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  • Dae_dalus82
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    I own 2 15 inch siena tsp152-ans.  I was going to buy a pair of 12 in loudspeakers but before i do i was wondering the differences between the siena, nuQ, and athens product lines.  The athens have different dispersion options but other than that i am unsure what their main selling points are.  If i go by frequency response and max spl then the sienas are the best bet.  The other two lines are more expensive and i wonder why that is?  Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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    • Dae_dalus82

      @Dae_dalus82 I cant speak to all the exact differences but when I looked (at turbosound in general) a while back, some models that had the ultranet port, did not include an ethercon port with it. I know the enclosre on some models differed in materials used and would suspect the speakers and perhaps the on board amps are different in some key ways.

      • June 16, 2019
  • robykock
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    Hi I am helping a customer but not sure the proper mounts to use for the IP300 to hang them or suspend them from wall.  What is best practice for doing this?


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  • JasonChambers
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    I have 2 IQ15's that are less than a year old and really haven't had much use.

    At Saturday's show one of them after being powered on for about 3 minute and without any load shows "over temp" on the display and stops audio output.


    Contacted the point of sale and it's a 4-6 week turnaround for repair, which is very disappointing indeed.


    Anyone else had this issue?

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