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barbara82and Contributor - Level 1 13 hours ago

13 hours ago

Guide Me To Watch Naruto In chronological order.

I am new in the anime world, My friend suggested me to watch Naruto! But i don’t know, from where to start. Can anyone tell me naruto movies in chronological order to watch?

hugh1e Contributor - Level 2 2020-02-13


Xair 16 for 5.1 system

I want to set up a cinema system using an audio decoder to feed 5.1 audio to the XR16 and then feed active speakers from the Main LR and the 4 Aux outputs. I can see how to set up buses to create monitor mixes for e...

FelixHomann Super Contributor - Level 2 2019-03-14


Matrix busses for the X Air /M Air mixers

We got to the cinema by bus when the original Matrix movie was screened. As most everybody on the bus was going to watch Matrix we called that bus the "Matrix bus". Now I know that the X32 series mixers have matrix busse...