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    I am a reseller of musical instruments in Lucca (Italy) and would like to know how to get in touch with Behringer to collaborate with a view to ordering and sourcing their products and brands.

    Il Cappellaio Matto Strumenti Musicali
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    • Mic88
      Dale_M Mic88 many thanks for your message, it would be best to submit this and your credentials in a support ticket via the Support tab above/ +create a care ticket and choose the Pre Sales dropdown, I hope this helps.
      • Thu at 6:40 AM
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    Hello, I wonder if you can help please. I am unable to get my mircophone sound to come out of the speakers. IT is alll plugged in correctly to the mixer but no sound coming out.  Any thoughts please? am assuming it is quite simple. I have only just bought the equipment so am not used to the set up. Thank you in advance for your help

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    • Matthew12
      RexBeckett Hello Matthew, we may be able to help if you can tell us what mixer you have, which type of microphone, the make/model of speakers and how you have it all connected.
      • Thu at 3:09 AM
      • Behringer Mixer - cannot get microphone sound out into speakers
        Matthew12 hello thank you for your kind follow up to my question. It is a Behringer mixer DX2000USB, the microphone is a Shure. The speakers are GALE. All are attached according to the instructions. Not sure if there is a button which has/ hasn't been pressed....
        • Thu at 4:09 AM
    • Matthew12
      RexBeckett Is it just the microphone that is not working, Matthew? Do the music channels work correctly?

      Do you see the Sig LED on the Mic channel flash when you speak? If not, check that the source is set to Mic rather than Line. Try raising the Mic channel gain. Also try a different mic cable and, if possible, another mic.

      If the Sig LED flashes, make sure that the Channel On button is pressed and the channel fader is raised.
      • Thu at 5:34 AM
      • Behringer Mixer - cannot get microphone sound out into speakers
        Matthew12 thankyou for you help one other thing I cannot find a telephone number for Behringer as that might be an idea to phone them direct do you happen to have the number at all thankyou
        • Sat at 12:40 AM
    • Matthew12
      Matthew12 Hello Rex it is all up and running the talk button I pushed and all good I had tried that before anyway thank you again and take care and be safe
      • Sat at 1:08 AM
    • Matthew12
      Matthew12 All good now the talk button I pushed down and yippee I had tried that before but there you go take care and be safe
      • Sat at 1:09 AM
      • Behringer Mixer - cannot get microphone sound out into speakers
        RexBeckett I'm happy to hear that it is working now Matthew.
        • Sat at 1:51 AM
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    I purchased a new Behringer DeepMind 12D which comes bundled with rack ears. However both the ears are for the right hand side! So pretty useless. The retailer can't help of course, as they don't stock parts.

    I created a care ticket asking to have a left side ear sent. But no response.

    All I need is for Behringer to send me a single left hand side rack ear. Why is it so difficult, and taking so long?

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    • Divinegoat
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Divinegoat, would it be possible to share your case number or email address, please? I will investigate this matter further for you.
      • Thu at 3:50 AM
      • DeepMind 12D Wrong rack ears
        Divinegoat Hello Chris. Thanks for taking an interest. My case Number is: CAS-412119-J4Q8P3
        • Fri at 7:10 AM
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    x air 18 does not loose power but looses conectivity and mutes every couple hours. I have updated firmware and made sure power is correct. i have not tried factory reset yet but that is my next option to posibly fix this issue. also a couple channels have stoped working unless signal is very high and then it sounds very destorted. I am an audio engineer with 25 years experiance and I own 4 of these and maintain another 4. this one is the only one I have an issue with.

    any advice would be apreciated.

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    • CoryCayer
      Nigel67 Hi CoryCayer. It sounds as though your unit has a couple of faults. Having 4 of the units, I am sure you have tried everything including directly replacing the unit with a known working one and the two input issues have gone away immediately? Try the factory reset, however I do not think this will solve the issues and you will need to send the unit in for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of this page and in the new page that opens scroll down to the Service option and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Wed at 10:28 PM
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    Where can I connect a powered sub to the UMC1820? I'm using up the two mains for speakers, but need more low end? 

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    • LoganAtSea
      NicJonesMT Hi Logan.
      There isnt a dedicated sub out on the UMC, so if using a DAW you could route your signal to one of the Line outputs.
      Alternatively you could look at introducing a Crossover into your setup. Some studio Monitors actually have a Sub output built into them aswell to allow you to quickly and easily connect.

      I hope this helps!
      • Wed at 11:51 PM
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    I'm running a midas m32 with version 3.08. can I update directly to firmware version

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    • angleton1stumc
      Paul_Vannatto Yes you can. But backup your scenes, snippets and presets first. Also make note of all of the settings on the first 4 screens of the Setup section.
      • Wed at 7:17 PM
    • angleton1stumc
      angleton1stumc Thanks for the information. I always have a backup for my scenes, snippets and presets so that is not an issue but when you say make note of the settings on the first for screens of the setup section do you mean that the upload of firmware will change those or is this a precaution only.
      • Thu at 5:11 AM
    • angleton1stumc
      Paul_Vannatto Yes the update to firmware 4.x will reset everything to factory default. Going forward, firmware 4.x has a new feature of backing up the complete console, including those Setup settings.
      • Thu at 5:33 AM
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    I bought two Model D's and hooked them up via polychain. The second one started sounding really crappy - lots of feedback and distortion, so I unhooked it. I then used the synthtools software to turn off polychaining on the first in the chain. Since then, I've had no sound whatsover, except on power-on where it sounds like it's farting for about two seconds. Then nothing. I've no idea what I've done, but neither plays now unless I'm connected to a DAW. Then I can get the sound from the Model D with the first unit, the one that was polychain="ON". Nothing whatsoever from the other unit. I've tried power off, power on. Power on after an hour wait, nothing seems to work. I even tried power on and switching the A440 to turn off polychaining. Nothing works. Is there a way to do a software reset on these?

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    • wjones40
      NicJonesMT Hi WJones40.
      There is a restore to facotry defaults setting in the Synthtribe app.
      Can you please confirm what version you are using? The latest version of the ST app is 2.4.6 and can be downloaded from the "Software" section of the product page;

      If this doesnt resolve the issue could you please open a Tech support ticket (Click support above and scroll down the page).
      We can then go through some trouble shooting steps and advise you further.
      • Wed at 11:55 PM
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    I love my Hall Of Fame 2, but there's one thing that does disappoint me: I can't get it to have a shimmer sound I like!

    A shimmer should be crystal clear, lush, dreamy… and all I get is a choir of Minions! ?

    I'm surprised to see the interval up in the editor is measured in Hz and not as music intervals (5th, octave etc…) or in cents, which would be usable.

    I just can't find how I could make this work. How do I add an octave up with Hz?

    I am using the editor version 4.3.0


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    • CyDia
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi CyDia, are you currently using one of the pre-made templates to base your shimmer reverb off or using a default/blank template? If a pre-made one could you confirm the name of the one being used?

      Thanks in advance.
      • Thu at 3:35 AM
      • HoF2 : Can't create a decent shimmer
        CyDia Hi Chris,

        Well this concerns the default shimmer mode as well as most toneprints. Some are slightly better than others, but they all have that "detune" sound.

        I would happily name the toneprints I tried, but the app won't show them when the pedal is unplugged… That's annoying too!
        • Thu at 3:41 AM
    • CyDia
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi CyDia, thanks for your response.

      Please bear with me while i take a look into this further for you. With regards to viewing the name of the Toneprints it is still possible to do this while the pedal is not connected, however, you just will not be able to enter the edit function on them.
      • Thu at 4:02 AM
      • HoF2 : Can't create a decent shimmer
        CyDia Ha you're right! I thought it was stuck on "getting ready".
        Thanks for your effort.
        • Thu at 5:59 AM
      • HoF2 : Can't create a decent shimmer
        ChrisEdwards1 Hi CyDia, Upon further investigation and after liaising with some colleagues there is no “Interval Up” parameter for the HoF2 within the editor app and the shimmer of Hof2 always uses an octave up by default. Would you be able to provide any additional information or a screenshot of the “Interval up” parameter referred to in your original post?

        Please note it is only possible to use one of the existing Shimmer templates as a starting point as only those have the "routing setup" with the octaver and Mod block feeding back into the wet reverb for the cascading Shimmer effect. The "Angelic Voices" may be a good starting point for you.

        By using the “Octaver section of the Toneprint Editor it is possible to get different tones and restrict frequency range of octave signal feeding back into the Reverb, below is an explanation of the Octaver Parameters:

        Input Filter First – Sets the starting frequency of the first Filter band (20Hz – 1kHz)
        Input Filter Spacing – Sets the spacing of the bandpass filters (50Hz – 200Hz)
        Input Filter Count – Sets the amount of bandpass filters to create the Octave up signal (1 – 80)
        Input Filter Q – Sets the peak/slop of the filter bands
        Input Filter Q Tilt – Sets how the resonance of the filter changes over the frequency range from low to high
        Q Output Rel Up – Sets how the resonance of the filter is distributed relative to the frequency
        Wet Level Up – Sets the output level of the Octaver signal
        Output Up HiCut Freq – Sets the high cut filter for the Octaver signal
        Drive Up – Sets the drive amount for the Octaver (0 – 40dB
        Enable – Toggles the Octaver block on/off
        • Thu at 6:21 AM
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    I'm not sure why its so difficult to actually talk to beringer about their product but I'm looking for a way to have a splitter of some type 16 channel input to the x32 rack so 1-16 runs FOH and 17-32 runs Monitors. I do not want to input signal and split after entering x32 I need to have sperate 32 inputs from splitter.

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    • jbmike
      KevinMaxwell are you looking for something like this.

      I have no idea if it is a good quality product or not t but I think that basically should do what you want.
      • Wed at 1:59 PM
      • X32 Rack
        jbmike that would be great but x32 rack will not take the 32 xlrs
        • Wed at 3:14 PM
    • jbmike
      Paul_Vannatto Why not get 2 S16 (or SD16) and connect one (via AES50) to the X32 Rack and the other to FOH (via AES50)?
      • Wed at 2:13 PM
    • jbmike
      jbmike I guess I can never get my point across on what I need but I had a full size x32 and it had 32 xlr inputs. I want a x32 rack whitch has only 16 xlr inputs. my full size I ran 16 channels for fog and 17-32 for monitor mix off a 16 channel splitter so rack x32 this does not work so I need help with ase50 routing mabe s16 stage box or something to feed 16xlr inputs to the x32 rack so I can use all 32 channel's from the 16 inputs.
      • Wed at 3:12 PM
    • jbmike
      Paul_Vannatto Ok, reading both of your posts, I think I understand what you want. Please confirm if this is it. You want to use the X32 Rack as a stagebox and to send the 16 inputs (of the X32 Rack) to the X32 FOH and have it split so that on the X32 FOH you have inputs 1-16 for FOH mixing and 17-32 for monitor mixes. If that is correct, I can provided the necessary routing.
      • Wed at 3:51 PM
      • X32 Rack
        jbmike Paul i want to use x32 rack and it will do both FOH and monitors. I have 16 inputs XLR in input on stage, right now I use 2 xr18 but trying to stream line to one x32 rack. I use the 16 inputs over all 32 channels so I'm basically splitting x32 and use half for foh and half for IEM. this way I don't share gain and basically have the 2 mixers in one
        • Wed at 3:58 PM
    • jbmike
      Paul_Vannatto OK, mentioning that you have a full size X32 only added to the confusion.

      First of all the input gains are part of the preamps which are physically located near the XLR-F connectors. So splitting inputs between the 1-16 and 17-32 does not give independent gains. But you can configure the X32 to provide independent digital trims (Setup, preamps, HA Gain Split).

      That all said, to "split" the 16 inputs of the X32 Rack to channels 1-16 and 17-24, you would simply assign the inputs accordingly. For example, input 1 would be assigned to both channel 1 and channel 17, input 2 to ch 2 and 18, etc.
      • Wed at 4:10 PM
      • X32 Rack
        jbmike Thx for trying this is why I'm so mad at beringer for not having someone to call a simple voice communication would clear up what I'm missing. 16xlr inputs split to 32 channels and somehow connected to x32 rack without all internal routing and sharing I know how that works. so just looking for way to hook it up. I'll buy something else and sell my other beringer products that are of no ise.
        • Wed at 4:18 PM
      • X32 Rack
        Paul_Vannatto What you are asking is physically impossible, since the X32 Rack only has 22 physical inputs (16 XLR and 6 1/4"), not 32.

        :Edit: Actually looking at the S16 in splitter mode (4), there is a workaround that would provide 16 physical inputs to 32 AES50 inputs with independent gains. It requires an S16, another S16 or SD16, and 2 ADA8200 - therefore quite an expensive workaround IMO (about $1600 US from Sweetwater).

        * Setup with the following AES50 connectivity
        X32 Rack [B] <-> [A] S16 in mode 4 [B] <-> [A] S16 or SD16
        * Connect the first S16 ADAT out 1-8 and 9-16 to the 2 ADA8200 ADAT 1-8 inputs.
        * Connect the ADA8200 outputs (all 16) to the inputs of the second S16 or SD16.

        You will have 32 inputs available to the X32 Rack via AES50 B
        • Wed at 4:30 PM
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    I know all of the documentation says to use CAT5e, but I wanted to know if CAT6 works as well. My home runs are all CAT5e, but my jumpers are CAT6. 

    We have 1x 300' CAT5e (shielded) reel that runs from M32 (AES) > DL251 (AES). 

    My plan is to run another 300' CAT5e from M32 (Ultranet) > 1x P16D > 5x 25' CAT6 > 4x P16M & 1x P16D > 5x 25' CAT6 > 5x P16M

    Will this work?

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    • aurasystems
      Paul_Vannatto Yes it will. my church use both cat5e and cat6 (all shielded) for their P16D's and P16M's. I also use cat6 and cat7 (all shielded) for my Turbosound iQ speakers (Utranet input) without any issues.
      • Wed at 12:33 PM
    • aurasystems
      aurasystems That is good news. Thank you Paul. I really wish I could run this over AES and avoid the extra home run to the M32. I prefer using he DL251 box for the pro series mic pre amps. Thanks again for your help.
      • Wed at 12:42 PM
    • aurasystems
      Paul_Vannatto If you consider using the Midas Hub4/DP48 instead of the P16M/P16D, you could connect both the Hub4/DP48 and DL251 using one AES50 cable.
      • Wed at 2:16 PM
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