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    Hey i need a new Speaker for the K115.

    What kind oft Loudspeakers installed and where can i buy it?


    I would be happy if i got a answer.

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    I would love to know,

    How can I reset the VSS 3 reverberation plugin license

    Since my MAC system crashed,

    Not working properly

    And the license is active on the computer

    I went through ILok the other day,

    A request for a reset has been submitted

    But it has not been resolved

    I really need help

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    • jinyihang
      PedroRodrigues Hi jinyihang, thank you for your post, please DM me with your ILOK USERNAME and I will gladly assist you on this matter. Thank you
      • 16 hours ago
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    Hi. I'm looking for the firmware update for my TC 4000. It currently in v1.03, I'm looking for V1.11 update but I cannot find on TC download page. Please let me know how can I find this update. Thank you very much.


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    Why is there no RH450 or RH750 bass amps for sale, no one has stock?

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    Hi !!

    My TC M6000 gives me an DSP AES CARD Sync Error !

    What can I do ???


    Thanks !



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    • Musikart
      PedroRodrigues Hi Musikart, thank you for your post, please ponder that Sync Error (Red) points out for the Input being or has been out of Sync with the Mainframe.

      Please Press the Reset key to see if Sample Slips are still occurring.

      If that is the case, please check that there is only one Master Clock source in your setup.

      This monitoring function is great when trying to determine which connected device is out of Sync.

      In the case that the guidance above does not resolve the issue reported, please follow the link below to submit a case directly to our Tech Support Team.

      I will be gladly pick up this ticket if you adress the submitted ticket to myself by stating my name of the description.

      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Sep 24
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    Hey, everyone.

    Is down?

    Also the 'Play' button is greyed out in the Finalizer Desktop App.

    Thanks in advance,


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    • raylallana
      raylallana Just checked again...
      • Sep 23
    • raylallana
      raylallana 12PM PST
      • Sep 23
    • raylallana
      raylallana 1:40 PM PST
      • Sep 23
    • raylallana
      PedroRodrigues Hi raylallana, thank you for your post, I believe the server in under maintenance, regarding the issue you have described about the the 'Play' button is greyed, please send me your ILOK USERNAME via DM so I can check if everything is operating correctly. I hope this helps Thank you
      • Sep 24
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    Hi, is there a setting so that the harmoniser only activates when the pedal is depressed? (non latching)

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    • Hutchball
      kiskadar69 I don't think there is such a setting on H1. Maybe TC-Helicon will include it in a future firmware version.
      You can use the non-latching mode with these, for example:
      - TC-Helicon Harmony Singer (cons: fixed scales cannot be selected)
      - TC-Helicon Harmony Singer 2 (cons: fixed scales cannot be selected, pros: power input 9VDC =pedalboard friendly)
      - TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon Play Acoustic plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon Play Electric plus Switch-3

      If you want to use the H1 anyway, here's a workaround:
      Step 1. Set the DRY/WET potentiometer of the H1 to full WET. This way only the harmony will appear on the XLR output. The H1 harmony function should always be On.
      Step 2. Plug your mic into some kind of splitter (active splitter, or a small mixer). The original vocal will be on one of the outputs of the splitter.
      Step 3. Connect the other output of the splitter to the XLR input of the H1, and enable this connection with a momentary switch.
      • Sep 23
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    Hey everyone,

    I bought a Sub n Up pedal. Works well. Wanted to create toneprints, but the Windows app is not loading the editor.

    It recognises the pedal, serial is shown in the settings tab, device manager sees it too but the editor or any other useful bit from the interface is left blank.

    Tested the 32 and 64bit versions both, disabled antivirus and VPN, ran it in admin mode, two different high quality data cables, no cigar.

    Any ideas?

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    • RBrown
      WilliamR Please click on the support link above and create a tech support ticket so that one of our agents can contact you directly to help you troubleshoot this.
      • Sep 21
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    Good morning, can anyone help.

    My Flashback 2 preset switch isn't working properly. All the presest have shifted round by one, meaning the 2290 is now Analog and so on. The Looper is now taking two slots. I have tried a firmware update but that hasn't solved the issue. Any ideas? 

    Thanks in advance.

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    I notice in my pedalboard, that I have a Plethora instaled only to run the end effects into the send/return of the amp or direct in front of the amp, that when I change the program channel by my footcontroller, the Plethora change for the correspond channel program also without a mute sound like was before of the old update, but "the effects in this channel appers with 1 second of delay". This input lag from the Plethora effects also happens when we are switching channel banks manually!

    And even though I repeatedly use the same Plethora's effect channel in my pedalboard programming, the Plethora effects turn off and turn on again the effects that was turn on with 1 second of delay. Which should not happen under any circumstances.

    Another issue about that, is when I'm selecting and criating the combination of the other effects that is run into my footcontroller like drives, compressor, booster, etc.... that I want to use to leave programed by midi in the same channel bank of the Plethora, it happens again of the Plethora's effects turn off and on with 1 second of delay each time that I turn off or on some effects that I’m selecting inside of my footcontroller.

    I'm talking about that, because I had the TC Nova System pedal in my pedalboard using the same midi programs and it was perfect without delay, mute or any issue. With my Nova System in this setup, when I was selecting and criating the combination of the other effects that is run into my footcontroller, only the red volume dot near of the Nova System screen number blinked, but the effects still there without being turned off and turned on again, like happens with Plethora.

    So in this moment is impossible yet to use the Plethora to play alive. I passed a long time frustrating with Plethora in my pedalboard without using the midi programs, using only one channel for each song beacause was impracticable using the midi.  But when the last firmwear left I tought that all the midi problems was resolved!


    Another issue for me is that impossible to use the Plethora's stereo output signal using only the mono imput like was with my TC Nova System setup. So I can’t use my setup with Plethora in two amplifiers to have the stereo effects ‼!


    Now, these are my suggestions to you think about some improvements, apart from all these problems I mentioned about the midi setup:


    You could leave the stereo output signal to run even when we use the mono input using the settings parameters to change that.


    Another improvement to Plethora would to give the option to us inside of the settings parameters that which effect we can select to run in parallel signal and which effect we can select to run in serie signal. I used that a lot in my TC Nova System setup the parallel signal of the digital effects that was incredible, the effects didn't stack on top of each other and were more defined this way.


    Another improvement would to add the boost volume pedal like the volume pedal only without parameters. I was trying to use the volume expression pedal in the last position of the Plethora effects just to turn up the volume in my lead sound, leaving the expression pedal in the down position with only 70% of the sound going through and when I would need of the lead sound I press the pedal to reach the 100% of the sound.

    So, because of that 1 delay second to each effect really turn on when I change the Plethora's channels program by midi or manual, the volume expression pedal position in 70% of the sound leave the 100% of the volume sound to pass through, giving a very big leap volume until the Plethora effects enter the signal chain, like a punch of the guitar volume because of the drives before the Plethora. With clean sound we can't notice very well that problem.

    The Conclusion is, the effects of Plethora needs to turn on imediatly without any delay when we change the Plethora's channel bank  than is happenning in this moment!

    Probably resoving this issue, the midi issue and other questions that I mentioned will be resolved!

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