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Multi-channel power amplifiers for Touring, Installed or Live sound.

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Audio Interfaces

Mobile and USB powered recording and broadcast interfaces.

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Audio Tools

Devices to aid in live sound engineering.

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DAW interfaces for recording and broadcast.

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DI Boxes

Passive and active, multi-channel DI boxes for Live and Installed sound.

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DJ Equipment

Mixers, controllers and preamplifiers for DJs and Electronic Dance Music.

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Drums and Percussion

Programmable drum machines and electronic drum kits.

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Effects and Signal Processors

Equalizers, compressors, delay and reverb effects for recording, broadcasting, installed and tour sound.

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Guitar and Bass

Stompbox effects, tuners and amplifiers.

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Bluetooth, DJ and Studio headphones.

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Desktop and keyboard synthesizers.

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Lighting and Stage

Lamps and DMX lighting controllers.

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Powered and passive speakers for home, recording and broadcast, live or installed sound.

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Large diaphragm, handheld and lavalier mics for recording and broadcast.

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MIDI Equipment

Controllers and interfaces.

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Mixing Consoles

Digital and analog mixers, stage boxes and splitters for live and tour sound.

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Personal Monitors

Wired, in-ear monitors for live and tour sound.

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Rack Mixers

Rack-mounted mic, line and zone mixers.

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Studio Bundles

All-in-one bundles for recording and broadcasting.

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Studio Controllers and Meters

Loudness Meters and monitor controllers.

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