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    I have received the new Behringer 921 VCO and found the audio levels from the main outputs very low (ca 0.5V). It goes for all the main waveforms (sine, tri, pulse etc). And accross the entire frequency range.

    The aux output curiously has a 5V output level, which makes a huge difference in mixing.

    It seems very odd and I wonder if it is a faulty unit or what.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Note: There is no appropriate category for this.

    Category should be: "Modular equipment" or "Synthesizer module" or something...

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a Behringer x32 Compact mixer with two SD16 units but have always been a bit overwhelmed by it's possibilities. The x32 mixer is connected to my PC running Ableton live via the X-USB interface.

    When making music in Ableton, in order to achieve a tight synchronisation between the software & the hardware part of my home studio I have purchased the E-RM Multiclock.
    The multiclock uses audio sync that is being generated by a VST/UA plugin that comes with the Multiclock and is loaded in Ableton on a midi channel. The audio signal being generated in Ableton needs to be routed through my X32 compact mixer and into the audio input on the E-RM Mulitclock itself.

    On my x32 I have the Aux Out 3 available that I would like to use to send the audio from Ableton out to the E-RM MUlticlock. I have several channels that are not in use on the x32, for instance channel 30 that I selected for the VST to send it's audio signal to (see below - screenshot 1).

    So what I'm trying to achieve: send the audio signal generated by the VST in Ableton out to channel 30 of the x32 and forward that to the Aux Output #3. From there I will pick-up the signal with a jack cable and connect it physically to the E-RM Multiclock input.

    I tried to configure the aux out 3 as pictured (see below - screenshot 2) to achieve this but the audio signal is not reaching aux out #3.

    Can anyone help me to figure out which setting I need to change to route the audio signal successfully?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


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    • Patrick Esch
      Kyle Johnson Hi Patrick, Kyle with Music Tribe here. The Aux Out routing you have set will work as long as the signal is actually getting to Channel 30 on the mixer. Are you seeing the signal on channel 30? It could be input routing that is giving you trouble. On the Routing>Home menu, make sure the 4th column is set to Card 25-32 in order to get the signal from USB Out 30 from Ableton into Channel 30 on the X32. Then Select channel 30, and open the Home>Config page to ensure the Channel source is Card 30.
      • 59 minutes ago
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    I can't find my original topic (I suppose it has been deleted since you replied to my ticket) but I want this to be public and visible and get traction


    I've purchased a UMC 1820 from Received it on tuseday 27

    When I've tried it all channels have a lot of signal passing through even with the main knob turned to zero. Both in direct monitoring as weel as in USB connection (see attachment). And not a little signal. That's a LOT (in the picture you see the signal getting from a moog Sub Phatty at max volume while the channel gain on the UMC 1820 is at zero)

    I've opened a ticket as I've never seen this in my life in any audio interfaces in 15 years and it's not an acceptable behaviour for an audio interface as it's very limiting 

    This is not documented anywhere (forum, Manual, etc) and there is no firmware . The Customer Service confirmed this should not be the behaviour and I've probably got a Faulty unit

    I've sent it back the unit to (Attaching MT customer service email) and asked for a reimbursment. In the meanwhile I went in a local italian shop to get another one as I need it urgently for a recording session on Saturday (paying it more than Thomann)

    I've just tested it and it has the EXACT SAME BEHAVIOUR


    I want an official clarification from Behringer as I cannot think I got two faulty unit in a row from 2 different vendors with the same issue and I'm losing a lot of time (and money) around this




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    • ROBERTO Rizzi
      Rex Beckett Hello Roberto, this is not an official response but I don't think you got two defective units. It is quite common on preamps, interfaces and mixing consoles that the Gain controls do not have an Off setting. They usually have a range from minimum to maximum gain. If the minimum gain is too high for your source, reduce its output level or press in the UMC1820's Pad button. The gain controls on other UMC products (202HD, 204HD, 404HD) have the same behavior.
      • 11 hours ago
      • UMC 1820 ISSUE - Gain knob to zero but still getting a lot of signal from all channels - 2 new faulty units in a row?
        ROBERTO Rizzi Hi Rex. Thanks for your prompt reply.
        I'm pretty baffled to be honest
        First: I got an official ticket response from Lea saying a gain to zero should let no signal in (and I've move accordingly by returning the Interface and purchasing a new one)
        Second: it's not quite common. Actually is the opposite. Any single Audio Interface and Mixer I had in 15 years doesn't behave like this. Zero on a gain is zero.
        Third: there's A LOT of signal passing in. Too much. I'm getting signal with PAD on, Gain knob on zero from my Moog Sub Phatty with volume at 1 out of 10
        Fourth: It's so not common that the latest reseller told me that he's never seen something like this, that it is unacceptable. He already opened me the procedure for a free return and it's going to remove this and other audio interfaces of Behringer from his catalogue, as it is not documented anywhere on your manual that your preamp don't go to zero
        • 11 hours ago
      • UMC 1820 ISSUE - Gain knob to zero but still getting a lot of signal from all channels - 2 new faulty units in a row?
        Rex Beckett Hi Roberto, I don't represent Music Tribe. I am a user - like you. My experience is different to yours, though. The Gain controls on every mixer and almost every preamp that I have ever used did not have an off setting. Mixer Level controls, on the other hand, usually do have an off position. If you need to be able to turn a source off, you may be better using a mixer rather than a preamp/interface.
        • 11 hours ago
      • UMC 1820 ISSUE - Gain knob to zero but still getting a lot of signal from all channels - 2 new faulty units in a row?
        ROBERTO Rizzi Sorry Rex, I thought you were a staff since I see you responding a lot around I'm waiting for an official answer. I've had and tried focusrite, UA, Arturia as audio interfaces. All of them, if the gain is to 0, let no signal passing through (you can see a clear 0 on the gain if you google it)

        This is the first time it happens to me on an audio interface honestly. and the problem is not only they don't go to zero, is that there is so much preamp, even with the PAD turn on that the level they let pass through is really huge. This makes harder in live set to do manual automation on the volume as there is a huge multiplier on the gain itself.

        And I cannot go for a mixer (I already have a mixer, luckily not behringer ). I was looking forward for a cheap solution to do live set while sending 8 different audio channel to ableton live, in order to apply real time effects or record 8 track at the same time (dawless). The UMC 1820 looked perfect on paper to do that

        The things that bothers me is that this is not written anywhere

        • 10 hours ago
  • 2020-10-28


    My UMC404 HD has stopped working and power is not flowing through it. 

    I bought it 10 months ago and it suddenly stopped working. 

    I tried opening a care ticket but I have not received any response. 

    The product is still under warrenty. I went to guitar cente and they suggested me to reach out to Behringer. 

    Can someone suggest me how much time does the customer care of Behringer take to respond? 

    Also, how much time does it take for them typically to repar an issue like that ?

    There is no way to call them and I am feeling helpless right now. 


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    • Alpansh Banerjee
      Jamie Reyes I’m having the same problem. My unit stopped working after 2 years last week, I sent in a care ticket last week and have gotten no response from anyone for anything. Can’t find a customer service number anywhere. The online store I purchased it from told me to reach out to Behringer but there really is no way of communication. Really annoyed at this point. Let me know if you have any luck.
      • Wed at 3:31 PM
      • USB Audio Interface Stopped Working: Solution..?
        Alpansh Banerjee hopefully soon.
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        • Wed at 3:34 PM
      • USB Audio Interface Stopped Working: Solution..?
        Chris Edwards Hi Jamie Reyes, I hope you are well. Upon checking our system I can currently see you have two cases open for the same issue, it appears replies have been sent on both cases on 27/10/2020. I would recommend checking your spam and junk folders just in case the replies have routed to these locations, if you still cannot find them please let me know and I will request my colleagues reach out to you again.
        • 12 hours ago
    • Alpansh Banerjee
      Paul Vannatto The standard way to contact support is to click on the Support (above) and complete a service ticket. They will contact you once submitted.
      • Wed at 3:54 PM
      • USB Audio Interface Stopped Working: Solution..?
        Alpansh Banerjee Hey Paul, I did that 2 days ago. Hopefully they will reply soon.
        • Wed at 3:59 PM
    • Alpansh Banerjee
      Chris Edwards Hi Alpansh Banerjee, I hope you are well. Upon checking our system I can currently see you have two cases open for the same issue, it appears a reply has been sent on your first cases on 27/10/2020. I would recommend checking your spam and junk folders just in case the replies have routed to these locations, if you still cannot find them please let me know and I will request my colleagues reach out to you again.
      • 12 hours ago
      • USB Audio Interface Stopped Working: Solution..?
        Alpansh Banerjee Hey Chris, really appriciate your reply. I have not received any reply /email. Can you please tell your colleagues to reach out to me again? If you want I can provide you an alternate Email ID: [email protected]
        • 6 hours ago
  • 2020-10-28

    So... I downloaded the latest synth tool for mac, and attempted to update from firmware 1.3.5 to the latest 2.0.2. Opened synth tool, it recognized my directly USB connected RD-8 on my mac pro 5,1 (OS 10.13.4)- firmware update page opened, instructions said to put RD-8 into DFU mode, so I power cycled the unit whilst pressing in the pin in the holde next to the USB port. the synth tool lost connection and the unit never displayed the wait text on it's screen. Now it only flashs the sugnal LED briefly when power ycled. The thing is bricked. Is there anything to do to recover this thing?

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  • 2020-10-28

    Hello You Fine Folks

    Drummer here and have some questions. I’ve searched for answers and cannot find the specific answers. Thank you in advance for your much appreciated help!

    • 3 piece band - guitar, bass and drums. All sing lead and harmonies. 
    • Separate IEM mixes via Aux 1, 2 and 3 > Behringer PM1's > iPads. 
    • Guitar player does front live sound for us from the stage and, overall, sounds great out front. He doesn’t have a full grasp of all the inner workings of the unit so that’s why I’m asking these questions.
    • Each of us is on our own Bus and can set our faders for all the vocals and instruments which is wonderful. Right now, whatever effects are out front is what we have in our individual mixes.

    Question 1: Is the XR18 capable of separate effects per mix? I mic my entire kit and would like to add different ones to my individual drums?

    Question 2: Is there a way to record just my mix either with the sd card slot on the unit or send it to my iPad through usb (Garage Band or similar)?

    Question 3: Is there a separate setting for an Android tablet? I’ve tried it with the same app and can’t get my Bus to work with it? My iPad is an older Mini and would like to use my larger Samsung.

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    • Joe Joe Mansir
      Paul Vannatto Here are the answers to your questions

      1. Yes, but there are only 4 FX slots available. Each FX mix has to go to separate FX slots and the resulting wet signal can either be returned to the Main LR (or not) and or returned to desired mixbuses (what you call Aux). For example, FX slot 1 is typically used for the vocal reverb. FX 2 can be used for a snare reverb, etc.

      2. The XR18 does not have an SD slot, just a USB jack that can be connected to a computer with a DAW such as Garage Band. The desired channels are assigned on the In/Out, USB Sends screen.

      3. What android app are you using? I would suggest you use Mixing Station Pro, which will give you everything you want and more.
      • Wed at 10:15 AM
      • Behringer XR18 Separate Mix Questions
        Joe Joe Mansir Hi Paul. You're awesome! I'm using the Behringer (Music Tribe Brands DE GmbH) X Air app. I'll try Mixing Station Pro. Thanks so much!!!
        • Wed at 10:37 AM
  • 2020-10-28

    I am trying to get an audio feed out of the X32 Edit program that I am running on a Mac mini. Is this possible? I am hoping to use it as an controller and output for a bus mix used for live-streaming our church service.  This operation takes place about 260 feet away from the main mixing console.  If this doesn't work, any suggestions for running an audio signal that far?

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    • Andy Ulrich
      Dave Morrison X32-Edit is a control app only. No audio passes through it and the X32 can not pass audio over ethernet (unless you buy the Dante expansion card). You can easily run balanced audio from the X32's XLR jacks hundreds of feet. Sometimes analog is the easiest and cheapest way.
      • Wed at 12:07 AM
  • 2020-10-28

    Purchased a Behringer S16 in January 2020 only been used about 5 times, because of covid it was not used from the end of february until the middle of October, powered up the system and the S16 would not link but the old unit would. Created a care ticket because they said it would need to be sent in for repair. Got an email back from them telling me my warranty was expired, I informed them the warranty was 3 years, they told me I would need to send the unit to an outside repair shop for repairs.Now I have 2 units that are junk, sounds like the warranty is just words, like water off a ducks back.No more Behringer equipment for me!!!!!

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    • Mike Satterfield
      Paul Vannatto Hey Mike, if you don't mind me asking, did you purchase the S16 from an authorised dealer and did you register it within 90 days of purchase? The reason I ask is that there seems to be some kind of mistake. If the product is registered within 90 days, it extends the warranty from one year to 3 years. That's the way its been for at least 8 years. If you did purchase the S16 from an authorised dealer, it should still be under warranty. Let me know and I'll see what I can do.
      • Tue at 6:36 PM
    • Mike Satterfield
      Mike Satterfield The unit was sent to me from Alto Music which you can easily find online, But it was purchased on Ebay, Brand New no B stock documents were sent to care.
      • Tue at 6:46 PM
    • Mike Satterfield
      Mike Satterfield I'm sure I registered it but even if i didn't I've only had it 9 months
      • Tue at 6:49 PM
      • Behringer will not honor their warranty beware
        Paul Vannatto That would be correct Mike, as long as Alto Music is an authorised Music-Tribe dealer and the S16 is not a refurbished or pre-owned (used) unit. To be honest, a purchase on Ebay raises red flags for me and I've been purchasing much less lately from them, since their sellers could be anyone (in disguise) and the items may or may not be as advertised.
        • Tue at 7:44 PM
      • Behringer will not honor their warranty beware
        Mike Satterfield Paul this is a brand new unit , not pre owned, b stock or refurbished or bought from an individual . shipped from Alto Music they sell Behringer Equipment and have 3 stores in N.Y.
        • Wed at 5:14 AM
    • Mike Satterfield
      John Matthews Hi Mike, can you let me know the case number you have and I can have a look at this for you. Format is CAS-XXXXX-XXXXXX.
      • Wed at 12:30 AM
    • Mike Satterfield
      Mike Satterfield John I responded to the email you sent
      • Wed at 5:18 AM
  • 2020-10-27

    Hi everyone.
    I'm sorry for that silly question.
    I kind of consulted every source I can think of but I don't find an answer to the question how to delete the patterns or banks.
    Can anyone help me on this?

    Thank you very much!

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    • florian haegele
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Florian, please the images that will provide you all the information regarding how to manage Patterns. I hope this helps
      • Wed at 1:18 AM
    • florian haegele
      florian haegele Thank you very much! But I must admit, I was hoping for a way to erase all data. it may as well remain a dream :D
      • 27 minutes ago
  • 2020-10-27


    On the Behringer XR18, is there a way to convert the 16 channels of digital audio coming from the ultranet port to 16 channels of analog audio coming out of a 16 XLR snake?

    Because I want to ideally be able to have 16 more outputs to feed other speakers as I am not using any P-16s and do not want to spend lots of money on a digital stagebox or a digital to analog converter.

    Is there a way to do this?


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    • K W
      Paul Vannatto There is no unit that converts Ultranet to 16 XLR. The only solution is to invest in some Turbosound Ultranet compatible speakers, such as the iQ12, etc.
      • Tue at 10:05 AM
      • How to convert Ultranet port on Behringer XR18 to 16 XLRs
        K W Hi thanks for reply. Yes I’ve heard about these speakers. However it is a big investment for me.

        Instead couldn’t I get up to four channels of XLR by using the Radial Catapult Mini RX 4-Channel Reciever?
        • Tue at 10:24 AM
      • How to convert Ultranet port on Behringer XR18 to 16 XLRs
        K W Because this can receive up to 4 channels of audio over a Cat-5 cable and convert it to 4 XLRs.
        • Tue at 10:25 AM
      • How to convert Ultranet port on Behringer XR18 to 16 XLRs
        Paul Vannatto Those Radial units simply uses the 4 twisted pair wires that are part of the cat5 cable to transfer audio from the Radial transmitter to receiver. Ultranet is a proprietary digital protocol that will not work with something like those Radial units.

        Those Turbosound iQ speakers are well worth the investment. I used 2 iQ12 on the shores of Lake Erie earlier this month for my son's wedding. Even with the sound of the lake's waves, everyone that came (with social distancing) could hear clearly, even those at the parking lot (about 350' away).
        • Tue at 10:41 AM
      • How to convert Ultranet port on Behringer XR18 to 16 XLRs
        K W Thanks a lot for the info. Really appreciate it.
        • Tue at 11:27 AM
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