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  • Ladylove
    Contributor - Level 1

    I am a long time TC Electronics enthusiast..I have the Gold Channel and the 2000 reverb..
    Since my budget won't allow the purchase of a new Finalizer Express or the 96k...I ran across an original finalizer wizard for cheap...This unit has the 16 - 20 bit converters. I usually record to one or two tracks at a time and build up my sessions this way...I never use the upper resolutions, 88.2 or 96k anyway...

    My plan is to record mic to Grace m101 to Finalizer to Akai Dps24 II inserts (bypassing the pres in the Akai), My question is this: Will the 20-bit converters on the Finalizer affect the sonic quality significantly compared to the Finalizer Plus? Option #2: I can SPDIF out of the Finalizer to the SPDIF of the Akai? (The Akai also has digital L & R input source)..On mixdown I can dither all songs on a project to 16 bit 44.1k, return the 2 track signal back to the Finalizer in SPDIF for mastering and then back to my computer SPDIF input for recording 2 track to final CD...

    I know this is long and drawn out...but any help and feedback you could give would be most appreciated...

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  • onestop
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    Has anyone attached/mounted their NS to a pedalboard (specifically a PedalTrain board) and how? I assume you could simply slap some adhesive velcro on the bottom but are there any other alternatives?
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    • onestop
      kjk2205 Hi. I have the same question. Did you ever manage to fix it ?. Does the pedaltrain case lid

      shut with the Nova fitted to the board ?

      I haven't bought a Nova yet but would like to know in advance. thanks
      • January 11, 2009
    • onestop
      robberns Yes, that is how I have my Nova System attached to my Pedal Train.

      And the soft case lid does close.
      • January 11, 2009
    • onestop
      Danrues I carry a Nova System inside a SKB Stage Five pedalboard along with a Boss SL-20 slicer, a Boss RC-20XL Loop Station and a 95Q Crybaby Wah. The Nova is attached to the pedalboard by two 3/4" velcro strips and is just at the left corner of the pedalboard base.

      As a caution measure I put a 1-1/2" eggcrate foam pad on the inner top of the pedalboard case.

      The SKB is heavy as hell but i have not gotten any loosen toy inside of it yet...:/
      • January 12, 2009
    • onestop

      robberns wrote:

      Yes, that is how I have my Nova System attached to my Pedal Train.

      And the soft case lid does close.

      Ah thanks...mine is the original hardcase.
      • January 13, 2009
    • onestop
      onestop I'm using a PedalTrain 2 board with hard case and found that after attaching the Nova System to my board (and I'll get to that part in a second), I wasn't able to close the case.

      So I made a flat pedal board to fit in my PT2 case and bingo, fits like a charm!

      As for velcro, I ended up "gently" peeling off the rubber pad off the bottom of the NS and attaching it to a piece of aluminum foil (to save it for later) and slap some velcro right to the bottom of the TC unit. Works like a charm and I've preserved the rubber pad on the bottom.
      • January 19, 2009
  • davidevox2
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hello, has anyone used the BBE Sonic Stomp with the G-System? The BBE Sonic Stomp is basically a 482i Sonic Maximizer, but in a pedal form. I was just curious how well it worked with the G-System. Happy Holidays to all!

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    • davidevox2
      Robpags I was just looking up tone buffers and saw someone mentioned using the BBE sonic stomp as a buffer before the GSystem to bring back the punch that lacks in the 4 cable method.
      • April 11, 2012
    • davidevox2
      CodyCass1 I use a rack mounted 882i on my stereo rig but I ONLY use it for cleans. I think it ruins the sound of your gain channels.
      • April 11, 2012
  • djkenneth
    Contributor - Level 1
    Could anyone tell me how i use the finalizer just to work with my vocal microphone and mixer.
    I dont want to compress or alter the music output just the mic output and input.
    Many Thanks,
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  • martinus1
    Contributor - Level 1
    I am investing in some compressors for our live equipment (Lucas Impact, Mackie onyx 16-2 mixer, lexMX200, TCM350) and i would like to get some information about comparison of the c300 and c400xl. From the manual there is no difference obviously except the XLR In and outs of the c400. Is there a difference in processingpower and sound or just what? The price is about twice the C300! Has anybody tested this two parts.
    thanks for every information about this - martinus1
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  • raffel
    Contributor - Level 1
    Hi everybody, playing with my new finalizer 96, I'm recording my analog piano thru it and I have it connected with toslink cables to the adat inputs of my rme 9652. It works fine with mode 48, but in mode 96 the optical option that is adat12 disappears and I can only choose between tos and thru and then it doesn't gets sinchronized with the rme. Any idea abou it? Thanks a lot!
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    • raffel
      eric_s The Finalizer doesn't support ADAT SMUX, which is the way to have 4 audio channels on one ADAT wire in 96kHz mode.

      You either send the signal over RCA/SPDIF to the RME card or you need to switch the RME card to run SPDIF/TOS on the optical connectors in stead of ADAT (as far as I remember the RME card is able to run SPDIF/TOS as well as ADAT on the optical connectors - but check for yourself) and then set the Finalizer optical output to TOS.

      Best eric
      • November 29, 2008
  • Reladosimi
    Contributor - Level 2
    I use Konnekt 48 with windows XP SP2. I have several problems.
    If someone experience the same problem, tell me.

    The Konnekt 48 won't boot with or without firewire connection. Only the blue light around the power buttom appear but no "TC logo" at boot and no connection with computer. It's a intermitent problem and the unit boot after the second guess.

    2: The Konnekt 48 loose is connectivity with the computer over time via firewire. I can see on TCnear that the connection for DAW is grey out.

    I have the latest software (2.1) and my computer is running fine

    Thank's for your collaboration
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    • Reladosimi
      Anamnesia Hi Reladosimi.

      It pays to read previous posts;
      • November 19, 2008
    • Reladosimi
      mixscape "The Konnekt 48 loose is connectivity with the computer over time via firewire. I can see on TCnear that the connection for DAW is grey out."

      Disable all network connection ! i had the same problem and it works for me
      • November 19, 2008
    • Reladosimi
      Reladosimi Thank's for your collaboration. The unit boot, but not the first time. When it cold, it apears that the 1st boot, the unit power(blue light around power button) but no TC logo and no connectivity with comouter. I have also remove netork connection in my computer but the unit loose is connection by intermitence. Thank's
      • November 19, 2008
    • Reladosimi
      mixscape ok but are you sure you have disable all the network connection into the DEVICE MANAGER (its the better way !). If you have an anti-virus you must remove it. After that, dont forget to turn off all into the security center (firewall,automatic update,virus protection)

      Another thing than could help you.. Turn on your konnekt then use the DPC SPIKE CHECKER TOOL (start menu/all program/tc electronics/spike checker). See what it say to you in windows . You can test it into your sequencer too. Sometimes it can help.
      • November 19, 2008
    • Reladosimi
      Anamnesia [Unintentional hi-jack]

      mixscape: I regularly forget to switch-off the network connection & kill the anti-virus software (Kaspersky) on my notebook. Doesn't skip a beat for me...

      Of course, sometimes I forget that I'm in power-saving mode & begin having kittens when the SK48 is stuttering & stammering. It's not until I do a re-boot (wondering why it's taking so long) that I realise that I've got the notebook set to something other than High Performance.

      Oh, one other interesting thing I've seen. Whilst running in High Performance on Battery (not plugged-in), with the SK48, Steinberg Key, MOTU MIDI Express XT & Lexicon MX400 plugged into the FW/USB's, after about 10 seconds the notebook crashes... Remove one USB & it doesn't occur.
      • November 20, 2008
  • bossa
    Contributor - Level 2
    I have been going great guns with the new computer until a today.

    Here are some points:

    1: 24/7C is causing Cubase to become unusable everytime I insert it into a track. It doesn't matter if it's a mono or stereo instance or if it's on a normal or group channel track. The program becomes 'Not Responding" in teh system and I have to envoke Task Manager to quit the application. Is there a recognized bug with 24/7C that does this?

    2: PowercoreCL does not insert into a track when placed in an insert slot.
    3: Filtroid comes up DISABLED
    4: Sidechainer doesn't work and has gabage code flickering in the channel gadget.
    5: DynamicEQ does exactly what 24/7C does (Cubase goes NOT RESPONDING)

    The DSP usage on the Powercorex8 is just under 4 in the project I am working on - I tested the system with 6 DSPs running just to make sure it wsn't the '4 DSP bug" people talk about.

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    • bossa
      bossa Looking at my Administration error logs I see that Resfilter Konnekt.dll has been causing this crash.. after removing it from the project the problems mentioned in the previous post went away.. but no more Res Filter.. damn!

      I thought some other brand of plugin would be to blame and looked at all the other ones I had .. even uninstalling them. I did not expect aTCE plugin to be the cause of these problems.
      • November 4, 2008
    • bossa
      Nauticus Hello Bossa.

      I'm having trouble with Cubase not responding with some plugins as well. Can you tell me where I could find these administration logs so I can try to fix it?

      Thank you!
      • October 9, 2013
  • Newysurfer
    Contributor - Level 1
    I sent this same question to TC support over 2 weeks ago and have received no reply.
    The pedal board I have below is powered by a Gator G-Bus-8 power brick bolted underneath. It has 1700ma total. My existing pedals only use about 1000ma and I've some spare 9v jacks. A Nova Delay is being shipped to me now and I'll replace the DD-6 I have for the Nova Delay.

    1) Can I run it safely and efficiently on 9v without causing any prob's.
    2) How many milliamps does it use when maxed ?


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    • Newysurfer
      Newysurfer Well this is certainly a great forum.

      posted this thread over a week ago - got 87 views and not a single reply.

      I did get an email from Nicholas at TC Support though. Just to help out Nova Delay owners here's what he said

      Response (Nicholas) 10/24/2008 07:30 AM

      Dear Peter

      There's no problem using Nova Delay with a 9v supply. The pedal needs a certain amount of mA (300mA t run and around 400mA when starting up) so it won't work with every 9v supply out there. But no matter what - you won't damage the pedal using a 9v supply and there's is no loss in audio quality... unless:

      1. You're running a very hot signal into the pedal: This could fx be a guitar through a 20-30dB boost or distortion pedal into Nova Delay or having the pedal in the effect loop of your amp IF the effect loop is a Line level (+4dB) loop.

      2. You have the pedal in a line level loop and your power amp needs a very hot signal to work properly.

      The explanation is actually rather simple: When you lower the voltage you're also lowering the maximum input and output of the pedal. In other words: with a 9v supply Nova Delay won't be able to handle as hot/loud an input signal before it starts clipping. Similarly it won't be able to send out as hot an output signal as with a 12v supply.

      The way to check whether you're within the gain range of the pedal with a 9v supply is pretty simple: For the input part simply listen if the pedal is making ugly digital distortion when playing at loud levels... you'll know if that happens!

      The output part is a little trickier: If you have the pedal in fx a line level loop which is a very hot signal, the pedal won't be able send out the same amount of gain again on the output. The result is that you'll notice that your sound will be lower (if you're palying with distortion it may sound as if the pedal is "eating" the overdrive) compared to if you removed pedal from the signal chain entirely. That is why fx a Boss Digital Delay sound like cr*p in an effects loop... It's gain range isn't wide enough to handle such a hot signal.

      To sum it up: No matter what you can't damage the pedal using a 9v supply. And if you don't notice digital distortion OR a level drop when the pedal is in the signal chain, there's absolutely no problem using it with 9v supply.

      best regards

      I've since been running the ND on 9v with no issues
      • October 27, 2008
    • Newysurfer
      kumakae Hey cool, thanks for the info! I've been casually looking for a power supply for my pedals (two nova units and a couple of 9V pedals), this makes the search a bit easier as i don't have to find one that has 9V and 12V outputs.
      • February 26, 2009
    • Newysurfer
      drwiddly I've been using my Nova Drive with its own power supply but the rest of my board is powered from a Diago 3000ma supply (so plenty of spare milliamps!). I used to use an 18v Dunlop pedal and bought one of Diago's special leads which uses a digital circuit to increase the normal 9v output to 18v. I'm wondering if this set up might power the Nova Drive? there's obviously plenty of spare current but would the higher voltage do any damage?
      • December 28, 2010
    • Newysurfer
      Mel "uses a digital circuit to increase the normal 9v output to 18v". Be careful, the Nova Drive is a real power pig... make sure it can supply 400ma. That's 10 to 20 times what a typical distortion pedal draws. And yes, 18V might damage it, that's a long way from 12V... only way to find out for sure is try it. Any volunteers? I didn't think so You could take an 18V source and regulated it down to 12 with a very simple circuit.
      • December 29, 2010
    • Newysurfer
      drwiddly Pretty much my thinking.

      There's plenty of current available as the board only houses my Nova System, a wah, a MIDI controller and a tuner as well as the Nova Drive but it's the voltage I'm concerned about. I might try using the 9v supply without the special cable, and see how that works. I don't think that can do any harm but it may not sound very good and/or have poor S/N ratio.

      I think I was hoping someone with better knowledge of electronics than me would post a reply saying "the Nova Drive can tolerate loads of excess voltage and provided the current capacity is at least 380ma, it will be fine"
      • December 30, 2010
  • drop2
    Contributor - Level 2
    Good Morning and thanks for your kind attention.

    I purchased the G Switch with the hope of preserving the switches on my Nova System, but to tell you the truth, I am a novice with processors etc.

    and having struggled to understand the manual for Nova System, which assumes too much about the readers abilities, I find that I am not able to manaage the G Switch.

    for Example the 3 button switch replaces 5 buttons and to do so, the G Switch requires not only counting taps as you work live... which as a novice is wierd, but after a week with the device, I still can figure out how many times I need to tape switches 1,2 &3 to get presets up or down, or from bank to preset or preset to bank.

    I do understand that one needs to think in advance, but if you're on stage, the pedal is less than articulate and definetly not forgiving.

    Lastly, I have the Nova System and the soft/firmware is version1.10... might this be an issue with the Nova, or have you foound the switch to respond they way I am describing???? BTW pilot error is not new to me.. =) so feel free to provide coaching.


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    • drop2
      Virtuoso It took me about a week to figure it out. The manual is no help at all!

      Press and hold either button 1 or button 3. The red LED number on the Nova will flash and you can then press button 1 to decrease the bank number or button 3 to increase it. When you reach the bank number you want, press and hold button 1 or 3 again. The display will say '>>> READY <<<'. You can then press buttons 1, 2 or 3 to switch patches within that bank.
      • October 16, 2008
    • drop2
      drop2 Thanks, I am finally getting this.. bit by bit.. Now I need to sett the whole thing back to factory reset and begin to try to set my own presets...LOL
      • October 17, 2008
    • drop2
      re Hi!

      I'm thinking of buying a G-Switch for the Nova System and was wondering if anybody could help me with my question.

      How "fast" is the change of presets with the G-Switch?

      When you change presets on the Nova System you get a certain delay and that's a little inconvenient for me, coming from using only analog single effects! Is this the same with the G-Switch? Is it better? Or worse?

      It may be a stupid question, but I'd be really glad if someone could help. Thank you very much!

      Cheers, Andy
      • October 29, 2008
    • drop2
      Virtuoso It's no faster than the unit. The advantage is that you can switch quickly between the 3 patches in a single bank while also being able to switch individual effects on and off. Changing banks is still annoyingly slow though.

      There is a setting which carries the delay/reverb sound over when you switch patches, so you don't get delay tails cut off.
      • October 29, 2008
    • drop2
      drop2 I just got my unit a monthagao, and ambeginning to find a comfort level, as I too moved from pedals.

      So stay with it and you will enjoy... some times the time delay is a matter of thinking ahead and if you are changing during tunes, take the thing to rehearsals so you get used to it.

      • October 29, 2008
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