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    Hi Klark teknik support and others,

    I hope all is well.


    The klark teknik multi-fx processor board apprears to be malfunctioning in my kxd15 keyboard amp.

    Is it possible to purchase a klark teknik multi-fx replacement board?


    Thanks, George 

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    • gfosdick
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi gfosdick, if not yet done so please submit a parts request. This can be done by going to the Support tab at the top of this page and scrolling down/filling out the parts form.
      • Apr 8
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    good afternoon,
    what's the latest fw and how to update?
    what tcpip settings are recommended?
    can this be done via a midas pro series desk? which one?
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    Hey there,

    I worked on a x32 console for 4 years now.

    I recently bought a Klak Teknik DN32 card, which is able to record audio via SD card, while simultaneously using it as a usb interface. The first test went well. But the next day I wasn't able to record. After approximately one minute of recording I get a notification, that the "session occurred dropouts".

    I tried to update the firmware and used different sd cards but nothing seems to work.

    Maybe there are some expension card experts, who can help me :)


    Cheers Alex.


    PS: sorry for my bad "German" English ;)

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    Hi Folks,

    I am looking for a new DN370, if you have it please share.

    My mail: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'm trying to submit a Technical Support Care Ticket for my DN32-LIVE Card which is in my Midas M32R Console.

    But always when I try to submit it, at the very bottom it says: "Please Fill Required Fileld"

    (Also seen in the Attachment)


    Can someone please help me what am I doing wrong?

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    • GianniboyPianist
      Dale_M It may be the top field, just select one of those rather than two, if it doesn't work try another web browser.
      • Mar 9
      • Can't submit a Care Ticket
        GianniboyPianist Hello Dale,
        thank you for the response, I answered to it few days later but now I see it didn't go through....
        I tried your suggestions, but unfortunetely both did not work.
        • Apr 23
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    dose anyone know what the 2 small silver stick strips are for

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     Ive installed the DN32 live card in my M32C, updated firmware, installed a pair of sd cards, formatted both, and can't get signal to or from the card. 

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    • staceyhainey
      Paul_Vannatto Assign the signals you want to go to the SD cards in the Routing, Card screen (typically the same as the assignments in the Routing, Inputs screen (in Record mode). To play from the X-Live, in the Routing, Inputs screen select the Play mode and assign the Card banks of 8. Then in the X-Live setup screen set the routing to Automatic.
      • Feb 14
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    Greetings!  I recently had an installation where the network was changed from one IP network to another.  3 out of 4 DM TCEs easily adapted and found the new network automatically.  A fourth has reverted back to 169.254.whatever, and I have no idea how to get it back to the network everything else is on.  I cannot find it in DM Kontrol, even if I rescan for devices.  Any help?

    As I am at the job site and really want this to be finished, a quick response would be amazing!


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    Can i plug my dl 32 directly to dn9630 and then to my  DAW over usb and use the dl32 and the dn9630 like and interface

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    Good Day, how to use AEC in DM8500?

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    • Joinville
      PedroRodrigues Hi Joinville, please ponder that the DM8500 DSP offers a library of processing modules that can be deployed and configured remotely by using the DM8500’s PC software. You can build the entire processing structure and signal routing using the remote software, and then compile and send to the DM8500 DSP.
      Please search on the library of processing modules with a Group Name AEC with module Name Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
      Each AEC Module support 6 AEC Modules, up to 24 channels totally and each AEC module tail length setting options: 150ms with 4 channels or 300ms with 2 channels and each AEC Module can set individually and offers a convergence up to 100 dB/sec. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Jun 14
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