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Using GoXLR with a USB microphone

While GoXLR is optimized for XLR microphones (hence the name!), if you've got a USB microphone with a 3.5mm monitoring jack, you can still use GoXLR to sound great! In this video, we discuss how you can use GoXLR with popular USB microphones like the Blue Yeti, Audio TechnicaAT2020 USB+, and Rode NTUSB.


Ninja edit: The recommended gain/headphone volume settings are just recommendations. Make sure your microphone is disabled in Windows in both recording and playback devices. Set the gain of the microphone to a modest level for a clear sound by plugging your headphones directly into the microphone. When you've gotten a clean signal, plug it into GoXLR and raise the gain from there. You may need a 3.5mm ground loop isolator if humming or buzzing occurs.