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    is there ANY information on when they will be filling orders in on these for the US market? i have been on order for 6 weeks and no information anywhere to be found. 

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    • gr8shirt
      Dale_M Hi there, can I ask that you go to the Support tab above and sent this request as a Pre Sales ticket as that particular team are not involved in the Music Tribe Community page, someone will pick your ticket up and advise direct to you. Many thanks.
      • Apr 3
    • gr8shirt
      gr8shirt ANYONE else having this problem with a back order??
      • Apr 3
    • gr8shirt
      asui yes I am
      • May 3
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    Hi everyone, 

    I am new to musictribe so hello from the UK.

    I wanted to post on here as I am looking for a pair of Turbosound Impact 120 speakers. I have the Impact 180 sub and was wondering if anyone knew where I may be able to get a pair of 120's?

    Many thanks in advance for any help/suggetions. 

    Kind regards, 


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    • Djmrflibble41
      Dale_M Hi there can I ask you to submit a ticket as the Pre Sales team are not on Community, let me know the case number and I will ensure it gets to them.
      • Apr 1
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    i try to update tbv123-an from version 1.10 to 2.2 and its fails to update.

    they start update but when they finish, dsp still waiting for update.

    normally after the update, they must reboot but they dont do it.

    i think update its wrong for this model.

    i download the update 2.2 from the official page.

    i am waiting for a feedback.


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    • tcsound
      DavidKnighton Hello tcsound,
      does this issue affect multiple units in your inventory? Are you able to use the speakers afterwards or do they consistently boot up in update mode?
      • Mar 31
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    Does anyone know how to transfer 10 year warranty over from one person to another 

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    • Jeronmathis12
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Jeronmathis12, please check the warranty T&C's for your unit. This can be done by going to the product website - service and scrolling down to Warranty T&C's. These can vary from product to product, however, in most cases warranty is non-transferable in the event of a secondhand sale. This will be outlined in the Warranty Transferability section.
      • Mar 30
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    My ip500 v2 is powering down after only 1 hour of being powered up.

    any one have any suggestions what could be going on. 

    it just shuts off all by itself.

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    • jeffwoods
      Dale_M Hi there can you advise if the unit is getting hot at all before shutdown? It may be wise to go to the support tab at the top of the page and raise a Technical support ticket so we can help you.
      • Apr 9
      • ip500 shutting down after 1 hour power up
        jeffwoods Thanks, the MusicTribe team got me fixed up with the correct part.
        • Apr 9
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    I plugged my speaker in last night at a venue that had bad power. A neon sign was pugged into the same power source (that I didn't see). The power popped, sparked and fried the control panel to my Turbosound IQ 12. I need fuses too. Can anyone help? I don't want to order the wrong ones. Thanks!

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    • kchurch74
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. You can order parts directly from us, please click on Support at the top of the page, then select Spare Parts and submit a ticket.
      • Mar 21
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    Had an outside gig powered by clients generator and I suspect the voltage dipped or spiked. The LEDs show the music input but no sound. Is there anything I can do on my end, or is it fried? :( The firmware is up to date.


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    • danjamowf
      RexBeckett Hi danjamowf, it seems likely that the IQ12 power supply was damaged. I suggest that you open a Care ticket.

      At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down the new page and select Service. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Mar 18
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    Can you run ultranet to the iQ15's and use the crossover to send XLR to another brand sub? 

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    Where can I find the plastic volume knobs for iQ18b and iq15???

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    • aggelos69
      Dale_M Hi aggelos69 the best route is to simply put a Support ticket through from the tab above and send in a Spares request, the team can then advise you of price and availability.
      • Mar 15
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    I am using my iQ8's and 15B in our small studio/rehearsal place and want to set up the speakers with XLR connections from our analog rehearsal mixer and Ultranet to the X32 in the control room used for recording.  I had all the speaker inputs set to 'Auto' but the X32 was not turned on at the time as I understood the iQ speakers would 'Auto' to XLR when no Ultranet signal was detectedwhich is what I want for general use for other users.  Only I use the X32 when recording so when I turn on the X32 I expected the Ultranet connection to take priortity.  This set up is to make it compatible for both the analog desk and the digital desk without the others having to change the input selection on the back of each speaker (which means pulling them all out to access the back panel) Is this not how the 'Auto' input should work or am I missing something.  To avoid the hiss and use XLR I had to switch the inputs to analog and then turn the speakers off and on again before they stopped hissing.  Any advice would be appreciated


    Many Thanks



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    • MichaelHutton
      GaryHiggins I believe you can only connect to one or the other, digital via the ultranet or analog via the xlr not both (physicaly connected) at once. I also believe the auto is only for eq not for the analog/digital connectors.
      • Mar 13
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