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  • 1Toddfritz12
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    Does anyone know when the MH 363 will be released and/or how much it will cost?

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  • Strma
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    Hello, done some channel patching, is there a way to store patched setup to recall (reload) it after setting everything to 1:1?

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    • Strma

      I have one of those and had the same question. There's a card slot on the front for backing up the settings so I assume that would work, but as I've never found anything that will fit in the slot I've never been able to give it a go.

      Someone told me that a cheap PCMCIA->CF card adaptor is supposed to work, but mine was too thick to go in the slot so I gave up.

      It's a great little desk, but I have to say that for anything more complex than "On / Off / A bit dimmer" I've moved over to using QLC+ on a laptop now.

      • March 2, 2020