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  • 2020-09-16


    I want to purchase a USB mixer for live streaming concerts. I am considering the Behringer QX 1222 USB or X 1832 USB.

    Which model is newer?

    Were both models released in 2020 or is one older?

    Thank you.

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    • Cupp
      John Matthews Neither of the models were released in 2020 they are older products. On Amazon the 1832 has been available since 2010 and the QX1222USB since 2013.
      • Wed at 6:00 AM
  • 2020-09-16

    Hello, I am not getting any response from the aes inputs on my ipd's? When I try to connect to them with intellidrive  in order to update the firmware it gets stuck on a synchronisation process at 72%. This seems to affect my ability to save and recall presets. I don't want to attempt fm update unless I'm sure I can reload the presets. Please help!!

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    • daniel thomason
      Alexander Lane Hi Daniel,

      Are you running the update through a network switch or direct to the amplifier? Also make sure there are exceptions in your firewall for the software.

      Best to backup all the presets before doing the update too to be sure they are not lost. Try doing this through File -> Backup presets rather than during the update process

      For AES, can you let me know what you are using to drive the inputs? And the settings in the input mixer also?.
      • Wed at 6:14 AM
    • daniel thomason
      daniel thomason fixed! i managed to finally save the presets and update FW, intellidrive being very tempremental though. udated amps now recieve AES! Thanks
      • Wed at 6:25 AM
      • No AES and sync issues in Intellidrive
        Alexander Lane Excellent! The updater has been improved on the newer versions of Software so this issue should now be eliminated

        Let me know if you have any more questions
        • Wed at 6:32 AM
  • 2020-09-16
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  • 2020-09-16

    To whom it may concern,

    sorry for the crossposting. I believe that my first posting has not been recognized. Hopefully this is a better place to post this question.

    we use a special configuration on our X32 (actual firmware installed) connected to two stageboxes (DL16, actual firmware installed). We use up to four scenes to precontrol our mixer. We store special settings as snippets (eg. using a delay for the leadvocal only in a special part of a song).

    We combine scenes and snippets as cues for gigs and use the cues to export cues, scenes and snippets together assigning a releasenumber to test different settings.

    Each time when we export the cues we get one shw-file for the cue, five .scn files for the scenes and as many .snp files for the snippets as we created snippets. Works like expect. But each time we will import the complete cue into X/M32 edit software only N-1 snippets will be imported to the software. For example if we have twelve snippet files in our environment only 11 will be imported. Each time the last on will be missed out.

    I tested this behaviour using the actual Linux 64 bit Version, the Version for macOs and for Windows. All show the same behaviour: the last snippet will not be loaded.

    Is there is any development on X/M32 edit software? Is there a chance to get this fixed? I just worked arround this issue by adding one additional snippet to the end of the list which is not needed. But this is not a real solution for me (if I once forget to implement the last snippet I have to reimport this missing snippet).

    Best regards and thanks in advance


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    • knaepp
      John Matthews Hi Knaepp, I responded to your first post too. I'll report this to the dev team to see if it can be replicated and resolved.
      • Wed at 12:15 AM
    • knaepp
      knaepp Hi John, thank you for your response, I missunderstood your hint in the other posting. I thought it was directed to an other user asking a question in reply of mine. So please keep me informed about this issue. If you need any information or have additional questions, do not hesitate to ask.
      • Wed at 12:22 AM
    • knaepp
      Dave Morrison Which firmware version are you using? This reminds me of a bug that was in 4.0 or 4.0.1 (I can't remember which)
      • Wed at 12:58 AM
    • knaepp
      knaepp We use the current firmware (which is 4.02). But this issue happens in offline mode/editing as well. Because of this I think this is a software issue in X32 edit and M32 edit. I have not checked whether this problem occurs on the console as well. I will check tonight during our rehearsal...
      • Wed at 1:03 AM
    • knaepp
      Paul Vannatto Hi Mattias, the snippet index bug has already been fixed and will be correct in the next X32-Edit and M32-Edit release (coming soon).
      • Wed at 7:59 AM
  • 2020-09-16

    I recently updated the firmware for x32 to current version. I also updated the desktop software for our IMAC running Catalina. The version number on IMAC says version 4.1, however while using the desktop software on my 2012 MBPro running mojave it states that the version is 3.2. Upon trying to connect with console in MBPro it states that it is not able to connect as the firmware for console is not compatible. 

    Please assist as I have attempted several times to re-install desktop app on my MBPro.

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  • 2020-09-16

    I'm having issues getting my new NX3000D to connect to my PC using NX Edit. I have tried three different Windows 10 computers, and 2 different USB cables. All of the computers recognize and setup the device, but the Behringer software will not even show the amp to connect.

    I tried connecting the amp to the pc with the software open before and after powering it on, connecting the USB after turning the amp on, running the software in compatibility mode, with admin privileges, etc...

    Does anyone have any suggestions to get this thing to connect?

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    • Arbigator
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Arbigator can you please confirm if you are connecting the NX3000D to a USB 2.0 PORT?
      • Wed at 1:30 AM
      • Can't connect NX3000D to PC
        Arbigator Hi Pedro, I had to dig out an ancient laptop with a USB 2.0 port, and that did the trick. Thanks for the tip! Though it's a bit frustrating that this doesn't work over anything else, many new computers don't even have a USB 2.0 port
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        • Wed at 9:39 AM
  • 2020-09-16

    Can someone please enlighten me on the new talkback functionality of the Hub4 in connection with the DB48? 
    The "documentation" says that there should be a LED indication when "MIC-function" is used. So this leads to two questions: where should the light appear, and what does Mic-function use mean? When the MIC button of one of the connected DP48s is pressed and held, or only when it's pressed?

    Although I am a technician, I'm not sure if I read the routing sheet well: Where does the talkback signal go? Only to other connected DP48s (as channel 48 overwriting the channel 16 of P16) or also to the desk?

    Thanks in advance

    Andy from Austria

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    • Andreas Kormann
      Paul Vannatto Hi Andreas, not sure what the Mic-function LED is reference to. But here is how the new Talkback function works. When you press and hold the Mic button on one of the DP48 and talk into the built-in ambient mic (left one to be exact), it sends it out AES50 chan 48 to all other DP48 as well as back to the console (on AES50 chan 48).

      Regarding your comment about the P16, if on the console you assign the AES50 chan 48 to one of the P16 channels (either on the Ultranet screen or via the appropriate AES50 ch 33-48), it will be sent to the P16.
      • Wed at 8:07 AM
  • 2020-09-16

    My church uses an X32 for the house mix, but we now need a second mix for streaming.  I want to use a separate device for this.  I don't want to use the X32 for the mix.  I want to connect a separate device to the X32, have the X32 send the inputs to the separate device.   Either digitally and use a virtual soundboard software on a MAC, or a separate smaller mixer.  We only use around 10-12 channels.  What/ how can we do this?  I prefer to use the USB out and send the info to a separate device, not just Y a bunch of cables.  

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    • metzandsons
      Nigel Turner It all depends whether whoever is going to mix the audio wants physical knobs infront of them to change settings or are happy adjusting settings on the fly with a computer. Is there any reason why you want all the input channels being sent to another console for mixing, or could you just use the house mix? If you used the house mix, then all you would need is to send the two channels over the USB to a computer from where you can then stream the channels. If you wanted to go down the route that someone wanted physical knobs infront of them, then maybe the X32 Compact. You could send the input channels to this over the AES50 mix them down and then send to a computer for streaming via the USB. If the sound guy was happy using an ipad, etc to mix the audio, then you could go with a X32 Rack or Core again connected via AES50. The other option would be to just plug a computer to the USB of the X32 and send all the input channels into a DAW where you can mix them and live stream. You may be limited though using this method on EQ, FX, Gates, Compressors etc and the mix you stream may not sound like the house mix. Maybe you could expand a little as to why you would want someone to mix the audio again when you can get the house mix sent across the USB for live streaming? Many thanks and hope this helps.
      • Tue at 11:02 PM
      • X32 connect to second board for streaming mix
        metzandsons The house is small and the house mix reflects that. We never have to use a mic on the piano, the bass cabinet can carry the whole room, the acoustic guitars need boost and the vocals get the most. We tried the house mix and it sounds terrible isolated from the house. Plus we've add house mics to bring the ambience of the house into the stream mix to get congregational singing, but we don't want those running through the house. We have tried to create a separate mix on the x32 and use that to live stream with. It works, but it is too much for one guy to keep up with both house and stream mix at the same time on the same board. Have you worked with an X18? Will that take connect directly to the X32 and do what I need as a separate mixer?
        • Wed at 3:34 PM
      • X32 connect to second board for streaming mix
        Nigel Turner Hi, apologies for not replying sooner. I do not think that the X18 will work for you as there will be no way of getting the audio into it digitally. I thought that you would be able to use the Ultranet to send the audio from the X32 into the X18, but unfortunately the ultranet on the X18 is output only. You will need the USB output to connect to the computer for live streaming so you cannot use this either. I think that if your sound engineer can mix using an ipad or MAC, then you could look at an X32 Core. This way you can connect to the X32 using AES50 and then use the USB for sending the main mix to the computer for streaming. It may be worth talking to your local reseller, or the seller that you got your X32 from and get their thoughts of what would be best for you. Hope this helps.
        • 8 hours ago
    • metzandsons
      George Dougherty I got along fine using a matrix pair out for the broadcast mix on our prior X32. I took the house mix and utilized a mixbus as a broadcast boost mix. Broadcast boost augmented drums, guitars and others to compensate for things louder in the room. I always use a speaking mixbus to do feedback notching for headsets and lavs so that also routes and boosts into the broadcast matrix to even out the music to speaking volume.
      If you use a matrix for the broadcast, use matrix outs for your house sends as well and apply any room correction on the matrix buses rather than the Main L/R bus. My standard setup uses Matrix 1/2 as L/R, 3 as subs and 4 as front fills. On an X32 you'd have 5/6 available for a stereo broadcast. mix
      • Tue at 11:58 PM
  • 2020-09-15

    Hi there, where can you download the calibration file for the ecm8000 that I bought to use with REW? I just registered the product but I can't find where to download the calibration file, thanks.

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  • 2020-09-15

    It would be great to be able to sweeten the tuning!  The ability to adjust each string (plus or minus)  like many othe rtuners out there ...

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