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  • JoyLaSaga
    Contributor - Level 1

    can someone mail me a manual for this, I can't watch video , or download  well .  ?  

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  • Shattered
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi all

    I currently own a Vl3x and a Voicelive Rack. The Vl3x is for live use and the VLR is for the studio. 

    When I used to reamp the Vl3x in Cubase with Lead Mute on I I would record a dry vocal via my preamp (not via the Vl3x) and then run that dry track (or live vocal) out to the Vl3x. This allowed me to run the dry track out to the Vl3x and record only the effects or harmonies and then blend them together. 

    I am attempting to do the same thing with the VLR but it seems the Lead Mute does not actually remove the lead vocal. Now this is connected via analog XLR cables so my question is:

    Is the ability to use Lead Mute on the VLR only avaliable via SPDIF?

    I hope that makes sense. 


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  • FabioGarcia
    Contributor - Level 2


    Hope you can help me with this.

    I would like to know if VL3X is really equipped with several guitar amps models to choose from, or it just have only one guitar amp model that change the sound thanks to several EQ presets.



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    • FabioGarcia

      Hi Fabio,

      You are correct.What you have with the VL3X is an Amp Effect Block which allows you to select the Amp Style and then you adjust the pre and post gain settings in addition to the EQ settings for low,mid and high frequencies. I have to say theat despite having a number of vocal harmonisers from TC-Helicon I almost never use the guitar effects so I am no expert in that sense.I use all my vocal harmonisers where possible via midi control CCs from my DAW rather than for live work. Page 113 on the VL3X manual gives a good explanation of how the guitar section operates.

      I am a home user only and I do use my Play Acoustic for jamming live at home but without using my DAW as there in no midi port on the Play Acoustic.I rarely plug in my guitar for chord detection as i play a lot of fingerstyle so the chords are not easily detectable as my style of playing is rather like an arpeggio.I tend to just select a key and one voice only a third above my own and it works well.



      • January 7, 2020
  • rintorilu
    Contributor - Level 1
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  • Roland1
    Contributor - Level 3

    Now I am at half a way familiar with the NaturalPlay, but in some way confsed:
    I wish to mix the MIDI Signal with the Roomsense mic, because in some parts or mesures the keyboard player don't play a clear chord or a pedal sound, so the NaturalPlay can't pick up the right harmony. In this case, RoomSense wold help, because there are also guitar and bass in the band-sound.

    Is it possible to obtain a combination between the both signals?

    I tried with "RoomSense Auto-Detect ON" and the Parameter "Mix RoomSense to NaturalPlay"
    In this case, which Parameter of "Global NatPlay Source" I need?
    Auto or RoomSense?

    What will do NaturalSense? Will it mix two signals together or will it pick up only one of both, depends on the "quality" of the input signal?

    Could I do the same "mix" from two parameter with the AUX (additional better room micro) and MIDI Input?
    Thank you for explanation how the different parameter in the Setup work together.

    VL3 is a wonderful device !


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    • Roland1

      Hi @Roland1 ,

      The Auto Global Naturalplay source is probably your best bet! 

      • January 8, 2020
    • Roland1
      Roland1 the problem ist, before it hears to teh AUX or internal mik, it will follow the guitar input. But I play also with the guitar effects my saxophone....
      • Apr 26
  • OlavRøssland
    Contributor - Level 3


    Anyone who have the latest MIDI SysEx Manual for VoiceLive 3 extreme? @TCH-Spencer@VoiceLiveEditor ?
    The latest manual I have is Version 2.0.00: Mar 11, 2016: firmware release 2.1.01 (Build 355)

    ....and the latest firmware for VL3 extreme is 2.2.00 build 366...

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  • OlavRøssland
    Contributor - Level 3

    Im working with a midi-sysex app for Voicelive 3, but I cant find the EQ-settings for the voice in VL3 menu. Anyone who can help?

    The sysex-parameters for EQ-settings for the Voice in the sysex-manual (system v.1.07) is:

    00 00 00 4A ParEq.Low_Freq.Voice
    00 00 00 4B ParEq.Low_Gain.Voice
    00 00 00 4C ParEq.Low_BW.Voice
    00 00 00 4D ParEq.Hi_Freq.Voice
    00 00 00 4E ParEq.Hi_Gain.Voice
    00 00 00 4F ParEq.Hi_BW.Voice
    00 00 00 50 ParEq.Par1_Freq.Voice
    00 00 00 51 ParEq.Par1_Gain.Voice
    00 00 00 52 ParEq.Par1_BW.Voice
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    • OlavRøssland

      Found the solution on my own I had to turn "AutoShape" in Tone-setup to manual - then I could see the EQ-settings.

      • January 2, 2020
  • SubhaPindiproli
    Contributor - Level 1

    I am using DAW - Presonus Studio One 4.6. I have both Windows and Macbook AIR setup. 

    On MacBook when I open Preferences > Audio Setup, I can select VoiceLIVE Rack to record the Voice. 

    VoiceLive Rack is connected to the MacBook via, USB connector.  A Condensor Microphone is connected to VL Rack. The I/O is : Phantom ON (that part I am familar with). 

    However on Windows 10 64 BIT OS - as it runs ASIO4ALL drivers.  I cannot seem to record voice as seamlessly.  Is there drivers I can download to make this happen ?




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  • midpres
    Contributor - Level 1

    how many open spots available for new sounds? anyone know?


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  • Roland1
    Contributor - Level 3

    Can we find the older posts from the old TC Helicon Forum?
    Or had they deleted all the old knowledge?
    Thank you


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    • Roland1

      Because they bought the wrong forum software almost a year ago now,and won't admit their mistake.That means that they can't migrate the old posts to the new and "improved" forum. (You had one job forum software,ONE JOB!!)

      So while
      technically the posts exist, no-one knows they're there...

      So, while they continue to iron out problems and try to make non-forum software behave like forum software for another 2 or 3 years...

      Sorry, got bored ranting.. Meet my new years positive outlook!!

      • January 3, 2020
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