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    Hi TC 


    I am writing because I have some suggestions to improvements and new features for the next firmwire update for the Plethora x5. 

    I have to say I have been a little bit disappointed that you have not released a new firmwire update in half a year. Especially since there is still some fundamental issues with the pedal. But I am still hoping this pedal can be the solution for my permanent pedalboards setup, because it has a huge potential :) 


    Here is the list: 

    • Make it possible to assign a button to be a tap tempo buttom for delay, and/or tremolo. With the ability to sync the tempo for both delay and tremolo 
    • An option to dedicate a button to switch to the next board (so the boardshifting can be done with one click, I know I can set up the board to do this if I press two buttons but that does not work well for me)  
    • Delay and tremolo tempo that can be dialed in on the pedalboard with bpm (so i dont have to tab it manually in)
    • Momentary switch option, where the effect is only momentarily on as long as I hold my feet on the botton (like the Spark Mini)
    • An EQ pedal/effect for the pedalboard
    • An EQ pedal/effect for global setting 
    • An option to use compression as a global setting
    • An option to use a booster effect/pedal (Spark)
    • An option to blend in the signal from the FX Loop 
    • An option to boost or cut the signal from the FX Loop 
    • An option to connect two effects together, so when you turn one of the effects on/off the other effect automatic do the same. 
    • An option to seperate two effects, so when you turn on one the effects you automatically turn of the other effect and the same goes the other way. That means that both of the effects can't be turned on at the same time. 
    • Expand the Looper pedal, so it is possible to have mulitple loopers that are in sync with each other.
    • An option to chose if you want the pedalboard to open up as you left it (that is the only option now) but also add an option to lock a pedalboard so it always opens up with the same effects turned on. 
    • An option to save my presets in the TonePrint app, so I can store my presets in my app. 
    • An option to save my pedalboards in the TonePrint app, so I can store my pedalboards in my app. 
    • Make it possible to share presets and boards with other through the app. 
    • Make it possible to to turn on and off the buffer.
    • Add more modulationseffects like: Ring Mod, Wah, Autowah, Leslie/Rotorie, Auto-Swell, June-60 Chorus, Freeze effect (electro harmonix freeze), feedback creater (Boss FB-2 and Digitech Freqout) and some synth options. 
    • Make it possible to delete pedalboards in the TonePrint app. 
    • Improve the sync option and the tracking for an expression pedal. Right now there is latency and bad tracking when using an expression pedal (I have tried with a several different expressions pedals and that does not solve the problem). 
    • Make it possible to choise where in the effects chain to use the volumepedal (expression pedal). 
    • Make it possible to edit how the volumepedal tracks (some volumepedals have a button for this) to set the lowest volume point to be fx. 2 (even though the pedal is heel down) 


    - Regards Simon 

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    • SimonBuhl
      Dale_M I will pass this on to the Design team. Many thanks.
      • Jul 6
    • SimonBuhl
      BibsJ Hi Dale, is there any chance you can tell us when the next firmware update will be?
      • Jul 9
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    I'm hugely  satisfied with my Alter Ego 4x4.  For my 60's music I mainly use Binson Echorec2 setting with bit of spring-reverb on my AC30 for live use.  For home recording I use Binson EC2 / Copycat in stereo mode and some spring reverb on mixing table.   Both sounds are irresistable :-)

    For a lot of instrumentals this setting will do perfectly. However- to meet my perfectionism in The Shadows  sounds -

    I'd like to know if the Toneprint -app provides a delay setting based on the VOX LongTom echobox 

    This would make the AlterEgo even more valuable. 

    Make my Day.

    regards, Jeroen

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    • jevries
      PedroRodrigues Hi jevries unfortunately we do not have a Toneprint based on the VOX Long Tom echo box but maybe the Toneprints for the Flashback delay or the Toneprints for the ALTER EGO X4 VINTAGE ECHO may reveal to be a great tool. This last one was built as a tribute to the classic Binson Echorec to a salute to the sweet Roland Space Echo, an amazing Echoplex sound and of course a custom version of TC ELECTRONIC's own 2290, ALTER EGO X4 Vintage Echo takes you on a trip through the sweetest delay sounds ever. Lo-fi, Hi-fi, Tape, Analog and pristine digital delays. I hope this is a good suggestion. Thank you
      • Mon at 1:11 AM
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    When I recently tried to update my installation of LM6n on my Mac running macOS 11.4 Big Sur an error dialogue box popped up indicating the installation could not proceed 'because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. The software needs to be updated.'
    I'm guessing the same may apply to my LC6n software, which current is up to date but I would hate to need to reisntall it if it has the same problem with Big Sur.

    When will an updated version of these installers that function with Apple's malicious software check be released?

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    Does anybody have this issue or a problem I spent lotta money on this affects processor now it does not work

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    • jensenjazzgtr1
      PedroRodrigues Hi jensenjazzgtr1 Thank you for your post, in this case I would suggest performing a full firmware update for your unit.

      The update procedure contains the following 5 steps:

      Backup your settings and presets
      Connect the G-Major to your computer
      Set the G-Major so it’s ready to receive
      Start the update program and send the update to G-Major
      Reset the G-Major
      Make sure to back up your settings and presets.
      Before you update your G-Major, you'll have to make sure to back up you presets and settings, as they will get lost during the procedure.
      You can find info on how to back up your presets in your G-Major manual, or you can use the "How to back up your presets" -document found in together with the update program.
      It is not possible to back up your settings (f.ex. input selector), so you'll have to write your settings down - sorry, but this is the only way to do it: pen and paper.

      Connect the G-Major with the computer.
      Connect the MIDI OUT port from your computers midi-interface to the MIDI IN of G-Major.
      Set the G-Major in receive mode.
      Press and hold the ROUTING and RECALL buttons, while powering on the G-Major from the front.
      The display now reads “M-FOUR 2.02 API 1.9”.
      Turn the inner VALUE wheel on the far right until the display reads “Download DSP Code?”.
      Press TAP to confirm. The display now reads “Downloading code 000” which means the G-Major is ready to receive the update.
      Start the update program and send the update to G-Major:
      Start the install-program on your PC.
      Select the right midi-out.
      Press "Update"
      Press Send
      The display will read “Downloading 000” with the numbers continuously increasing.
      Please note, the upgrade can take several minutes.
      If the unit stalls during the update, please retry with one of the tested MIDI-interfaces mentioned above.
      Upon a successful update, the G-Major will revert to the “M-FOUR 2.02 API 1.9” screen, power the unit off and back on from the front.

      If the update does not work:
      Reset the System Parameters on the G-Major by doing the following, then try updating the software again.
      Press and hold the TAP button, while powering on the G-Major from the front. The display now reads “M-FOUR 2.02 API 1.9”.
      Turn the VALUE wheel until the display reads “Reset sys param?”
      Press TAP to confirm.
      The display now reads “Clear/reset done”
      Power the unit off and on from the front.
      The display now reads "Kernel Cleared"
      Power the unit off and back on again from the front.
      If the update stops or hangs in the middle of the transmission, it is very likely that it has been interrupted in some way. In this case, please try one of the tested MIDI-interfaces.
      To access the necessary tools please follow the link below:

      I hope this helps
      • Jul 1
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    Has anyone figured out how to change the delay type in Toneprint?

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    I'm using an X5 plethora with 4 cable and have a basic setup of mark5 25 head and a JHS overdrive pedal.

    what is the difference in plehtora when using a dedicated "slot" for FX loop vs having the loop inserted betwen 1/2 or 3/4 etc.

    I currently have the JHS overdrive pedal between x5 output and mesa input.  everythign sounds good but I am not sure i understnad the signal flow of the loop within the x5 itself.  does anyone have a good link to a resource that deep dives this unit?

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    How many weeks it takes to answer my question about upgrading our system6000 from mk1 to mk2 when spare parts department says "we will answer soon as possible"? Now it has been 8days.


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    I want to report a bug.

    When I create a toneprint for a Flashback X4 with "Modulate" and apply the 'modulation time' of the chorus to the "Delay Level" knob it also changes the factory preset of the 2290.

    This means that the "Delay Level" changes to "Modulation Time" I'm talking about the factory presets and not the A / B / C presets. If I reassign the "Delay Level" to the Toneprint it corrects the problem with the 2290 (Factory preset).

    The Flashbach is update as well as the Toneprint software.

    Best Regard

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    Any thoughts on why a PolyTune Clip has no problems tuning the low B strings on my 5 and 6 string basses but the tuner in the X5 doesn't recognise them at all?

    Is there a Guitar/Bass mode in the X5 (like in the Clip) that I need to switch?



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    • nadampski
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here, The tuner in Plethora is optimized for efficient DSP use and guitars + doesn't cover full piano range like PolyTune, so this is expected behavior. As a workaround, you can tune the lowest bass string 1 octave up the fretboard
      • Jun 27
      • Plethora X5 tuner for bass
        nadampski Can it be added as a feature request, please? I'm sure the X5 has way more processing power than a PolyTune Clip and all other processing would appear to be suspended when it's in use.
        • Jun 28
      • Plethora X5 tuner for bass
        nadampski Did you notice my reply, William?
        • Jul 9
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    After replacing the backup battery on the M5000 Digital Audio Mainframe the error message is "serial number mismatch".

    The FAQs on says, to raise a ticket in THIS support forum!?

    How can I get an re-activation code like the years before?

    Michael Feller


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