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braulioj Contributor - Level 1 7 hours ago

7 hours ago

What About the Turbosound Support

Hi,I recently purchase an TurboSound product (20 days a go) and My IX15 that really like star with a sound Noise Scratch, so i tried to contac Support and thats my Story...You guys (TursboSound) just provide Contact via ...

Djcnote79 Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Behringer nx 6000

I have two behringer nx 6000 they went into protection mode I hit the reset button but its still in protection what do I need to do

Ratnaguna Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


RCA inputs too wide for plugs

I'm trying to set up my new equalizer but have discovered that the RCA inputs are a little too wide for the plugs! Which means that the plugs slip out of the inputs. Should I return it, or is there a remedy?

ricardo1133 Contributor - Level 1 Tuesday


Error app x air

tengo un problema con la app x Air, al momento de querer ecualizar un mic, el programa se cierra, esto pasa desde que actualice mi iPad al iOS 13.2.3

Adriano1972 Contributor - Level 1 2019-11-18


Xr18 app bug

Hi, I've been using an Xr-18 for a few years now and have never had problems with the XAir app, but these days ago I updated IOS to version 13.2.2 and to my surprise was that the app is no longer working as it should. Ca...

blanquiazul Contributor - Level 1 2019-11-18


Support for Dx626

Hi, I keep trying to raise a support ticket for my mixer but can't get anywhere... the DX626 isn't listed as an option, plus even when I choose a different mode I can't submit the ticket: I just get a constant 'loading' ...

Worzel Contributor - Level 1 2019-11-14


Tannoy MXC Centre speaker advice

I have an original mXC Centre speaker for my cinema room set .18 years old and purée the. So much so I purchased a second hand one for another room set up. But it has a fault sound only comes from the tweeter and nothing...

chubanina Contributor - Level 2 2019-11-12


Tannoy XT8F

Hi,I am currently set with Tannoy RX8F. I Would like to ask what size of cable (mm2) will be enough to power them for 2 meters run? I mean 2x1mm2 or 2x2mm2 or 2x4mm2 etc... 

KlausEff Contributor - Level 3 2019-11-08


X32 Rack firmware update

I have the X32 Rack in use with the firmware version 3.11. Now I found the firmware version 3.12 for X32, dated with November, 8th 2019. The firmware 3.12 for X32 Rack is dated with July, 2nd 2018. Is that also the newes...

scottcgibson13 Contributor - Level 1 2019-11-08


Tannoy Lifebuds

I'm having some problems with my Tannoy Lifebuds. Like the sound quality but the left bud was choppy (sounded like I was going through a tunnel as it would frequently drop connection) and one day the buds simply stopped ...