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    Hi All,


    I am Using a DM8500 DSP. I want to Control the DSP through the Third party controller via Ethernet.

    Ther is no Port Numbers provided in the User Manual for TCp or UDP Protocal.


    Appreciate your Help!.

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    • saravanan2017
      NicJonesMT Hi there.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. From there we can then advise you further.
      • Sep 14
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    We have a problem with our Helix system controller. We have been trying so solve a problem with a fold back speaker and explored all aspects of the sound system. We noticed that the screen on the controller was showing gobbledygook and the unit was very warm. We turned it off but now there is clearly a fault and the screen flashes and there is a hi frequency clicking sound.

    Has any one had a similar experience? Has the power unit failed or is it something more sinister?

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    • Birdt22
      Nigel67 Hi Birdt22. This could be a number of things, one of them being the switchmode power supply. These units are getting quite old now and there is a good chance that the electrolytic capacitors in the psu have dried out. You will need an electronic technician to open the unit and measure the psu voltages and then identify where the clicking is coming from - possibly being caused by a voltage being bad.
      • Jul 28
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    Hi there,


    Simple question. Up to how many DM-TCE can be connected to a single DM8500?

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    • RobertoBarillas
      NicJonesMT Hi Roberto. I think I have just answered your support ticket.
      I've raised this with the development team and will let you know once I receive a response.
      • Jul 13
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    Were can I buy spare power supply for the DN9610  Dual Port AES50 Repeater ?

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    Hello U all,

    I am desperately looking for a X dante card or DN32 Dante card to hook up my X32 to a Dante network. Unfortunatly, these items are not available for retail in Europe due to the Covid economic disaster (I assume...).

    Will somebody be willing to sell me a second hand card ? I am going on tour pretty soon and I really need one. I live in France.

    Thanks. Regards

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    • slomogoget
      Nigel67 Gear 4 Music in the UK have 2 in stock but whether they will ship outside UK, you will have to ask them. Looks like the next closest are the Super Partners in USA and Canada
      • Jun 18
    • slomogoget
      slomogoget Nigel. Thanks for your concern. Gear4music UK have 2 items indeed but they only ship to UK. I depend of G4M germany and they announce the next availability for december. The world is gone crazy. Thanks anyway.
      • Jun 19
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    Hi, is there any chance we will see reissues or successor models of the classic DN780 Digital Reverberator and DN50 Spring Reverb rack units in the near future (component shortages aside)?

    It would be great to see a reprising and reinvention of some of Klark Teknik's own past work in addition to the current line up. I think you would see market interest in both of those units, and possibly the equalizers also. Keeping to the same physical dimensions of the current KT rack products also makes them more desirable for desktop and smaller studio setups.


    I don't use Facebook so it would be great if this was forwarded to someone in Klark Teknik directly.

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    • specialism
      Dale_M Many thanks for the remarks, I will pass them over to the KT team but unsure if there is any thoughts to revisit any of these.
      • May 30
    • specialism
      specialism Thanks Dale, I was thinking more of building upon those designs rather than a straight reissuing as such. Given almost everyone in studio production at any level uses reverb, it's surprising KT aren't producing a high quality rack reverb already. Especially given there is history of them - and they have produced effects for Behringer synthesizers.The DN780 and DN50 are both well regarded, so I think modern revisions would do well. The spring reverb especially with analogue studios.
      • May 30
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    Klark Teknik
    Triber Moderator
    Universal and compact interface box for sharing 32 channels of audio between StageConnect devices. No matter if you want to use StageConnect for connecting external effects, wireless or playback Systems, the Klark Teknik and Midas DN48XX Series devices can easily be daisy-chained to meet the requirements of your I/O configuration
    List Price: $199.00 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)
    #KlarkTeknik #Midas #StageConnectSeries #DN4816U #DN4888 #DN4816I #DN4816O #Mixers #IOInterfaces
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    Anybody haveing a service manual for a DN9331?

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    Hey there,

    I am looking for a DN9630 available in Germany, if you know where to get it please share, seems like no one has it in stock...

    My e-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards, Chris

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    Just received my DN9650 and KTDante64 card and I've been trying to get things to interface with my Pro2.

    I have the Pro2 connected to my DL251 via AES50 on ports 1&2. I'm using AES50 ports 4, 5, & 6 to connect to the DN9650. I have adjusted settings in the DN9650 configurations page and things look like they are showing up correctly and everything is recognized by the Pro2.

    When I open up Dante Controller, I can only see the DN9650 when I click on the "Device Info" tab and then I can double click it and what it tells me is that it is "retrieving model information - please wait.." It has been attempting to retrieve this information for well over an hour at this point with no changes. I have checked all of my IP addresses and everything is in the 192.168.1.xxx range, I have removed unnecessary things from the network to try and keep things minimal and be able to locate where the problem might be occurring.

    I would love some help and/or opinions on the matter.

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