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  • TC-James
    Triber Moderator


    Thanks to your extensive feedback, we have developed a new firmware update for the Flashback 2 and we are NOW SEARCHING FOR BETA TESTERS!

    The update gives users the option of having TAP TEMPO as the secondary footswitch function and true stereo input instead of MASH.

    After updating to firmware V1.2.00, you can toggle between MASH and TAP TEMPO as a global setting for your Flashback 2 in the TonePrint App.

    Press and hold the footswitch for 1.5 seconds to activate TAP TEMPO control (power LED turns green), then tap the footswitch in sync with your desired tempo to adjust delay times accordingly.

    When TAP TEMPO is selected from the TonePrint App the MASH LED will constantly flash to display 1/4 note tempo of the delays, even when the pedal is turned off so you can always tell if you're on time.

    The firmware update also fixes a small bug regarding stereo summing in buffered bypass mode when using stereo output.

    If you own a Flashback 2 and you'd like to help us beta test firmware V1.2.00, please contact us :


    Hi all, 1.2.00 firmware is now officially released and can be downloaded on the TC website:|en)

    Thanks for all the help and feedback. With best regards,  Mike  TC electronic 


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    • TC-James

      This is how you disable MASH switch to activate the TAP tempo feature on the new 1.2.00 firmware:

      • Connect you Fb2 pedal to your computer or mobile device

      • Start the Toneprint app 

      • Select the Flashback 2 in the Templates view:
        flashback 2 beta disable mash1.PNG

      • Select any template from the list and click on the pencil icon to edit it 
        fb2 diable mash 2.PNG

      • click on the Product Settings tab and then on the MASH switch lever as seen in the screenshot

      • fb2 product settings.PNG

      • you have now disabled MASH switch functionality and the MASH LED should no blink and indicate the current delay time

      • the setting is remmebered until you enable  MASH again 

      • June 13, 2019
    • TC-James

      I own a TC Electronic Nova Delay and love the hold tap tempo feature where you can hold down the tap tempo button, play a rhythm and the pedal listens to the tempo you play and matches it. Will that feature be available on the Flashback 2?

      • June 25, 2019
    • TC-James

      Hi TC-James,...Just read about the FB2 firmware update that enables tap tempo in lieu of MASH.  That's a great trade-off in my book, and I'd really like to be included in the beta-testing on this new firmware.  What's the proceedure for getting involved?  Thanks!

      George (Seattle, WA)  425-922-8688


      • July 25, 2019
    • TC-James


      Please send me the Firmware V1.2.00 update for TAP TEMPO secondary function on the Flashback 2

      Thank you in advance,

      • July 27, 2019
    • TC-James

      I'd like to try the firmware as well.

      • July 29, 2019
  • bettsaj
    Contributor - Level 3

    Simple question really... I already have a G-Force which has good delays, however I have this urge to buy a D-Two... Is there any benefit in buying a D-two if I already have a G-force? are the delays any better?

    I play in a Floyd Tribute, and like the idea of running one delay into another (Run Like Hell for example was originally done like that, I currently have the G-Force set up with a dual delay with two different delay times to recreate Run Like Hell)



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    • bettsaj

      the D-Two has some delay types the G-force doesn't have, most notable the Rhythm Tap multi tap delay, but you are already well stocked with your existing G-Force and it's possibilities.

      If you want to expand on the G-Force delay sounds you might also consider our Flashback 2 pedal instead which has TC latest algos like  proper Tape and Analog BBD Delay emulations , Crystal delays (Shimmer type delay with an Octaver up in the feedback path) + Modulated delay where you can choose between Chorus, Flanger and Vibrato modulations on the delay repeats+ MASH technology, which is a pressure sensor build into the foot switch for realtime mangling of FX parameters. 

      Further more you can customise you own delays via the Toneprint editor and program which parameters the potmeters or the MASH switch should control.. (including parameter ranges and control of up to 3 parameters at the same time.

      And it also has a Looper build in...(20 seconds stereo, 40 seconds mono recording time)

      More infos can be found here:|en)

      Here is a screenshot of the editor to give you and idea of the parameters you can tweak:

      Tape delay:
      fb2 editor example tape echo.PNG

      In the mapping window of the editor you can customise what parameters the pots should control and then store your custom toneprints in the pedal:

      fb2 editor custom mapping of potmeters.PNG

      You can also just use the toneprint library of our many artist toneprints giving you a wide variety of great delay and echo tones ranging to snappy Slap back delays to long ambient delays with a max delaytime of up to 7! seconds in pristine quality.

      fb2 editor artist toneprint.PNG

      Hope this help and let me know if you have further questions.



      • June 11, 2019
    • bettsaj

      Hi Mike,

      The Flashback 2 looks good, and the fact it can reproduce a Binsen is very interesting to me. There is one issue, although it can store 3 user "patches" there's no way of recalling these remotely via midi..... Is this something that will maybe looked into as an update in the future? All my pedals are off the floor in a pedal draw in my rack, and therefore a pedal like the Flashback 2 is great, but not much use if I can't select between the 3 stored user delays.

      I could ustilise it as just a Binsen clone, but i feel I wouldn't be getting the full use out of it, which it deserves.


      • June 12, 2019
    • bettsaj

      Hi Andy,

      remote selection of settings  is not possible to implement with the FB2  . it is theoretically possible to do USB midi control, but that doesn't make too much sense in a pedalboard setting,as you'll need a laptop and DAW to send Midi commands .  If features like presets on top of Toneprint slots + full midi implementation (midi sync + remote control of potmeters) are important, then i'm happy to report we already looked into this, but this is all i can say at this point of time unfortunately.   






      • June 12, 2019
    • bettsaj
      Dreams Hi, I would go for the D-Two, the delays in the D-Two is more than excellent sounding, but I guess it is "individual taste". I have the G-Force as well, and bought the D-Two after experiencing it in a studio.
      • July 15, 2020
  • Russpettit
    Contributor - Level 1

    The Loop volume is two low HAve to turn it all the way up , and it is still to low How can I make the Loop volume Louder ?

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    • Russpettit

      Hi Russpetit,

      the Output volume of your Ditto jam cannot be boosted internally. it is unity gain.

      Please give us a better description of your setup and how your playbacksystem is wired, so we get a better picture.
      (what instrument do you record, how is th ditto connected to your playback system, etc)

      Do you get any volume drop when playing back your Loop recording (with Loop level set to max) ?

      best regards,



      • June 5, 2019
  • arfcorps
    Contributor - Level 1

    Any plans on releasing a docking station to house the four available controllers TC-2290, DVR-250-DT etc ?


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  • erwin1
    Contributor - Level 1

    hi I have a very early RH450 where half the knobs are falling off and all front panel buttons are cracked.

    The crack in the mute button is easy to see, but all others are cracked as well, but a lot harder to capture on camera. 

    i cant find my proof of purchase anymore. i was living in California at the time. I think i bought it in 2009 or 2010. 

    I've only played this rig at home, so this is not due to abuse or anything. I hope this is still covered by warranty? 




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  • TC-Mike
    Triber Moderator

    Hi all, 


    after a lot of user feedback there are now brand and product specific "Sub forums" available that brings back some of the structure of the old TC user forum to make it easier to find content and the right place for posting your questions, experiences and everything else around and about Tc products.


    Best regards from the Tc tribers,





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    • TC-Mike


      • May 22, 2019
    • TC-Mike

      And when will this be done for Behringer, Midas (and all others). Special for M/X32 users it is still a big mess. Can't still find anything anymore and this is my first comeback visit since months because of this mess. A lot of old forum users are already gone and proberly never return. This was really a bad and stupid way to go while the real old forum concept works.

      • June 13, 2019
    • TC-Mike

      Hi Vasco,

      i don't know, but am more than happy to pass your feedback on. 

      We know that there is still a lot of work to do, but the design team is very responsive to feedback and the implementation of the brand tribes are a step into the right direction making it easier to figure out where to post.

      If you have any other suggestion on how to make the community more user friendly, please let us know. you can also messege me in private and i make sure all feedback is documented and passed on to the right persons.

      Best regards,


      • June 13, 2019
    • TC-Mike

      Hi Vasco,


      brand tribes for Midas and behringer are avaiable now:

      best,  Mike

      • June 16, 2019
    • TC-Mike

      praise the maker! (i.e. thank god)

      • June 26, 2019
  • stevenawilliams
    Contributor - Level 2


    I cannot open my System 6000 AAX Pro Tools plug in. I am getting DAE error 7054.
    I recently changed my OS on my Apple Mac to 10.14.1
    I am using pro Tools Ultimate 2019.5.0

    All the best
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  • stevenawilliams
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hello, I cannot open my System 6000 AAX Pro Tools plug in. I am getting DAE error 7054. I recently changed my OS on my Apple Mac to 10.14.1 I am using pro Tools Ultimate 2019.5.0 All the best Steve
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  • mingus
    Contributor - Level 2

    as title...
    Replaced HD to ssd on 2012 Mini.  installed, uninstalled, reinstalled new and old drivers, unit starts with the TC lights but 'device not found'.  I went through this years ago too but forget how I fixed it.

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    • mingus

      forgot to add....using lightning bolt to 1394 adapter.  Been using this for years.

      • April 20, 2019
    • mingus

      Hi mingus,

      What macOS are You running ? and You have the latest version of TC Near Software ?

      All the best from


      • August 12, 2019
  • GPL
    Contributor - Level 2
    To anyone at TC's support. I understand that some of your Interfaces are breaking the 10 years barrier (Jeez, I have a Konnekt8 from 2006!), but, other brands still support their older prodcuts with regular updates. So, simple as that, is driver development for audio interfaces halted? We´ll have any other driver/firmware version for our audio interfaces so we can use them with the newer OS's?
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    • GPL
      GPL (Really no one? Hagen, Thomas, Nicolaj?)
      • January 16, 2019
    • GPL
      visham It would be nice to hear from TC Electronic on this.

      I am using an Impact Twin on Windows 10 (1809).
      • January 29, 2019
    • GPL

      Yes! I'd definitely like to see a new version of TC NEAR! I have talked my entire band into purchasing TC gear (we have a Konnekt 8, 24D and an Imapct Twin) and now I fear it'll stop working after the next OS update. Currently, we use Mac OS Mojave and Windows 10 (1809) and the interfaces seem to work fine. But it'd be great if there was official support for modern operating systems!

      • February 21, 2019
    • GPL

      I would like to know, too! I've hung onto my old Konnekt 24d over the years, and would love to carry on using it, as it's STILL great, and offers features that most new interfaces do not! At the moment, I'm running it on a Mac with Mojave (with a Firewire 400 to 800 cable, and a Firewire 800 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter), and it IS still working, but I share the same concern: Will it continue to work when the new version of MacOS comes down the pike? Will the driver continue to be updated for a while? or will I need to start scoping out a new interface?

      • July 8, 2019
    • GPL

      I just bought a (known working on XP) BCA2000 on the back of a Win 7 driver being listed on Behring's website (!!!!!)

      It doesn't work, and as far as I can discover there NEVER WAS a working 64-bit driver.

      I find this deception disgraceful and am considering taking it to the British Small Claims Court  under the COnsumer Protection Act.

      Anyone know if I'm mistaken and a 64-bit Win7 BCA2000 driver DOES actually exist. and WORK?


      • October 27, 2019
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