inserted in the signal chain in the desired location, you can begin metering on the Clarity M hardware unit.
        The connection status is indicated on the right side of the plug-in window, a successful connection is indicated with a green circle and “Connected to Clarity M” text.
        The “Not connected” status might happened if another instance of the plug-in already exists on another track, this will be identified by a yellow circle and a text box will notify you where the plug-in is currently active, if you click on the “Take Over” button this will allow a connection between the hardware unit and the new plug-in location and it will state “Connecting...”
        Any connection problems are indicated by a red circle. This could be caused if the USB cable is not connected, the Clarity M unit is powered off or USB Mode is set to Disk Drive, to name a few.
        Please have in to consideration that most DAWs offer the capability to move or drag plug-ins from one track/bus to another, and the Clarity M will be no different.
        Also consider that most DAWs automatically offer an ON/OFF switch for plug-ins, accessible inside the plug-in window and/or the track itself.
        Muting the plug-in will stop the data stream but will not shut down the connection.
        If you select the “Follow Transport” option, this will automatically start the measurement when the DAW is in Play mode and stops it when the DAW stops.
        When selecting “Reset on Play” this automatically resets the meters when the Play icon is pressed, or when the DAW starts to play in “Follow Transport” mode. Have in consideration that the Reset parameter can also be automated using the DAW's automation feature.
        This process will vary depending on your software.
        When it comes to track information, this section displays the track number, name, and channel configuration.
        Some DAW programs can automatically supply this information to the plug-in.
        In cases where this is not supported, you can enter the track name and number manually.
        The number and name are stored within the project, allowing them to be recalled when you open the project again.
        The track configuration mode will also be listed in this section (mono, stereo, 5.1).
        When “Take over on focus” is selected, a newly-created instance of the plug-in within a DAW project will automatically be connected to the hardware unit.
        Otherwise, an instance of the plug-in that was already active will take priority and remain connected.
        When it comes to “Take over on insert” – When it is selected, this allows any instance of the plug-in that is currently in focus to be automatically connected to the hardware unit. Please activate this feature.
        • Nov 3
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    A couple times while booting 5.1 metering appeared then disappeared on my Clarity M stereo leading me to believe that it might be possible to upgrade the Clarity M Stereo to Surround.

    Any plans?

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    • shofarsogood
      PedroRodrigues Hi shofarsogood, thank you for your post, unfortunately that is not the case, the Clarity M Stereo is exclusively for stereo implementation while the Clarity M allows Stereo and 5.1 operations. I hope this clarifies this matter. Thank you
      • Nov 1
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    LM2n & LM2n Big are displaying at 1/4 the size inside the plugins window in Pro Tools 2022.9
    Update required for the loudness radar.

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    • Zeroclip
      PedroRodrigues Hi Zeroclip, thank you for your post, please use the four tabs on top of the LM2n / LM6n interface to navigate to the four pages that make up the plug-in’s interface:

      -Radar: Main Radar display

      -PPM: PPM page, also displaying a smaller version of the Radar.

      -Stats: Statistical information.

      -Settings: Units and other basic settings affecting the Radar display, and access to logging features.

      -Please adjust the Radar display on the LM2 NATIVE settings

      For more information on this Plug-In please follow the link below:

      I hope this help

      Thank you
      • Oct 14
    • Zeroclip
      Zeroclip Adjust Radar display?
      • Oct 14
    • Zeroclip
      Zeroclip PPM display is 1/4 size too but Stats and Settings are correct
      • Oct 14
    • Zeroclip
      Zeroclip You have said to adjust the radar display - there's nothing in the manual about the size of the radar
      • Oct 17
    • Zeroclip
      davidbrown1 This is happening to me as well. This plug needs to be updated!
      • Oct 20
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    Does anybody know if they will bring the online Finalizer with the Reference tracks back? Or is it inside another software.

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    • shabazz5
      PedroRodrigues Hi shabazz5, thank you for your post, the FINALIZER APP had a dedicated page where all the resources where available, we have now integrate the product page for the FINALIZER on the TC ELECTRONIC WEBSITE, for that please follow the link below
      I would suggest updating your FINALIZER APP to the latest version available via the link above.
      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Oct 4
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    HI I am trying to analyse an hour long episode for loudness using protools and i have a questions.


    In offline mode - what is the fastest speed of bounce (18x...20x...30x... 40x) suported by Clarity


    has anybody tested this, the problem i am facing is that the moment the speed crossed 20x there is a pseudo lag and after protools has done processing the clarity unit shows a different length (timecode) of duration that has been analyzed. 


    Any insght will be helpful.





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    • parryC
      NicJonesMT Hi ParryC.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. Please provide a detailed description of your full setup, and how the Clarity M is integrated. We can then raise this with the development team.
      • Sep 8
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    Hi, first time poster here.

    TC; when can we expect to see the M1 silicon native AAX version of the Clarity M plugin? The current version makes Pro Tools sessions unstable, at least on my M1 Mac Studio with the latest Mac OS and Pro Tools version. Sessions often freezes, or becomes sluggish with a lot of beach balls. When I remove the Clarity M plugin, everything runs smooth.

    Does TC have a support e-mail or a contact form? It seems like everything gets directed to this forum.

    Stein Tore

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    • steints
      NicJonesMT Hi Steints.
      Please see the following which was posted on our Social Media in response to comment about this.

      We are a 100% committed of creating native M1 versions of our plug-ins. Since there is more to it than just a recompile (due to the code base, libraries etc.) this is unfortunately not a short term project. We will update you on a release date as soon we are able to.
      If you are using Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab, you can use Rosetta to use our plug-ins. Obviously not ideal, but at least it will allow you to access older projects or quickly freeze certain tracks before you jump back to native.
      Pro Tools or Reason will run in Rosetta automatically, as there is no native version available and you will be able to use our plug-ins as usual.
      Fortunately, most Mac apps support AU plug-ins for which your M1/M2 Mac has Apple’s „AUHostingCompatibilityService“ built in. So if you are using Logic, Ableton Live, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer or Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere and Audition, make sure you have the AU version of our plug-ins installed! Simply launch the native version of your app with other native 3rd party plug-ins. Thanks to the AU implementation it will launch our plug-ins in Rosetta mode, while keeping running the app and other plug-ins natively.
      Again, we will have native versions available for you in the future!
      • Aug 18
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    Do you think we'll see native support of M1 Macs for Clarity M plug-ins??

    That would be amazing, because I need to use Rosetta2 mode only for my Clarity M :(



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    Hi, i just purchased the Clarity M, and i am having issue to have it set up with the optical cable. I cannot use it in AES, because it's not available. I only option to Adat. Can Someone help please?

    It only says:"Optical No Lock". 

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    • jcave55
      PedroRodrigues Hi jcave55, thank you for your post, please ponder that the Clarity M via optical does not supports ADAT, the optical connection must be via S/PDIF . Thank you
      • May 11
      • Clarity M
        drvibb Doesn't support fiber optic ADAT? That is ridiculous. It is an industry standard on converters. I am having the same issue.
        • Jul 7
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    I purchased a Clarity M on eBay from a 3rd party vendor. Unfortunately I did not test the unit for a few months after receiving it due to relocating my studio. When i finally plugged the unit in, I noticed the screen blurred and froze after a few minutes. I would have to guess it's a lose chip inside. Can someone recommend a place I can send it to get repaired?

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